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Happy Holidays!


Elf Cow

Yep, that’s me as the Elf Cow last Christmas. :-)

It seems like everyone is disappearing for the holidays, even me, so I’ll just say


I’ll return to the regular posting schedule January 2, 2014.  :-)

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3 comments to Happy Holidays!

  • Nate

    AWESOME!!! Happy Holidays Crystal!!!

    I love your willingness (and great attitude) about taking on income producing side jobs. This is a great example for people out there that are looking to get out of debt or earn a little extra for the holiday. You go girl!!!

  • Lefty

    Enjoy your time off! Go recharge with friends and family. We’ll be here when you start posting again.

  • Joy to the World

    Seasons Greettings. May we all have safe and satisfying holiday season renewing frid and famiy ties!