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Mid-Year New Year’s Resolutions 2011 Update

More than half the year has gone by, so I think it’s time to check-in on my New Year’s Resolutions for 2011:

1.  Lose 20 pounds by the end of the year – I am aiming to weigh 150 pounds by December 31st.

I am down 30 pounds so far thanks to Weight Watchers Online and am weighing in at 146!  I am now aiming for 140 by December 31st.

2.  Volunteer for a charity at least twice a month – I seemed to have replaced charity time with blogging in 2010, oops.

I have not started this yet but am still aiming to hit this goal.  My plan is to deliver lunches for Meals on Wheels at least once a week when I quit my day job, which looks to be around September.

3.  Build up the emergency fund to at least $15,000 – right now it is at about $8200.

It is at $12,050 right now, so we are on target.  We are trying to contribute at least $500 or more every month.

4.  Max-out 2 Roth IRA’s for 2011.

We have maxed out one already and are on target to max out the second one if we continue to automatically contribute $300 a month.

5.  Pay off at least $8,000 of our mortgage principal – that means it needs to be at $60,000 or less by the end of the year. 

We refinanced our loan this year, which has helped us pay off principal even faster.  We are down to $64,600, so this goal should be obtainable!

6.  Make AT LEAST $15,000 through blogging – my true target is $25,000.

I have hit the $15,000 mark and am closing in on the $25,000 mark by the end of August if I have a couple of really good months.  So far, I have brought in about $18,000 from January to June 2011.

How are your New Year’s Resolutions treating you?

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