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Go Ahead and Laugh…This Really is My Dream Car

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Okay, so you might have read before that I hate my car.  I bought a brand new Chevy Aveo in 2005, spent about $13,500 over 2 years to pay it off completely, and figured out in the first 3 years that it was just a crap car.  They even made the thermostat housing out of plastic.  You know – the thing that keeps the radiator fluid inside of your car that sits right next to the super hot engine.  Yay for using crappy plastic (*sarcasm*).

Lucky for my car, I don’t drive much.  My mechanic actually said those words last year when installing my new brake pads – he thinks my car sucks too.

It’s now 8 years old and still has less than 60,000 miles on it, so I will probably have it forever.  BUT, if I ever am completely set and have a little extra money to burn, I now know exactly what car I would get and how I would get it pimped out.

Side note – you should be laughing your butt off just picturing me saying “pimped”…if not, look at my picture to the right and imagine me saying that sentence again…it is honestly hilarious, trust me.

My Dream Car

Back on point, here is my idea of my dream car.

I would buy a 1-2 year old certified pre-owned, fully optioned, RED, Volkswagen Beetle.  I’d then pay to have it painted professionally with large black spots to make it a Lady Bug.  But I wouldn’t stop there…I’d then have the doors installed DeLorean-style so they’d open like wings.  Finally, I’d have hydraulics installed so I could “settle” after I parked.

Yep, I would want my car to remind people so much of a lady bug that they couldn’t stop giggling.  My dream car would make me smile every single time I saw it and hopefully would do the same for anybody else around too.  I think that is the perfect car – something to make me comfortable and happy while moving from Point A to Point B, and it can give a ton of smiles along the way.

Lady Bug
I’d want the spots bigger and have the DeLorean doors, but this is the general idea…


Cost Breakdown

I came up with this idea about a year ago, but I still can’t shake it.  I really do think I will own this car sometime before I am too old to drive.  It wouldn’t even cost all that much in the big scheme of things.  A certified pre-owned 1-2 year old Beetle with all of the options is around $19,000 right now.  A great professional paint job would cost less than $1000 for big black spots and the hydraulics would run about $3000 or less.  The gull-wing doors could run about $5000 I think.  So overall, my dream car costs less than $30,000.  That’s doable in the next 20-30 years.  It’s low priority right now of course, but it’s definitely something I am aiming for.

What do you think?  Great idea or stupid as hell?  🙂  What’s your dream car?

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27 thoughts on “Go Ahead and Laugh…This Really is My Dream Car

  1. I think your dream car is cute! It would at least make my kids smile if they saw it. I think my dream car would be a minivan lol. I can’t wait to not have to stuff strollers, gear, and two kids plus a dog in a Honda Civic.

  2. I think I could help you install the doors for less. Once the doors are installed, then you could get the paint job, as they would need to be painted also. I would contribute the antennae, and you would need black wing lines running down the top of it and across the back, with some green and orange highlighting. Sounds adorable. Bet if you bought it from a private person, without the per-certification, you could do the whole thing for less than $25,000. Personally, I would not try to add hydraulics to a beetle. The frame just isn’t made for it and it would weigh it down sooo much, but I could help it make a buzzing sound whenever you wanted?
    Its either a 1964 Volvo or a Tesla for me, lol. I want the top-of-the-line Tesla. Just imagine, quietly being able to go from 0-60 faster than my Mitsubishi. Yep, I love speed over making others smile, but I love to drive. I used to own a 1964 Volvo, but had to sale it, sigh.

  3. You gave all the reasons why you shouldn’t do it. I didn’t realize a beetle is so expensive! I used to have several dream cars such as a BMW or Mercedes. I had both over the years and got it out of my system. Just remember, cars do not appreciate unless you get a classic or antique.

  4. I’ve seen a ladybug car, but not as high tech as the one you’re describing. And then the other day I saw a pink bug car with eyelashes on it!! it had these big thick eyelashes over the headlights, i loved it and thought it was so cute!

  5. I think it is cute! Plus, I couldn’t give you too much crap since my dream car since I was 5 was a camero that looking like Bumblebee in transformers. Preferably an older model, but anything will do.

  6. You gotta have a dream! And yours is a cutie! But even if the dream car may not be a priority, what should be a priority is getting rid of the crappy car and replacing it with something more reliable to carry you through until the ladybug can become reality. Yes, it will cost you some, but to keep repairing a crappy car when you could afford to swap it out for something that doesn’t need so much repairing seems wasteful. Not to mention the chance you take getting stranded somewhere. Just my two cents!

  7. My dream car is a 1950’s model chevy truck – with the large, bubbly fenders, wooden inlaid truck bed, matching wood sideboards, a large, three-window rear window, and shiny chrome. Of course, it wouldn’t be a truck I’d drive often, more of a show piece, but a girl and dream!

  8. Crystal, good thing I’ve been with you for a while, got to the words pimped out, and had to triple-check that you’re the author 🙂 You would definitely stand out and generate many smiles in your dream car. Beautiful dream though!!! Look forward to your posting the photos, whenever the dream materializes.

  9. I love the idea, but I also understand it may not be the most practical way to spend your money. So, when you get to a point in your life where you don’t have to be practical, then I say go ahead!

  10. @Mrs. Pop, I hate driving too but that’s what hubby is for, lol. I only drive for errands and stuff once in a while. 😀

    @Call Me, a Range Rover could be fun. 🙂

    @Michelle, thanks! Yeah, fun is the way to go!

    @TB, they would kick butt! What’s your dream car?

    @Jenny, it won’t be for a while and if I have a kid, even longer, lol.

    @Courtney, LOL, it’s amazing how dreams change based on current situations. 😀

    @retired, you may be right about the hydraulics…hmmm. Maybe big eyelashes on the front headlights instead like Newlyweds on a Budget described… This is a 10-20 year want, so I have time to get specific. 🙂

    @William, we’ll see how I feel once my next big goals are reached. 🙂

    @krantcents, I wouldn’t be worried about its value. I never really think about my car values since I always plan to drive them into the ground and sell them for a few thousand way down the road.

    @Newlyweds, I may sub those eyelashes for hydraulics if the Beetle isn’t made for them…

    @Lance, LOL, my husband would never drive it either…hehehe.

    @Emily, your friend is awesome! 🙂

    @KK, it’s sad that time passes so quickly. My grandma doesn’t drive anymore either.

    @Cassi, that would be awesome! Go Bumblebee!

    @Kim, I think so too.

    @Shovellicious, if I ever do this, I will definitely post the pictures. 😀

    @Zendelle, oh, I only highlighted the issues I’ve had. Overall, the thermostat housing and belts that have needed to be replaced have cost less than $900 total. The only other money I’ve put into it has been oil changes, new tires twice I think, and brake pads once. So less than $3000 total in maintenance and repairs in 8 years and it’s been spread out. Not too bad. My next repair will be new struts and a strut mount for about $500 but then I should be good to go for a while.

    @Cat, hahaha. I would drive mine all of the time just for the reactions. 🙂

    @Little House, I could totally picture you in that! 😀

    @Bridgette, HAHA! I told you all that would be funny. 😀

    @Betsy, exactly. 🙂

  11. OMG, my dream car for a long time was a VW beetle but painted GREEN like a Japanese Beetle. I love the hydraulics and wing doors. Maybe I’ll get the green one and you get the ladybugs and we can LAND near each other someday for a photo opp. Crack me up!

  12. I feel like It is going to cost you a little more than you think to do all of those modifications. If you want Gull-wind doors, they may have to re-enforce the frame on the roof so that it can handle the stress, because they’re not made for that. The fabrication needed to redo the doors would cause you to have the whole car repainted. The problem is that you cant just paint over clear coat, if you want the dots you would have to repaint the whole car i’m pretty sure. Custom paint jobs done professionally can run you up to 2k all the way to 5k. Hydraulics can actually hurt the suspension of your car and bend/ warp the frame. Don’t get me wrong, but you may be in for more than you’ve bargained. You may want to offset the cost by buying an older bug, maybe even a 60’s bug!

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