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Like the Little Changes? Go On, Take a Look Around…

Hey everybody!  Thanks for noticing the seasonal banners!  I’ll go back to the normal one between holidays, but October-December is my “feeling festive” time of the year.  :-)  Halloween dress-up, Thanksgiving food, and Christmas peacefulness…what’s not to love?!

Back on topic – I’ve spent some hours this week updating BFS and was hoping for some feedback.  Even negative feedback can be used to help this blog stay as awesome as you like it to be.  With that in mind, could you please answer these questions in the comments?

  • First question is the biggest, lol.  Did you even notice any changes this week?  :-)
  • What changes did you like or dislike?
  • Did you quickly notice the “New to BFS?” section in the sidebar?
  • If you read the “New to BFS?” page, should I add anything else?  How would you make it better?
  • Lastly, if you had a day to play with this site, what would you do?

Thanks in advance!  I’m attempting to make this place as welcoming as possible.  :-D

P.S.  You can now sign up to receive these daily BFS posts via email AND/OR the weekly newsletter by clicking here.  There is one signup form for each different email list.  I’ll figure out how to conglomerate them sometime, I’m sure.  :-)

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5 comments to Like the Little Changes? Go On, Take a Look Around…

  • retired

    Geeky? Nah, your site is just informal, friendly, and practical.

  • Curious

    I think your link under “New to BFS?” should be in blue or bolded. It’s easy to overlook in the present color (which is gray).

  • @retired, thanks!

    @Curious, how’s that? I changed it to a blue instead.

  • kim

    I wondered why I could finally see you again on my phone. Prior to this week, I would always get an error message unless I was on wifi. Yea for the changes.

  • retired

    I love the link in blue a lot better. Curious made a good call there. Now it matches your other links. I am going to go try reading this on all the devices in the house, see if the tablet works better than it was Wednesday.
    I am thinking I should get a profile photo, so I look like an official person, lol.