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I’m Going to be a Bridesmaid! Oh, and a Baby is on the Way!!!

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I am 31 years old and have two younger sisters.  We were pretty spread out – one of my sisters is 8 years younger than me and the other is 13 years younger.  Well, my 23 year old sister announced her engagement to a great guy a couple of months ago!!!  I’ve spent a few hours around him several times and I think he’s going to be a GREAT brother and they make an adorable couple.  😀  I’m super excited about the wedding!

There’s a Baby on the Way!!!

That said, me being a bridesmaid in a wedding that’s in August has just taken a backseat to new info – she is now pregnant!!!  WOOT!!!  I’m going to be an aunt!!!  Baby on the way!!!

I'm Going to Be an Aunt!

Now, before anybody jumps to any conclusions, the pregnancy happened after the engagement and it was a logical decision based on several factors that it isn’t my place to share.  And if you still want to be judgmental, don’t do it in my comment section because I will delete you.

Since I haven’t jumped on the baby-making wagon yet, this is the first grandkid in the works for my parents.  We’re all super excited and just holding our breath for more baby news.  Some of my friends have informed me of how awesome it is going to be an aunt, so now I’m planning for it.  I’m keeping an eye out for baby stuff from here on out.  Since I am living on a tight budget again, you’ll probably be seeing a ton of posts about prepping for the fun parts of babies – I won’t need to raise this one, just spoil it.  😉

Current Planning

Right this second, the baby is the size of a pea.  It’s just giving my sister morning sickness and a tiny baby pouch since she is a super skinny lady and a hard uterine wall is all it took to push out a little bump.  As the plumper sister, I will admit that made me laugh a little.  But it was a supportive giggle.  😉

My planning right now is centered on planning a wedding shower, finding a bridesmaid dress in the pretty blue color she chose, and I’m keeping an eye out for inexpensive but awesome baby stuff like clothes and toys.

Here are the dresses that I want to try on now…


I’m also on call with anything she needs that’s wedding related, but she seems to be handling the details like a freaking champ.  Planning and executing a wedding in less than 3 months is just an amazing feat in my opinion.

I’m going to be an aunt!  Aunt Crystal!  How cool is that?!  Any wedding or baby stuff going on in your family?  Share away!  And all future aunt advice is very welcome!

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14 thoughts on “I’m Going to be a Bridesmaid! Oh, and a Baby is on the Way!!!

  1. I’m glad you will be aunt (my sisters first, and the first boy, is coming on August 19th) but I got all excited thinking it was you!!

    The dress all the way to right with the halter top and high low would look awesome on you!!

  2. Awh, this post is very touching Crystal! We are very excited about our wedding ceremony and the baby as well – we know you are going to be a killer aunt!

    MomofTwo is right…the high low halter would look amazing, as I am sure any of them would on you. Can’t wait to see what you end up picking!

  3. Congratulations to your sister! (and you!)
    As for inexpensive baby stuff – if you have a Kohl’s nearby, get yourself a Kohl’s charge card and start shopping sales. Baby is likely to be born in Spring (more or less), so start looking for stuff on sale on the clearance racks. You can get some really nice stuff from Carter’s and Jumping Bean (Kohl’s brand) in gender neutral colors for as low as $1-$2. You can also check out local consignment stores for the $1-$10 range. I go to Kohl’s for “Everyday” stuff, and consignment for special stuff (Easter dresses, etc). The Kohl’s charge has all kinds of perks that make it better than a regular rewards/cash back card when you shop at Kohl’s. You’ll have to make a best guesstimate at what size you’ll need each season, but the “sleep and play” outfits work well all year long.
    Also – check on freecycle/craigslist for “bags of size X” clothes. Very cheap way to get baby/kids clothes.

  4. Such exciting news!!! Weddings and babies are both awesome. You will love being an aunt. I spoiled my brother’s kids so much it was amazing!

  5. Going to be so much fun! Are you going to share pictures of wedding and baby times?… except birth. just birthing pictures are icky.. I think my head is on the opposite side of my birth hole for a good good reason.

  6. I agree with the others about the dress on the right being “you”!

    It stinks that you have to put a disclaimer. Ugh. Do my personal beliefs say that you ‘should’ be married before a child? yes. Would I push that on anyone and judge them if it isn’t “my way”? Absolutely not. Such an exciting time for them! And I got all excited thinking it was you 😉

  7. @Mom of Two, if I’m ever pregnant, the title will be more like “Hell has Frozen Over and I’m Having a Baby!”. 😉 I hope they have that style of dress when I try them on in person on Monday…

    @Sister, I’m soooo excited for you!!!

    @Mom of 3, those are killer suggestions, thank you!

    @Emily, lol, thanks!

    @Denise, thank you and yes, she is the one that lived with us for a few months early last year after she graduated from college.

    @Money Beagle, thank you!

    @Kim, that’s the plan!

    @Dee, as long as my sister doesn’t mind, then yes. 🙂 And no birthing pictures…ewww.

    @Helen, I like that one too. 🙂 The disclaimer was for trolls. There aren’t many but they are hurtful.

    @Lisa, eeek! So happy!

    @Kathleen, woot!!!

  8. Congratulations! Being an aunt is fun.. I knew you will enjoy it. I’ve been an aunt of my brother’s sons, I really enjoyed taking care of them and making them laugh. By the way, you should wear the dress on the 1st photo. 😉 I like it so much.

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