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Four Ways to Enjoy More Family Time During National Family Week

This post was written by a guest.

When was the last time that you enjoyed some real family time? As our schedules become ever more stretched, and ‘spare time’ becomes all too sparse, spending quality time with our partners and children can often feel like it doesn’t happen often enough – but this May, there’s a fantastic reason for that to change.

Between the 27th May and 2nd June, National Family Week will be taking place to encourage families to really make time for one another, whether that’s through joining in with one of the hundreds of great family events that are taking place around the UK, or just creating one of your own! There are countless ways in which you can make this National Family Week special for you and your family, and here are just four great ideas to get you started.

Begin With Breakfast

Forget grabbing a bacon sandwich on the way to the office during National Family Week. Instead, get up early and make breakfast for the whole family, and sit down and enjoy it together! Even if your cooking skills extend only to boiled eggs and soldiers, it’s a wonderful way for your whole family to start the day together with a full stomach, and full hearts too.

Turn Off the TV

Televisions are wonderful things, opening our households to a wealth of knowledge every single day – but sometimes, we really just need to turn them off, and see what we can learn from our families. Why not consider making National Family Week a no-TV week, and instead playing board games, enjoying some arts and crafts, or just reading books together? Catch-up TV was invented for a reason, after all!

Put Pen to Paper

Not all of us are lucky enough to have our families close by, and while the telephone and internet are handy and quick ways of staying in touch, nothing comes close to the magic of receiving a handwritten note. Share a special moment with faraway family during National Family Week by sending them beautiful greetings cards from a specialist like Hallmark with a message and even some photos inside! It will be a delightfully unexpected gesture, and they might just send you something in return too.

Get Some Fresh Air

If your family’s bikes or walking boots are in the garage collecting a layer of dust, National Family Week is the ideal time to dig them out. Head out into the countryside with your family and a picnic for some fresh air and exercise, and don’t forget to pack a football or a Frisbee for extra added fun. You’ll all enjoy it so much, that it might just become a regular event all year-round.

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