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The Last Dental Push…Hopefully

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Monday was the $200 ladder. Tuesday was the $1300 dental bill. Hopefully that’s the last big push for hubby’s mouth and it’s just maintenance cleanings from here.

Dental Joke

The Visit

Last year, my husband had two main surgery days with this dentist – one that lasted 5 hours and one that lasted 7 hours. Those two visits wrapped up his largest issues like a few crowns, major cavity fillings, and a couple of wisdom teeth were removed. Altogether it ended up costing us about $12,000 since the anesthesiologist for the IV sedation was actually more expensive that the procedures themselves.

This time around, they were going in for the last stuff – 4 fillings plus a deep scaling (cleaning). They found one more cavity as they were doing the filling, so they took care of that too. Five fillings and a cleaning later (only about 2.5 hours this time), they were asking me for $1317! OUCH!

The Cost

The breakdown:

  • 5 cavities – $1017
  • Deep Scaling – $160
  • Exam Fee – $65
  • Xrays – $75

I’m hoping that they are correct and Mr. BFS will be good to go for years with just caring for his teeth and regular periodontal maintenance. Neither one of us likes that we spent more than $13,000 on teeth within the last year. I hope it is all done.

Overall, we were expecting around $1000 but we forgot about the exam costs and the cleaning apparently. $1300 is yet another ouch to the checkbook, but once again, I am concentrating on the happy feeling that we have enough to cover stuff like this when it comes along.

Dealing With It

While I wrote the $1300 check, I had some very angry and spiteful thoughts. I look at all of this money and just got so mad that some of it could have been preventable. Then I vented to a friend or two. Then I reminded myself that Mr. BFS feels like crap for spending that money too. Now I really am just looking for the positive side. For example, we had enough saved that this won’t be a long-term issue.  🙂

Any unexpected expenses for you this week?

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6 thoughts on “The Last Dental Push…Hopefully

  1. Root canal for me. That bill is going to be fun. The other bummer is that we’ll hit the max on the dental insurance for the year, which means having to pay for routine exams too. I just wish I had taken better care of my teeth years ago. The problems I have now are related to the damage I did years ago, not anything I’ve done recently. I learned the hard way to brush and floss. Still sucks though. Thankfully, the HSA is fully funded.

  2. Ouch! That’s no fun. I think some people were lucky enough to be born with good teeth and others just weren’t for whatever reason. But I can’t believe that the anesthesiologist was more expensive than everything else! That’s crazy! Have you guys looked into dental insurance?

  3. @MikeS, sounds like you are in my husband’s position. Sorry.

    @Dee, yes, but dental insurance would not have covered much and would cost us $90 a month for the two of us. I haven’t done the actual math at this point to see when we’d break even, but that may be a future post…

  4. I’ve been fortunate that my teeth have always been very healthy (not necessarily white or straight, but at least strong and healthy). I think I have genetics to thank. I know two co-workesr who really take much better care of their teeth than I do my own yet they are constantly having cavities removed and other dental work done. Some people are just born with weaker teeth, I think. I hope your husband is done with the worst of his dental woes now.

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