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It’s Roasted Turkey Time Again!

My husband knows how much I love his roasted turkey at Thanksgiving.  He bastes it every 20 minutes for 4 hours at 300-350 degrees, so it turns out picture perfect.  So when it was time to buy the turkey in November 2013, he took advantage of the prices and bought three of the suckers… at 16+ pounds each.

The first one only lasted about 3 days since we had 10 people over for a pre-Thanksgiving celebration, and we didn’t have many leftovers. Well, the second one was cooked up for 4 of us yesterday and I have pounds and pounds of leftovers.  Yay!

I forgot to take a picture, but this looks nearly identical. Golden brown on the outside and amazingly delicious.


1.  We enjoyed the ability to have a mini-Thanksgiving with a couple of friends on Tuesday night.  It had been a rough week or two for all of us, so it was nice to chat, laugh, and vent over a delicious, nostalgic meal.

2.  Mr. BFS and I think turkey is yummy.  That’s an important point.

3.  Not only do I think roast turkey is delicious, but it is also one of the low point options with Weight Watchers.  One ounce of roasted turkey equals 1 point.  So I can have 3-4 ounces of turkey, a helping of mashed potatoes, carrots, and green beans for just 7 or 8 of my 26 total daily points.  That’s an amazing dinner.

4.  It’s cost effective.  At less than $10 per turkey, we couldn’t beat the deal.  We already have the deep freezer, so it’s not like it gets in the way. Plus, we get a week or more of protein for about $1 a day.  We usually pair it with carrots, green beans, or potatoes – which are all cheap right now here in Texas.  For lunches, we make simple sandwiches, so those are less than $1 each.  I also make turkey tacos and quesadillas that cost less than $1 each.  Money-wise, this one turkey makes me a happy camper for 7-10 days.

Only Downside

So far, the only downside is that I appreciate leftovers more than Mr. BFS.  He’ll eat it for lunch or dinner in different ways, but he won’t have it for both.  That generally means that I need to either freeze a little or eat turkey for lunch and dinner everyday until it’s gone.  It’s Friday and I am still happy with it, so I’ll see how I feel over the weekend before I make up my mind on that one.

Do you do something like this with holiday foods?  Do you buy an extra turkey or ham to have a few months later?

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