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Best of Money Carnival Carnival #149 – April Fool’s Edition

Welcome to the Best of Money Carnival – April Fool’s Edition. In honor of a pranky time of the year, I am including 10 April Fool’s gags for next year that I found on April Fool Zone.  I am not a fan myself, but I know entire groups of friends that try to one up each other every year.  Enjoy!

Editor’s Pick

Minor Accident

Put a note on your victim’s car that says “Sorry about the dent. Call me so we can swap insurance information.” Include a fake name and phone number. Be sure to hide nearby so you can watch them search in vain for the “dent.”

The rest of my Top 10 are in no particular order…

Keep Searching

Print out this word search puzzle and give it to your victim. It looks like a normal word search puzzle, but none of the words listed at the bottom of the page are actually in the puzzle. So your victim will search and search endlessly, until they pull their hair out in frustration. Wait until just the right moment to point out that the words “APRIL” and “FOOLS” are in the puzzle!

Sneaky Snow

Buy a can of fake snow. Early on April Fool’s Day, sneak outside and spray the fake snow around the edges of your victim’s bedroom window. Put some more on the ground wherever it will be visible from inside. Now wake up your victim and tell them it snowed during the night!

Pulling A Con

Is there a ceiling fan with an overhead light that your victim turns on using a pull cord? Trick them by substituting a fake pull cord attached to a cup of confetti balanced on top of the fan blade. Many fan cords detach which will make this easy to set up–otherwise use a substitute cord and tuck the real cord out of sight.

Hanky Painty

First scope out a local park, college, or other public area that has benches where people frequently sit. Note the color of the benches. Now find some paint that matches the color of the benches. Take some old clothes and paint stripes on the back of the clothes – make them look like you sat on a freshly-painted bench. Let the clothes dry, then put them on. Now go to the park. Tape a “Wet Paint” sign to the bench, then sit down with your back covering the sign so no one can see it. Wait for someone to come and sit next to you. When you are sure they are watching, stand up with your back showing and act upset that you just realized you sat in paint (point to the sign which is now visible). The person will freak out thinking they sat in paint!

Candle Caper

Take a candle, light it, and let it burn until some melted wax builds up. Blow out the flame, then set the candle on its side on some waxed paper, allowing the melted wax to drip into a puddle. Wait for it to harden, then remove the waxed paper. Now you can place the candle “mess” on something valuable–like your wife’s favorite coffee table!

Wild Flowers

Buy some fake but realistic-looking flowers from a craft store and “plant” them in your victim’s garden. They will be shocked to find they have a greener thumb than they thought!


Offer to make a sandwich for the victim. But don’t remove the wrapper from the slice of cheese. When they bite down they’ll get a chewy surprise.

Old News

Take a few pages from the inside of last week’s newspaper, and substitute them for today’s issue. (Sports pages work great, or comics–whatever is the victim’s favorite section!).

Chip Changed

Take a small bag of chips, and carefully open it by pulling apart the top, then remove the chips. Replace them with crackers, some other type of chip, or fake cardboard “chips.” Then glue the top back together and offer them to your victim.

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