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I’m Still a Cow :-D

Last June, I went to an open interview to become a Chick-Fil-A cow mascot.  I didn’t think I did that well in the practice part of the interview, but they called me in anyway a few times last year and a few more times this year.  Since I am 5’2″ tall, I am the perfect size to be the kid cow (which is apparently the hard one to find).  And since I work from home, I am available when their normal high school student employees are in class.  :-)

My Cow Experiences Thus Far

So, from last December to last week, I have been the kid cow 6 times.  I was at the mall for Cow Appreciation Day and again for Christmas with Santa.  I also worked the main restaurant once, a high school once, and two events held in a huge church auditorium for school events.

The gist of the job:

  • Show up 15 minutes early to wherever I will be working.
  • Put on the sports band to keep my glasses on my head and put my hair into a ponytail.
  • Squirrel away in a closet or unoccupied room to put on all of the mascot stuff with the help of a “wrangler” – yep we have cow help.  Specifically, we put everything on in this order – suit, clothing item of choice, feet, hands (with help), and the head (with help).
  • 30-45 minutes of being a cow.  A wrangler stays nearby to make sure we aren’t tipped.  Seriously.  :-D
  • Then 10-15 minutes of break time with water.
  • Repeat if necessary.  My jobs have been 1.5-3 hours long.
  • Get out of the suit with help, put it back into its bag, and head home.
  • My check is mailed to me 2-3 weeks later (I could pick it up like a regular employee, but I am lazy and rarely near the mall).

Overall, it’s hot inside of the suit, but a lot of fun.  I’m paid $10 an hour, $25 minimum.  My favorite part is sneaking up on people and making moose ears on them when they don’t know I’m there but everybody else around notices…hehehe.  :-D

And to be honest, all of the hugs from toddlers, kids, teenagers, and even adults is really nice.  I like hugs, expecially when there is a cow suit that I’m not in charge of washing between me and sticky fingers.  ;-)  Not too shabby for a once-in-a-while hobby job.

Pics or It Didn’t Happen

And I know the following pictures will give most of you a nice laugh, so without further ado…


Chickfila Elf Cow

I’m the cutest Elf Cow ever, lol. Side note, that Santa is actually a real, freakin’ professional that gets flown around the country for events. There is a market for everything!


Normal Event

And now coming down the runway…cows in red. I’m the short one…


The Pickup

This poor guy was asked for a bunch of pictures once he picked me up for fun the first time. He never expected a 170 pound woman inside of a 30 pound cow suit…he was literally shaking by the time the last pictures were snapped. I was laughing to myself harder than anyone who has to be silent has ever laughed before…


Awards Ceremony

We even get to dress snazzy for the nice ceremonies, LOL. I was dancing my butt off at one point in this getup…and no, I’m not the one in the dress…


What is the most entertaining job that you’ve ever had?  Any other mascots out there?

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23 comments to I’m Still a Cow :-D

  • Hahhaha awesome! Always wondered what it’s like to be inside a suit like that,

  • I was the easter bunny at the mall in high school. I think I got $12/hr and this was about 15 years ago! Great pay for the time, though the suits were pretty gross after a while and some of the people that sat on my lap weighed more than I did, so it could get uncomfortable.

  • That’s great. I was introduced to Chick-Fil-A when spent a few months on a job assignment in Florida a few years ago. For some reason they don’t have them up here in Michigan. There’s one in a college student center nearby, but I get the feeling that’s not quite the same :)

  • Sounds like a pretty fun gig. Those photos made me laugh. Good for you for thinking outside of the box. I was a lifeguard in hs/college and that was a ton of fun. I got paid to swim and sit outside in the sun all day.

  • Eat more chicken said the kid cow! It gets hot and humid in those things. Sound like you are having a blast and adding a little more money to the pockets. Not bad.

  • Haha love this! Very interesting :)

  • christie

    Oh, I love these pics! Sneaking up on people does sound like fun!
    ~ Christie

  • Oh wow! That looks like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to be a mascot, but was always too short for the costume (I’m 5’1″) and now I have hope! The most entertaining side job I’ve had was working as a choreographer for a children’s theatre camp one summer. I’m not a professional dancer by any meaning of the word, so there were a lot of hand-jives and swaying involved. The kids seemed to have fun though, and I definitely enjoyed being able to act silly all day.

  • I believe Brad Pitt started out this way! :) Do you have any acting aspirations? Except for the suit being hot, it seems like a fun job for the right person. When I had my restaurant, I had my employees get into a hamburger outfit. It looked a lot like a Big Mack!

  • Don

    How cool! Seemed like a lot of fun! :)

  • You are CRAZY!!!! (and a perfect fit for being a costumed character) :)

    The pics were the BEST!

  • @eemusings, hot and super sweaty, but fun.

    @Mrs. Pop, ohh, the lap sitting would suck. I hate it when macho guys think it is funny to mess with the cow’s head. Even a playful slap makes my head feel like it’s inside a gong. I almost hoofed a guy last week…

    @Money Beagle, depends on the college I think. The location in the student center at University of Houston was just as delicious as the regular restaurants…I treated myself to chicken nuggets from them about once a month even when I was super broke.

    @KK, as a super white lady who sucks at swimming, I am just glad that nice people like you can do that job and enjoy it. :-)

    @Thomas, the money is definitely not the draw, but yes, it is a ton of fun. :-D

    @Michelle, thanks!

    @Christie, it really, really is. And some people are afraid of mascots, so as long as its not a kid, that makes me laugh and laugh. If it’s a kid, I act like they scared me and run behind something way too small to hide me. The kid usually laughs and feels better.

    @Kyle, yep, you could totally be a kid cow! :-) Yay for jobs for we short people! LOL about your dance moves. :-)

    @krantcents, hehehe, no. I may look into being a stand-up comedian someday, but not an actress. :-)

    @Don, it really is. :-)

    @Lion, LOL, how does this measure against me selling my hair? I’m doing that again this summer too. :-)

  • My friend did this in high school! You’ll get some hilarious reactions–enjoy!

  • I have never had a fun job but I am short enough to fit in the kid cow outfit. Too bad there is no Chick-Fil-A in Canada.

    If it is called Chick-Fil-A why are you in a cow suit instead of a chicken suit?

  • I had to get to the pictures before I could tell whether or not you were serious. WOW! That takes the cake for the most interesting job ever. I assume you’re doing it for amusement, rather than money …?

  • That is awesome. So glad you shared pictures. I worked at a children’s library one summer and had to dress up like a hula dancer and do a dance on luau day for the summer reading program. Not my finest moment, but kids like anything.

  • That’s really cute. I bet that would be fun! Love the pics.

  • Only $10 an hour? I was Spider-Man at Walmart when I was in college and I made $150 for 4 hours. That was a sweet job!

  • Has anyone ever passed out in one of those suits? That sounds like a pretty fun gig!

  • Cool! I was the Easter Bunny once in college for a fundraiser. Pretty hot in there, but I agree the joy from all the people taking pictures takes the edge off. Too fun! Great point about the Santas, those guys can make a killing. Reminds me of those people who look like the British royals. I think they take home six figures. You are right, there is a market for everything. We just have to find ours!

  • @Mike, thanks!

    @Jane, the cows are telling people to eat more chicken (not cow). The campaign’s backstory is that the cows don’t even work for Chick-Fil-A, but they like the company’s policy of serving just chicken.

    @Mary Anne, LOL, yes. I’ve made a total of about $150 so far over nearly a year. Definitely not in it for the money. :-)

    @Kim, that would have been fun to see!

    @LH, thanks!

    @Kevin, definitely! Yeah, this is for a chain restaurant, so I don’t see it getting the same rates as for-hire-characters.

    @Rob, yes they have, but never on one of my shifts. They keep us well hydrated with lots of breaks.

    @Buck, totally!

  • OMG! I love it! I love stories like this, little jobs not everyone does or even knows anyone that does them. One of our co-worker’s sons is the University’s mascot. He has a CRAZY life!

  • A

    What all did the try out process consist of? I’m thinking of trying out soon and would love some insight