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Freecycle – My Personal Experiences

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Since my husband bought me a desk, I have been getting rid of stuff from our guest bedroom to make myself a somewhat organized office.  I have been trying to Craigslist some furniture and used Freecycle to get rid of some empty boxes and tupperware-like storage containers.

Freecycle is a group started to rehouse used items for free and local groups pop up all over the place for it.  I am personally the member of 2 Freecycle groups that are only for my exact area of Houston. 

I have used Freecycle more than 10 times in the past 2 years.  At least 9 of those were me getting rid of stuff and once was me finding doggy stairs for my Pug.

Freecycle – A Great Way To Get Rid of Stuff

I have freecycled a bunch of things.  It is pretty easy to type up a simple description and post a listing.  Then I just emailed the first person back who emailed me to schedule the pick up.  It usually takes less than 24 hours to have stuff picked up.

So far, I have freecycled:

  • A young palm tree
  • A bent queen-sized bed frame
  • A broken tv hutch
  • Multiple loads of empty boxes
  • Extra dirt
  • A whole load of off-brand tupperware
  • Dog food that was too fattening for my senior, Miss Doxie, and gave Mr. Pug an allergic reaction because, as we found out later, he is allergic to meat.
  • An old runner for a hallway

In all of those cases, I posted simple and honest descriptions of all of my items.  Even though I made sure to highlight all of the negatives, all of the items were picked up in less than 2 days!

Woot for turning trash into treasure!  I love being able to get rid of something while simultaneously making someone else happy.  It is just too cool! 

I’ve asked people why they wanted my broken whatever before and have been told that they either are going to fix it and use it or break it down to use its parts.  Sounds great to me!

If you are interested in finding a freecycle group in your area, I’d suggest Yahoo Meetups first since that worked well for me.  Good luck!

Have you ever joined a Freecycle group?  What do you think of them or the idea?

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14 thoughts on “Freecycle – My Personal Experiences

  1. Freecycle has worked really well for us when we lived in a big city and not so well in a small town. Even college students are picky in a small town.

  2. When I need to unload my crap, I put it on the curb with a free sign, post it on Craigslist, and post it on, which is a freecycle-ish site. Usually my junk is picked up within a couple of hours, with no interaction on my part.

  3. We have used Freecycle to get rid of an old dresser. It seems like people just hover on the site looking for things they can get because my wife got a response within minutes. Anyway, it worked.

  4. I’ve personally never used it but have heard good things. Just like with Craigslist selling, I’m a bit leery about having strangers come to your house.

  5. One year we got a fake christmas tree from freecycle, kept it for the holiday and when we took it down we put it back on the website where someone immediately came and took it away. Best tree ever. It even came with decorations.

  6. @Nicole, wow, there are a lot of not picky people in Houston…

    @Jason, we live on a dead end street, so there just isn’t enough traffic for the “Free” sign to work, lol.

    @cashflowmantra, I love the ones that hover, lol.

    @Money Beagle, you can always meet people elsewhere if it feels safer. 🙂

    @krantcents, I hadn’t thought about calling Goodwill to pick anythig up – I forgot they did that…

    @No Debt MBA, hahaha…pre-decorated would be awesome! Some Christmas seasons I get lazy and only put up our small fiberoptic tree just so I don’t have to decorate and undecorate the bigger fake one we like…yep, I have lazy streaks…

  7. I just might give this a try. I’ve heard of freecycle and read a few things, but haven’t tried it yet. There are a few bulky things I want to get rid of, like an old mattress, bookcase, super old tv – for which this might work. The objective is to conveniently get rid of these things, not necessarily make money (unless my time invested is minimal).

  8. I post things for free on Craigslist, especially if I think someone can use them and/or I don’t want to deal with the hassle of hauling it away. It works like a charm – less than 24 hours – everytime!

  9. Freecycle was originally started as a way to keep unnecessary items out of landfills. I think that mission is one of the reasons it has been so successful and the people who use it have a somewhat different mindset than folks on Craigslist. In my experience, Craigslist users are less reliable than Freecyclers.

    One thing I hate seeing in Craigslist Free section are posts saying “I put this near the trash; come pick grab it if you can.” I would rarely see that on Freecycle.

  10. I really like Freecycle. I put up our old picnic table that was here wheen we bought our house. it was a metal frame with would bench and table top. i never used it, i had an outside patio already. the frame was still in good condition. they young guy that took it had several kids and a wife and was gonna replace the would and they would have a new picnic table. i was thrilled it would be used again. he was thrilled to have it.

  11. I used to use freecycle but lately people make commitments and then don’t show up. I end up taking it to goodwill or just tossing it as I work and do not have time to wait for no shows.

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