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Looking Forward to Our Next Cruise

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Before the summer started, Mr. BFS and I found a great summer cruise deal for August and told our friends. We were booked within 48 hours along with two of our friends that are also teachers. It will cost us about $2000 including everything since the tickets were $1550 by themselves along with trip insurance, but I’m looking forward to it quite a bit!

Carnival Cruises

The Itinerary

This cruise is on the same ship we were on in January 2014, but it has a different itinerary. We’ll be going to Isla Rotan, Belize, and Cozumel. That means that this will be our 5th cruise overall, this will be the first time that we are repeating a ship, but it’ll also be the first new itinerary since our 2nd cruise in 2010. I just like the balance of all of that. It makes me smile.

The Food

We definitely have our favorites when it comes to cruising. First and foremost, and I’m sure this says something about us, but the FOOD IS AMAZING. We truly enjoy the formal dinners every day – they are what we plan everything else around. We also enjoy all of the dining options available 24/7. Mr. BFS enjoys the pizza and hot tea, and I’m all about the deli sandwiches, burrito bars, and hot chocolate.

The Ports

I’m also happy that we’ll be landing in two completely new ports for us. I can’t wait to look around and we may be booking a few shore excursions. We have to spend our money very wisely this time around since we have tightened our overall budget, but I think the $450 we have left will stretch to cover at least one excursion and the required tips. In fact, that should leave us with at least $100.

The Entertainment

Mr. BFS and I truly enjoyed the close-up magic shows on the last cruise and the juggler we made friends with, Edge. We also got a kick out of the water park, the adult-only hammock and lounging area, and the putt-putt golf course. I personally can’t wait to get back to the suspended rope course either. That was so much fun. You just need to mentally picture a short, 30+ year old redhead racing around the 9-10 year olds and giggling like a maniac! 😉

Magician Barman Joins Us at Dinner
This is the close-up magician, Sourav Burman (aka Barman), when he stopped by our table at dinner during our last cruise. And yes, that is Mr. BFS on the right. 🙂

The Extras

That last $100 will probably be spent on a few small souvenirs and lost at some gambling in the onboard casino. I always spend about $20-$30 on little trinkets I find in the ports, and Mr. BFS usually loses about $100 gambling all week.  Although this time Mr. BFS will have a smaller gambling budget than normal, hahaha.

Overall, this trip should be a blast since it’s usually all about the company you keep. Our past cruises with friends have always been a hoot!

Do you have any fun vacations around the corner?

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8 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Our Next Cruise

  1. I think you will enjoy being on the same ship again. There is a certain familiarity that you have once you really know a ship’s layout. I’ve been on five cruises on three different ships (so repeated two of the ships once). But here is the funny part… all three ships were “sister ships” so they had identical layouts! By #5 I think I knew the ship better than half the crew! Haha! Now I joke that I can’t go on any more cruises because it would be too stressful to have to learn how to navigate a new ship. 🙂

    Have fun!

  2. I’ve actually never been on a cruise. I never thought I was interested in them, but I would like to try one out. You never know, maybe I’ll love it. What you’ve described does sound like fun. Belize would be gorgeous, and Cozumel is beautiful. Have a lot of fun! And how cool that you’ll be on the same ship as you were in 2010.

  3. We are going on our first cruise this summer, and I can’t wait! Your posts about cruising and Lance’s have really made me interested in going on one.

  4. WoW! We’ve never been on a cruise, but we are looking at that same exact 7 day cruise (Departure: Aug. 3rd out of Galveston? or the earlier one in late July)

    You are actually our inspiration for taking a cruise. Some great times you’ve posted about. This one just happens to be to some awesome destinations and beaches (and diving). (

    Lets see. Either Carlsbad Caverns, or this cruise(!), or go see the In-Laws. Hmmm, how will I choose …..

    We are going to River Walk and Natural Bridge Caverns this week tho’ … for a Mini-Vaca before Aug.

    Your trip sounds fantastic. I like the idea of everything being taken care of. (As Andy mentioned … I might email you for a few tips about what to expect, etc.)

    Happy Summertime! I’m ready to blow up some steam and step out of work for a much needed rest (rest? Ha!)

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