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I Do Gamble

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I’ve always been money conscious, but I do realize that I don’t always treat my money the same. When Mr. BFS and I make just “enough” to pay our bills and save a little for our future, I seem to be able to cut out nearly all extra spending without it hurting much. But when we had barely anything or even when we had more than we needed, I was more of a risk taker and spender.


Online Poker

In college, my husband-to-be started playing poker online pretty regularly to make extra money. Then I started. We signed up with accounts at multiple places and played no limits nickel poker. After a few months, I had made about $100 and my future husband had actually lost money.


We live in Texas, but when we want to gamble in an actual casino, we are only 3-4 hours away from Louisiana casinos. We tend to prefer Coushatta, one on an Indian reservation. We also never take much to lose. So we end up playing penny slots and quarter video poker for 5-6 hours, grabbing a yummy sandwich out of their café, and then heading back home. Sometimes we even take a group bus to save on gas too. The most we have ever lost in a single trip is $150.

Lotto Tickets

I do occasionally spend some fun money on lotto tickets. Depending on how crappy I feel about life determines whether I buy 1 ticket or 5 tickets. The most I’ve spent in a year is about $60 and the most I’ve probably ever won is $4. It definitely is a game for people bad at math who just want to spend $1-$2 on a ticket that leads them to daydream until the draw. It is not the way to get rich.

Overall, I apparently only tend to allow myself to gamble when I feel like I have nothing to lose or more than enough to lose. When I am just making our money stretch, I don’t even have the drive. Weird, right?

How about you, do you gamble at all?

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7 thoughts on “I Do Gamble

  1. I gamble as well. We are about to take a cruise and we plan on bringing some gambling money with us. Even though we have like 10 casinos near our house, we never gamble unless we are on a vacation!

  2. I gamble occasionally too, a lot less now with the kids around. I was actually at the casino for the first time in a couple years about a week ago. Had fun playing black jack. My wife and I used to play bingo before the kids were born. My rules with gambling, is first it’s entertainment. Second rule is I have to be willing to lose everything that I am playing with. The second rule is why I don’t go gambling all that often.

  3. @Michelle, yeah, we wouldn’t gamble regularly even if Texas allowed a casino to be built next door. But $200 risked on vacation gambling is worth the entertainment value.

    @MikeS, I enjoy bingo but don’t have a group to go with. And we gamble using the same rules. 🙂

  4. I’m gamble occasionally for the fun of it! My dad and my BF’s mom both are addicted to gambling, so we know when to limit ourselves. We set a budget for how much money we’re okay with losing and we never expect to win because that’s just silly to expect.

  5. Scratch tickets are a fun frivolous way for me to dream big. I once had an employee win a million dollars on a scratch ticket. Honest – no lie! I also have a family member who just today won $1900!! Big money can be won…it happens more than you think 🙂

  6. Great job on being able to gamble but not letting it ruin your budget. And if you’re having fun then no problem with a little amount you throw here and there, win or lose.

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