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Why I Never Want to Buy a House Again

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Mr. BFS recently mentioned that he’s looking forward to a bigger house in the future.  I replied with a smile, “That’s nice.  I know.”

What I was really thinking was, “I really hope I never have to buy a house again because the whole thing sucked.”

In short, even if our house was paid off right now, I do not want to buy a house again. Here’s what I remember during 2007 when we were buying a home:

1) It was hard to convince our real estate agent that we really were staying at $130,000 or less. She also didn’t seem to understand that I really wanted “or less.” My parents actually ended up finding our current home by accident while cruising around a neighborhood we were already looking in.

2) Finding a home that fit our criteria was difficult. We are spoiled. We wanted to buy a house that wouldn’t need a lot of repairs for the first 5 years and we wanted to pay $130,000 or less. That was pretty much it but that severely narrowed our options.

3) While actually looking at homes, we found out that there is a whole bunch of things that we really dislike. I could never live on concrete floors. My husband and I really did not want to buy that would need wallpaper removed from every, single wall. We didn’t want to have to repaint every wall either.

I didn’t think we were all that picky, but some people’s tastes were so far from our own that we cringed when we walked into each room. Is it so wrong to want to avoid as much work as possible, especially in that first year after making a huge 20% down payment?

4) My husband and I do not handle stress well…and we were worse 4 years ago. I get clingy and he gets snappy, so we were just ticking each other off along the way. Picture a 23 year old husband and 24 year old wife just sniping at each other immaturely every time something didn’t go smoothly. It was awful.

5) Moving was a pain in the rear. We had lined up a company to move all of our furniture and boxes the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, but the morning of the move rolled around and they didn’t show up! None of my calls were answered. By 11am, we knew we were in trouble.

All our stuff was packed, so we had to call my in-laws to get some numbers of other moving companies. One of those companies were kind enough to fit us in, but we ended up spending at least 6 hours twiddling our thumbs in complete boredom since we had to stick around in case they popped up.

The final price was also $100 more than we had worked out with the other company so we barely had enough cash to cover the total…I felt so bad not being able to give those guys a great tip.

6) Unpacking is my idea of torture. I do not enjoy decorating. I don’t have the proper genes or something. I’ve moved and unpacked at least 8 times in my life and have hated it each and every time.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret moving into our home despite all of that. I do love our house. I adore being able to host potlucks. I love the fact that we have a small yard for our dogs. I appreciate being able to decorate as we see fit and knowing that we won’t have to pack everything up anytime soon. I just think I want to stay in our current home until my knees can’t stand the stairs anymore. 🙂

You may remember this as one of my staff writer posts at Sweating the Big Stuff.  Don’t worry, I got permission to re-publish after a few months.  I’m just trying to get all of my personal posts in one place since I realized that by only having these posts at SBS, I was leaving gaps here at BFS.  These memories shape who I am.

Do your want to buy a house (again)?

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30 thoughts on “Why I Never Want to Buy a House Again

  1. I’m pretty much in the same boat. I don’t hate the unpacking so much as packing. I walk through my basement, see things all over the shelves and think that there’s no way I want to ever pack all that stuff up (let alone then having to dismantle the shelves!)

  2. We don’t want to move again (just did so 9 months ago, if that) but we did REALLY enjoy finding our “20 year home” (note home, not house). We both work in this city and are somewhat tied down by our (kinda nice) pension plans w/ our employer. We’re not going anywhere and we wanted to settle into a house we bought TOGETHER.

    I’ve been detailing our buying experience, selling experience and lately home staging tips and plan to discuss much more about our experience soon. Come check us out BITFS, the link below should lead you to the other articles.

  3. I’m not a fan of moving, but it helps not having a lot of ‘stuff.’ Every time we move, we get to toss some stuff, so that makes the next move a little easier (as long as we don’t add anything to it in the meantime!!)

  4. My husband hates moving. He swears that when we do buy a home, that will be it! In the past, he’s the one who packs and unpacks almost everything (he’s a bit anal when it comes to what goes where) and that has really burned him out over the years. I’m a bit spoiled since I usually end up doing about 1/3 the work he did, but I totally agree that once we buy a house, that’s going to be it. 😉

  5. I will be going through the process probably in about 6 to 8 months and I am not pumped about it at all! I hope The marriage can survive lol

  6. I would love to buy a house again…but then your post reminded me of everything I dislike about it!

    However, you have to remember that the long term benefits of being in a place your truly like outweigh the short-term costs of finding the house and moving.

  7. My wife and I are in the process of looking. I don’t mind the looking part so much, but I am dreading the move itself. I hate the packing and unpacking.

    One other thing to consider is the hassle of selling your place. I’m in that boat right now. It hasn’t been too bad yet, as we’ve only had a couple showings and we were able to find something to do outside the house for a couple hours. But having a showing every weekend and also keeping the house clean constantly with a 3-year old is going to get old real fast.

  8. I have one more move in me! As we get older, going up and down stairs will become a problem. I expect we may move to a single story home/condo/apartment some day. I am not necessarily looking forward to the process, but it has to be worth it or we won’t do it. Isn’t that true of everything?

  9. I’m looking forward to moving again, but that may be because I don’t necessarily like my current house all that much. I mean, it works for now, and it’ll work for the next few years, but I would like to move closer to my family after those next few years and also not be living in a town house. I’d prefer a single family home.

    The moving and unpacking part isn’t so much fun, as well as trying to find something that has everything you want. but once you find what you want the moving and unpacking is just a necessary evil!

  10. We almost always talk about houses. The ones we like, the ones we don’t like, and how the next one would be different for this or that. But the truth is, we love our home and we hate to move! After a couple of years in it, we only start to feel it is really our home. Slowly but surely, every room is getting decorated, the basement is almost done and we still have some work to do outside (we self-constructed). I still got those 10 boxes to empty, so I don’t feel like packing more again! A new house? Maybe one day, but surely not for a couple of years!

  11. I love buying houses, perhaps a bit too much. I am trying to buy another right now!

    I hear what you are saying about your realtor though. They are pretty much worthless in my opinion. They always want you to spend more, they don’t work that hard to find deals, they take FOREVER to return calls or emails (if they ever get around to it at all).

  12. Yeah, I got a little nausea reading this post. Not fun at all. It’s exciting when it’s a first house, but why would I want to move when I have a perfectly good house now.

    If you told me today I’d have to move in the next 3 months, I would not be a happy camper.

  13. My wife and I bought our first house about a year after we got married. 7 years later, we built our current home. Moving absolutely sucks. It sucks really, really bad. My current house is my “forever” home. The next place I move to will be a studio place where the door doesn’t open….

  14. I’d think you would enjoy the house-buying process even less with creaky knees!

    I agree about the real estate agents. At first I decided that next time I won’t tell them my real maximum–I’ll just tell them a number much smaller than that. With my first house, though, my maximum was half the median price, and I wasn’t sure there would be anything at all. Most of the houses were too far out or needed too many repairs, but then I found mine which is just small.

    Now I like the location so much better than that of all my friends’ houses that I’d much rather remodel than buy another house. And I will–I want covered parking (we get hail here) and a dishwasher and maybe even a laundry room outside the kitchen with a place for a dryer (though I’ll probably still use laundry lines for most drying).

    I think making sure to get rid of the stuff you aren’t using on a regular basis helps both with not needing to move to a bigger space and with not dreading a move as much.

  15. Hahaha, it sounds like the packing and unpacking thing is pretty much hated by everybody. No surprise here…

    @Kevin, is it the move that gets you or just the idea of home ownership? I actually love having our own place…

    @Little House, you are SO lucky!

    @Robert, yes, having a place we like trumps my hatred of moving, BUT I already like our house and rather not go searching for something bigger for a LOOOONG time. 🙂

    @MikeS, I hadn’t even thought of the selling part…yuck…

    @First Gen, I wouldn’t even be too happy if we won a home – I would have more fun selling it for the cash…so yes, I know exactly how you feel…

    @Travis, LOL!!! I love the wit! I hope you come back to comment!!!

    @Debbie M, I know I will hate the process even more when everything aches…I really hope we find a one-floor home in about 20 years that will be our last home EVER. 🙂 Good idea to remodel instead of rebuy!

  16. I actually put off buying a home for many years so I knew I could afford the house I wanted. The whole ‘starter home’ concept does not appeal to me. When I was finally ready to buy, I found it stressful seeing so many things that would need to be changed, redone, fixed, etc… I ended up building! Now I have a house that I am very happy with and hope I don’t have to leave anytime soon.

  17. Wow crystal, you sure make me think I never want to buy a house. I really don’t like dealing with any of the crap that you mention, except moving. I dont mind moving because it allows for a lot of time to throw some stuff out if I feel like I want to, and I’ll surely get rid of it if I haven’t used it since the last time I moved.

  18. Ha! Crystal I swear you are my “brother from another mother.” The mr. and I are in the process of buying our first house. When we told the realtor that we didn’t want to pay over $130,000 he nodded and said, “We’ll see what we can do,” and when I told him I didn’t want to clean over 1000 sf, he smiled and said, “okay,” but when I told him after I buy a house I never want to move again, he just raised an eyebrow and looked at me. We’re going back and forth with the bank right now, but hopefully we’ll have our happy cottage soon.

  19. My wife and I recently started walking around the neighborhood to check out homes and try to figure out what we like/dislike. The home-buying process seems very inundating and something neither of us wants to do more than we have to. One thing we are leery about is how you trust some realtor you don’t even know!

    Like you were saying, we have a few things that we absolutely MUST have (like price, need for repairs, etc.) and we want a Realtor that will take us seriously! How do you find someone you can trust? Maybe some distant relative is in real estate…..

    Love the blog!


  20. I would like to move into a bigger house, but many one with a bigger yard!

    I feel like I’m ripping off my kid’s childhood experiences by having such a small yard for them to play in. Ironically as I type this they are playing soccer in the backyard right now, so I guess it could be worse…

  21. Oh, P.S., I also got another idea for if I buy a house again. Negotiate the real estate fee. Normally (always?) it’s some percentage of the price, so the more expensive of a house they make you buy, the more money they make. I’d rather negotiate that same percentage, near the high end of my range, plus an additional amount for each $X that they come under. That way the cheaper the house they find me, the better their income. You might have to add in something for estimated required repairs. Could that work?

  22. @Denise, congrats! Your patience paid off!

    @Jeff, lol, I still rather own a home than not own a home. I just never want to move ever again… 🙂 I think my husband saw this as our starter house and I see it as great enough to never leave.

    @Andi B., LOL. I don’t think realtors really understand regular people – it’s like they see people “trade up” all of the time and just assume that everyone likes to buy bigger houses every few years…I personally enjoy only paying $160 in the summer months of Texas for electricity…no bigger house needed for me. 🙂

    @Austin, our realtor was very trustworthy and she is a family friend. She just didn’t know me very well in the beginning and had no idea that I wasn’t being a naive first-time buyer, I was just actually cheap, lol. If you ever need to move to Houston, TX or the surrounding area, I would suggest calling Margo Horton. In the end, we did get exactly what we were looking for – a $114,000 house with 3 bedrooms that was only 3 years old and in great shape. 🙂 Family friends make great realtors! If we didn’t know Margo, we would have gone off of close friends’ recommendations.

    @Money Reasons, that’s just parental what-ifs speaking. Take it from a former kid, we don’t care what size the yard is. If there isn’t enough room, we simply play in the neighbor’s yard too…the world is our oyster. 🙂

    @Debbie M, that’s a great idea! It may be able to work fantastically with private real estate agents.

    It wouldn’t work for agents that work under a group name though – those businesses require 3% closing fees for their agent – they keep 1-2% and the agent gets 1-2% no matter what…

  23. LOL! This is soooooo true, every bit of it! After all the endless, annoying, frustrating hassle of finding and buying the shack, then you have to go through the torture of moving.

    I decided that if I ever move again (and I hope the next move is to the mortuary or the nursing home!), I’m gonna tell the Realtor that I can afford about $20,000 or $30,000 less than I really can pay. That way, maybe I can persuade the chucklehead to show me houses that actually are in the price range.

    Being able to access the MLS on the Web makes a huge difference, though. Now you can do your own search and then tell the Realtor what YOU want to see, not what he or she thinks he can talk you into buying.

  24. I only ever want to buy a house once. Starter houses be damned, by the time we can afford to buy (if ever), we’ll be ready to have kids, so family house it is and we can stay there til we retire. Yep, like you guys we get stressed and snappy, and we have moved every year that we’ve been together – there is nothing worse than moving house!

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