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Internet Censorship through the Death of Net Neutrality

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Net neutrality died yesterday –

Let me boil it down in my own words:

Your internet provider can now pick and choose what sites will get what sort of connection for you.

Yep, my AT&T internet provider can now make sure that I have a crap connection to or Netflix if they decide to mess with their broadband settings to their competitors’ sites.  And the US Court of Appeals decided that since I could simply change internet providers if I didn’t like what mine was doing, then giving them all that power is okay.  It’s not.

It’s not right on any level.

What about the people that don’t have any real choices?!  In many small towns throughout the USA, there aren’t 15 different companies that you can use.  There’s one and now they can mess with everyone’s access to knowledge in that town.

And even if you have multiple options, who wants to switch providers just to be met with the same problem but to different sites?

Keep an Eye On Your Access

Please, for the sake of keeping what rights we still have, keep an eye on your access when online.  You need to keep in mind that we no longer have the legal right to net neutrality…this is a form of censorship that large corporations will now control.  This should worry you.

I don’t support censorship.  I definitely do not support the idea of giving my internet provider any control over what I can reach or how fast I can reach it.


That’s a harsh word.  But I mean it.  But now that this has been ruled upon, it can only be overturned by the Supreme Court or Congress can pass a new net neutrality law (that’s our check and balance system at work).  Since we can’t really connect to the Supreme Court, we can only pursue the Congress route.

You NEED to contact your congressmen (your representative and senators).  Let them know that they need to pass a law mandating net neutrality.  You can find your congressmen’s contact info here –  You can enter your zip code to find out who to contact.

Unless you want companies like AT&T and Comcast to have more control over your access to knowledge, CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMEN!  Let them know that this is unacceptable and all parties should come together to pass a new law that mandates net neutrality.

This takes 5 minutes and is truly important to us all.  Please do this right now.

I emailed mine yesterday and may make it a weekly tradition.  Here’s the email that I typed up while still fuming…feel free to edit and use it as a starting point for your own letters/emails too!

Sample Letter

I just read that the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia just killed net neutrality. This is unacceptable and all parties should come together to pass a new law that mandates net neutrality.

Just think, if my internet provider leans one way or another, they can now slow down my connection speed / my access to the other parties’ sites. They can make it hard to research competitors. They now have control over all of our access to knowledge.

This is HUGE. We all need net neutrality. I am demanding/begging/shouting for Congress to pass a new net neutrality law as soon as possible. All parties should be able to agree on this one.

Please let me know that you understand and will do everything in your power to make this happen.

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5 thoughts on “Internet Censorship through the Death of Net Neutrality

  1. Wow I wasn’t aware of this! We’re one of those small town residents that only has access to ONE broadband service provider…AT&T for DSL. There are no other options. If things start to slow down or be limited, we’ll be screwed. (We don’t have TV and stream Hulu & Netflix.) This is ridiculous!

  2. I have been signing petitions against this kind of stuff for years. Reality being what it is, we had already lost net neutrality in the USA the minute we used most apps or tablets, or “smart” phones. NSA allowed contractors access to their little tracking project; so most of our privacy has been gone since. Even as I grew up there were running “jokes” about how AT&T could listen in to any telephone call. After Watergate, the joke seemed not too funny. Been downhill ever since.
    You may be interested to know that the federal government gave out special loans and grants so that rural residents would get more broadband coverage. From what has happened in our neck of the woods, seems that gave some larger cable companies enough funds to buy out the local providers, so our internet service is now owned by yet another company that hasn’t done much to update the system or provide any new services.
    They just expanded and knocked out competition with federal backing.
    On a positive note, usually when companies and governments do these sort of things in the US, there’s weird consequences that are not always too bad. Or it all sort of snowballs and everyone backs off. The Target mess with the credit card (and bank information) being stolen and used is one of those snowball affects. Third party contractors and messing with your internet bandwidth and speed can lead to all sorts of problems and expenses. It seldom pays off. Usually,it all backfires. If you can’t run an OS program glitch free, just how are you going to manage trying to install programs that mess with “X” without affecting “Y” completely. It will slow down everything.

    I will look into sending off the letters as you suggest. Freedom only exists where it is supported. It is on all of us to do our due diligence. WTG Crystal!

  3. I’ve already contacted my congressman, but I should probably do so again; it never hurts to make doubly sure that your congressman hears what you are saying, particularly about something this important. Also, I should be sure to post on this subject on my blog, as well, to get the word spread as widely as possible. Thanks for bringing this subject up!

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