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Losing Weight – Slow But Optimistic

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Mr. BFS and I joined Weight Watchers Online again on January 12 as soon as we returned from our most recent cruise.  We had a huge first week with both of us losing 5-6 pounds, but then it just stopped.  The last two weeks have showed either no progress or 0.2 pound weight gains.  We’re still sticking to the program, but we aren’t used to it just pausing like this when we are behaving ourselves.

Eating Right…Mostly

I’ve been following the plan.  I am sticking to my assigned Weight Watcher points.  Even though I do use most of my weekly points (usually on Saturdays), I haven’t gone over my allowances or cheated at all.  The trick has been smaller portion sizes, which has always been my own problem with food.  I’ve also been using vegetable and fruits as my main snacks, which can be a little pricey during the winter, but yummy.  I’ve rediscovered a love for grapefruit.  They definitely remind me of my grandpa.  My husband and I also have been munching on Tanangelos – a delicious combo of tangerines and mandarin oranges.  Smaller portions and fruit…that’s my ticket to success.  🙂


Exercising Again

I am nearly always motivated to exercise when I change my diet for the better.  Luckily, this foray into weight loss hasn’t been any different.  Despite it being cold here (30’s-40’s as opposed to the 80’s-90’s like normal), I’ve been bundling up and walking 20-40 minutes at least two or three times a week.  I’ll pump that up to nearly daily as soon as the temperatures get above 60 degrees in the evening again.  I know that my cold-weather readers are mocking me right now, but there is definitely a reason I never have chosen to live places that is snows regularly.


Overall, I am satisfied with my current progress.  I’m at 161.6 pounds instead of 167.8 like when I started a few weeks ago.  I feel like eating healthier and walking regularly is worth it even if I don’t lose another ounce.  But I am hoping to lose many more ounces…specifically, at least 10 more pounds worth, lol.

How are you doing on your health goals?

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7 thoughts on “Losing Weight – Slow But Optimistic

  1. Started my training regimen for a marathon in October. I’ve run more consistently this week than I have in more than a month. It feels good. I did get a little scared last week when I rolled my ankle playing volleyball. Thankfully it was nothing serious and I have just a little residual soreness in my foot. The cold doesn’t bother me too much here in the Northeast. Just means I have to vary my layers. Snow and ice are a different story though. They have forced me onto the treadmill a couple times this week. Looking forward to Spring.

  2. @MikeS, we don’t get a lot of ice here, but I did find out how much it sucks last week. It froze overnight and I nearly fell trying to get the mail. I went back inside and decided to just wait for Houtson to unfreeze…

  3. Sometimes you have to wait for your metabolism to pick up. After you lose weight a few times your body decides you are trying to trick it, it becomes more efficient in using the calories. You may have to switch to vegetables instead of fruit fillers for a week. Increase exercise, eat maybe one or two fruit and fill up with cucumbers, squash, celery, lettuce with lemon juice, low starchy stuff. You can make a quart of dip with no fat yogurt, strained overnight in icebox, then spiced with either onion powder,cumin and dill or applesauce and cinnamon. Measure the dip and use it for one of your alltted amounts. I store the yogurt cheese in its washed original container.
    Corn and cooked peas can destroy a diet. Even some fruit are less diet-interfering than others. Also, grapefruit can have synergistic affects on medication and naturally occuring enzymes in other fruit and vegies. Could affect estrogen levels and other hormones. Limit them to 1 a day unless you are trying to increase some level they are known to affect. Google what grapefruit juice interacts with… although I ate 2 myself, yesterday.
    Congratulations on the weight loss. I bundle up and walk every other day, but this cold weather is making me crave high carbs right now, sigh. You doing better than I.

  4. Congrats on your progress so far! It’s awesome that you’re getting out there and walking in the HORRID cold weather -_- . I haven’t eaten a tangelo in years, but I rediscovered my love of tangerines about a year ago. Those and pomegranates are my favorite snack fruits.

  5. @retired, sadly I think you’re right and I am switching to carrots and celery instead of all of the citrus fruits. I did lose another half pound last week. 🙂

    @Tushar, “refreshing” is a great word for grapefruit!

    @Sher, it isn’t as horrid here, but I am proud. Pomegranates take too much time for me…I like faster-to-eat foods, lol.

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