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I’m Having a Miscarriage

Having a Miscarriage | Feelings | Dealing with Loss | Medical Miscarriage

Yeah, it punched us in the gut too.

What is a Blighted Ovum?

My medical diagnosis is a “blighted ovum”.  That sounds creepy, but it means that our sperm and egg met, decided to get serious, but broke it off before they moved in together.

By the time my body created a gestational sac and went full-on pregnancy mode, no embryo or anything was around to move in.  But my body was already so far into the process that it just kept going, flooding me with pregnancy hormones and symptoms for another 5 weeks.  Then it realized that something wasn’t quite right…though it could take another 3 weeks to figure out exactly what needs to be done, so I’m having a D&C (uterine spring cleaning) done on Monday.

In short, Peanut decided not to hop onto this crazy train quite yet.

Miscarriages Suck, Duh

I’m crampy and coping.  Len is handling it more privately but making sure to be there for me every step of the way.  We’re sad and angry and sad and okay.  It simply sucks.  All loss sucks.  Can’t go much deeper than that.

Oh, and it’s been astounding learning about how many women I know in person and online that have had miscarriages.  This is freaking normal.  Awful but normal.  Like every other loss we all have to deal with at some point.  Ugh.

We’ll Be Trying Again

As crappy as this is, we were able to get me pregnant on the first try using ovulation sticks.  That’s a win.  My OB-GYN confirmed this blighted ovum miscarriage doesn’t negatively effect future pregnancy attempts.    It is going to take an average of 4-12 weeks for my body to reset itself to “Start”.  We’re very hopeful that we’ll have happier results down the road.

I’m okay.  Just not pregnant anymore.

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18 thoughts on “I’m Having a Miscarriage

  1. Hugs!
    I know its hard what you are going through and its a difficult time. This too shall pass. We do not know each other but I have read your blog for awhile. Really inspiring me to do what I love and that money problems CAN be fixed. I wish you luck on starting your family.


  2. Miscarriages do suck. I realized I was having one while I was in Target on Black Friday. Gave a whole new meaning to Black Friday (I have had two wonderful babies since). It doesn’t matter if miscarriages are common as it does not diminish how heartbreaking it is. I am sending positive vibes your way. Heal well.

  3. That DOES suck, but look at this this way… it’s better to miscarriage at this stage in the game than to lose an actual fetus several months in. My sister experienced the exact same thing, and then produced 2 beautiful little girls (Me biased? Nah!). I’m sure once things settle back down you’ll have better luck the next time.

  4. Sending hugs and love. You’re getting so close though! 🙂 I’ve been there before and it is heartbreaking for sure. We love you Crystal, do not worry this will happen. This is what is supposed to happen if the DNA does not play well together. I’m super happy those sticks work though! Yes, it will come. Meantime, if you want to come babysit you are more than welcome. Infant, toddler, and teen all at once. Good luck! 😉

  5. Crystal, this post made me so sad for you & Len. I’m really sorry for your loss.
    ‘Knowing’ you from being a long-time blog reader, I’m certain that you guys will be awesome parents at the perfect time. Sending healing and love to you both. Rock on, Sweetheart!

  6. We went through the exact same situation (and “diagnosis) – telling you it will be alright likely won’t help so I’ll go with just very sorry to hear about your loss.

  7. Oh, I’m so so sorry, Crystal. It is devastating to lose a child at any stage. I had two miscarriages, both at around 7 weeks gestation. It was very painful and we were also surprised at how very common it is. It is unfortunate how many women feel the need to keep their heartbreak quiet, so I am glad you are sharing your deep loss with your readers. I’ll be thinking of you as you continue to grieve your loss.

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