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I’ve Been Matched with Big Brothers Big Sisters!!!

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It’s been a long process, but I finally have been matched with a “Little” with Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS)!  You may have read about the beginning of this whole thing a couple of months ago.  Yep, it took about 10 weeks, but it is totally worth it!

Getting to This Point

I filled out the first volunteer application in mid-July, sent in all of the requested paperwork, asked 5 of my friends/co-workers (blogging buddies) to fill out reference forms, and took a quick online class and quiz all within a few weeks.  Next, I was interviewed by a match specialist and was officially approved.  Then sat around waiting to be accepted and matched.  That all took about 2 months.

Once they called me with a prospect about a month later, I accepted, his parents accepted, and then we met in person a couple of weeks later at the BBBS office for a few minutes.  I had my first real outing with him last week and again yesterday.  🙂

My Match Experience So Far

So, I obviously can’t give out too many details so nobody’s privacy is messed with, but I can write about general stuff.  I’ve been matched with a young man (about 4th grade) who is as quiet as I am loud.  He’s also as dark-skinned as I am ghost white.  So we make a fun pair, LOL.  Oh, and he seems to like me.  That’s important.  🙂

Our first outing was last week.  I’m supposed to keep everything to as close to free as possible.  So I used a gift card and a coupon to take him to Chili’s and then he picked our activity – disc golf!  I mentioned it when we met as something my husband and I played before, and my Little thought it sounded fun.  Yay!  It was really wet and Chili’s took a while, so we only played about 5 holes on the disc golf course, but it was still a lot of fun and he would like to go back sometime.  😀

He didn’t say much during our actual time (he’s a major introvert and it will take time to open up), but his mom says that he bragged about me to everybody afterwards – so yay!!!

Yesterday, we went to an 8th grade football game that was close by.  He loves football and the weather finally cooled down to a nice 70 around here.  We had a lot of fun and even grabbed some snacks at the field.  It was relaxing.  He said he had a lot of fun.   I did too.  I think we’ll work out just fine.

Since I am out of town next week for The Financial Blogger Conference, we’ve already set up our next get together for the week after.


I think this program is like a ton of volunteer programs I’ve worked with before – needed since these kids really want someone to hang out with, overloaded since there are more Littles than Bigs, and everyone is doing the absolute best they can.  I would totally suggest it for anybody who thinks that they’d enjoy working with a kid!  I think my Little is going to help me just as much or more than I help him.

Are you looking into any volunteer positions lately?  It makes the world feel a little better for me.  🙂

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6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Matched with Big Brothers Big Sisters!!!

  1. Congrats, Crystal! Sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun in this program! By the way, thanks for the mention in your weekly gratitude list… I appreciate it! 🙂

    In other news, I am having trouble with your site. When I go to I don’t get any new posts above the Cheesy Broccoli Soup (yum) recipe. I got to this post through the Facebook link, but can’t get to it via the actual web address. Do you have any suggestions on what is happening and, if it is on my end, how i can fix it? Thanks!

  2. Awesome! I’ve been looking into volunteer opportunities lately. Since I have two littles already, I am looking for something we can do together. Maybe as a family or just me and my 4yo. Someone suggested volunteering at nursing homes. Apparently they like people to bring kids by to play for a while. We’ll see how they feel after they meet my energizer bunny… (does that reference date me?)

  3. @Denise, it’s a cache issue but it seems to only be affecting normal readers (extra annoying, right?!). We’re working on it. 🙁

    @a terrible husband, LOL. I volunteered at the library and a nursing home as a pre-teen, and yes, nursing homes love kids (even energetic ones). 🙂 Generally, you can call a center and ask if they accept direct volunteers or if there is a program you can sign up through (like mine was “Volun-Teen” but they accepted direct volunteers too).

  4. I certainly enjoyed my time as a Big when I did it in college. Mine was really shy as well so it was hard to know if they really like what you were doing or not, but I think it really doesn’t matter what you do. The point is more to give them a mentor and show them another side of life that they don’t get to see for whatever reason. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.

  5. I was having same issue of not being able to see any posts past the soup one. I clicked on your side bar for recent posts and it finally reloaded on my Galaxy. I only have problem using android and chrome. My FirefFox browser seems to be refreshing fine. Some of my comments didn’t load, so figure they were not really needed, :). Sounds like I need to check my browser settings, maybe new update reset to load old pages first or something to speed up browsing….?

    Glad you are enjoying your new friend.

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