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How to Appeal Against a Speeding Fine

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What Does Your Car Say About You?

It may sound superficial, but many officers often decide whether you get a warning or a ticket on the smallest things. Obviously, being polite will work in your favor. But if you keep your interior and exterior in good condition, it says a lot about you to a police officer. Golden rule: keep your car in such a way that you wouldn’t be embarrassed of it at a job interview.

Keep it reasonably clean and free of any bumper stickers. Anything pimped out, like undercarriage lights or tinted windows, doesn’t reflect well on you.

Wave At The Hidden Police Cruiser

Often, waving at the police as you drive by speeding either confuses them (as they think you know them from somewhere) or says “I know I’m speeding, I’m going to go slower now.” You may still not get let off the hook, but it’s certainly worth a try.

Don’t Admit To Anything

One of the silliest mistakes drivers make is admitting to their crime. Once you’ve confessed, the police can hold this against you. When the officer tells you that you were speeding, give a non-committal response that protests ignorance. But obviously be 100% co-operative and polite.

Police officers tend to have a pride that you can exploit, so flatter it. Just get through the whole meeting as quickly and nicely as possible. You don’t want them to remember you.

“Not Guilty” To The Ticket

You can lawfully postpone your court date. Keep pushing it back for as long as you can, without appearing unreasonable. The longer you leave it, the less likely the officer is to remember anything about you. It also gives you extra time to develop your case. By the time your ticket goes to court, the officer may have retired or been transferred. In some cases, they may not even show up. This often means that your case will be dropped.

Choose Your Tactic

There are many ways to have your driving offence downsized or dismissed, and it often depends on your region, so swat up on motor law in your area. For example, if two officers were in the patrol car and only one appears at court, you may be able to protest that you have a right to address your accusers.

Check your ticket information carefully, if you can pinpoint any information that is incorrect, this can be enough to get you off the hook.

Scout out the area where you were pulled over. Were all speed signs shown correctly? If it’s hidden from view by vegetation or graffiti, you could flag that up. Talk to a motor solicitor for extra advice on fighting speeding tickets in court.

Prevention Is The Best Medicine

Invest in a SatNav that includes Points-of-Interest (POI) software – this points out where traffic cameras are hidden, so you’re prepared to slow down at the right time. This won’t protect you from hidden cops, but it will give you fair warning of speed cameras.

However, needless to say, the main thing which needs to be considered is whether there is inadequate criminal charges to those who unlawfully commit a serious driving offence. Support this charity for further support to those affected.

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