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Yes, I am a Hunger Games Fan

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I am sure you all have heard about the new movie, The Hunger Games, based on the books by Suzanne Collins.  I just wanted to go on record with two things:

1.  I have loved the series since I first read The Hunger Games and wrote about it here in December 2010.
2.  I am going to see the movie with Mr. BFS and a couple of our friends this coming Wednesday and truly hope it is one of those few movies that does the book justice.

This Shouldn’t Be Just a Fad

You know how a lot of very smart people avoided Harry Potter because they thought it was just a fad?  Yeah, I was one of those.  Then I was handed the first book just as Book 4 was being released.  That was the beginning of an addiction.  I finished Books 1-4 in less than 5 days.  I was and am a huge Harry Potter fan.

Then I made the mistake of thinking Twilight would be good…way too much teenage angst for me…but not to digress…

The Hunger Games is thought provoking and moving.  I definitely put it in the Harry Potter category – totally worth reading and very addictive!  But keep in mind it is violent.  The whole plot is based on gladiator-like conditions for children from different “districts” forced into it by one super rich dictator and his district.  Obviously, this is not a happy, go lucky book series.

Lessons from The Hunger Games

The entire series is based on a bunch of themes that make you think.  Here are the biggest things I thought about after reading:

  • Help those in need and have empathy for others.
  • Don’t jump into anything that could hurt others on blind faith or assumptions.
  • Have a backup plan.  This applies to money and everything else.
  • Have a support network…everything is easier with others.
  • Quality of life is just as important as quantity.
  • Regrets suck.  Live your life so the only regrets you have are tiny compared to everything else.
  • Communicate.  Lack of communication causes the most problems in life.
  • Opening yourself up to be hurt is worth it if it also means you allow yourself to have the good things in life like love.
  • Learn some skills.  You never want to be solely dependent on others if you can avoid it.  Plus if you and your support network have complimentary skills, you all will be able to help each other through anything.

Have you read The Hunger Games or seen the movie yet?  What did it make you think about?

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32 thoughts on “Yes, I am a Hunger Games Fan

  1. I am a certified Hunger Games fan too! Read the books earlier on this year and loved them. The film definitely doesn’t disappoint. A couple of areas of digression from the books (as you can imagine). The film is more politically charged too (Stalinist architecture) and seeing The Hunger Games from both Katniss’ perspective as well as that of the game makers is very powerful. Enjoy!

  2. I’m a huge fan of The Hunger Games. I avoided them at first because I had an idea in my head that they would be very futuristic and sci-fi, which isn’t my thing. I finally read the first one a few months before the third came out, and I thought I would die waiting on the last installment! My son read and loved them as well. We’re planning to see the movie this Friday and I can’t wait!!!

  3. Maybe I’ve been living in a cave, but I never heard of Hunger Games before the advertisements. It does look interesting. I should check it out since soooo many people are talking about it.

  4. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve read the books and they are amazing. I was like Andrea; I avoided them because I thought they would be a little too sci-fi for me, but I was wrong. I LOVED the books.

  5. I am a Hunger Games fan as well! A close family friend of ours owns a local bookstore, so she recommended the books to me ages ago right when they came out, and I was totally hooked.

    I saw the movie this weekend and was actually pretty impressed with it. Like with the Harry Potter books and movies, the movie didn’t quite do full justice to the book; there were a few liberties. But it was a great movie and hopefully it will inspire more people to read the books!

  6. I am a fan of hunger games and I saw the movie this weekend. They changed a few things around from the book, but that was mainly because they had to fit it into 2 and 1/2 hours. There were a few things I didn’t care for, but overall I liked it.

  7. We will see it this weekend …

    Wasn’t it the romans(?) and the gladiator games? Everyone goes to cheer for their winner, and death/annilation to the losers? I’ll bet the movie IS thought provoking. Add in Fox news, swirl the volume button and voila’. 😉

    Your lessons from Hunger Games are words to live by. Nice.

  8. Yes! Hunger Games are awesome.

    I liked that the book actually relied on characters building relationships with each other and with their world at large, rather than just “Oh, look at the cute vampire boy.”

  9. THe movie does the books great justice. I’m a big reader, and it always makes me nervous when my favorite books are put on the big screen in fear that it’ll ruin it for me. This is not the case for the Hunger Games! I read them before the craze and was obsessed, so when it came of on friday I had to see Katniss and Peeta in action. The movie is over 2 hours and 20 minutes, and the did a very VERY good job following the book. Those who haven’t read or seen it yet should jump onto this bandwagon because the story line is amazing, I’ll admit that it had me in tears.

  10. I love the books (and am also a HP fan and a Twilight-hater) and saw the movie on Saturday. I liked the movie although, of course, the books are still so much better. My boyfriend didn’t like the movie as much but I think he was expecting it to be more action (kids killing kids) while I think they played up the political angle much more (and rightly so).

  11. I’ve read The Hunger Games and enjoyed it. It’s definitely a quick read and super dark for a children’s book. Fighting to the death, anyone? I hope the bigger themes get talked about more and the movie gains popularity, media/government control, manipulation of minority groups, etc.

  12. I have read Hunger Games and thought it was a great book. The lesson that hit me quickly as I was reading it was how to use your talents to support yourself. Katniss realized that she could recognize plants and could hunt. Those two skills allowed her to support her family.

  13. I read the Hunger Games a few weeks ago – in one sitting! It was fantastic. It made me think I really need to learn to hunt. I’d be screwed if society went to pot.. 🙂

  14. I love the books and just saw the movie, which I also loved! I’m just rereading the whole series and CAN’T WAIT for the next movie. It took what was great about the book, added some more behind-the-scenes political stuff, and made it a perfect compliment to the book.

    It’s amazing to see how many different groups of people enjoy this series – I work in a Library and kids, teens, and adults are all coming in to borrow the books lately!

  15. I downloaded a sample of the book on my Kindle, so I could get an idea of how it reads. I’ve heard good things from it and, am trying to read more (and make better use of my Kindle besides it just sitting in my purse) so, I’m looking forward to reading the entire book and eventually, seeing the movie. Now if only I could make some time to read it!

  16. I just blogged about this movie, and I also write books for young adults. I definitely thought The Hunger Games did the book justice, and I don’t usually like movie adaptations of books. While a movie can’t capture the nuances and depth of characters the way a book can, I thought Hunger Games did a great job overall. I’m already excited for the next movie, but admit I’m not happy that they are following the trend of breaking the last book into two movies. That said, I’m sure I’ll go to both of them so I guess it’s a marketing win for Lionsgate. 🙂

  17. I love the Hunger Games! Yep, it reminds me of Rome and Gladiators too. Even when they release the mutts at the end is like the Romans putting the animals in their arena.

    As a health blogger, my thoughts are of the health lessons I learned from the series. Interesting to see we approach this from totally different angles.

  18. Was introduced to Collins in Gregor the Overlander series. My daughter and I loved these books. When I saw the The Hunger Games book daughter just had to have it. She read it and we have all 3 books in the series. She has read them currently 3 times. I haven’t read the The Hunger Games or seen the movie yet myself. My daughter liked the movie and she is looking forward to future movies.

  19. I hope the books are not as big as Harry Potter, otherwise, hard to imagine that you moved at all during those days! 😉

    I have not read the books but I liked the movie.

  20. I read the first book quite a while ago, when I was matching my youngest book for book (he’s a good reader). Now I’m playing catchup, as he’s already finished the trilogy. Great movie, definitely worth the matinee prices.

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