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Money Lessons from “The Purge”

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I just finished watching “The Purge”, a psychological thriller set in the USA in 2022.  It’s premise is that we have a nearly utopian society because for 12 hours a year, we allow people to do whatever they want including murder – in fact, you are urged to purge.  The main family involved are rich suburbanites who usually lock themselves away for the night to wait it out.  But this year did not go as planned and they end up with a homeless guy taking refuge in their home.  The elite, spoiled brats hunting him come after him and the family.

The Purge

Money Lessons from “The Purge”

There is a little more plot and a couple of twists, but here are my main takeaways:

  • Don’t let money change who you are.  Money didn’t make the evil people evil in the movie – they were already like that.  But money did push the morally ambiguous over the edge in some cases.  Figure out what your moral compass is and stick to it no matter what circumstances you find yourself dunked in.  Remember that you always need to be able to look yourself in the mirror.
  • Money gives you options.  Anybody could and were killed in “The Purge”, but the less money someone had, the less protected that they were.  More money equaled a better security system, a better place to live in general, and a better selection and quantity of weapons.
  • If you sell something, make sure you have the best of it.  The main family’s husband sold security systems and had the same one as his neighbors.  Heck no!  My security system would be something no one else would be able to practice on year-round.
  • If you lived in this world, buy or rent a vacation home in another country that has The Purge on a different day.  Or learn to rough it out in the middle of nowhere for a few days.  Or rent a jet that stays in the air for 12+ hours.
  • If I had to stay at home, I would invest in booby traps, secret rooms, and panic rooms.

Overall, I spent the entire movie coming up with ways you could survive whether you had money or not.  But I also couldn’t help but note that having some resources is better than having no options at all.

My Main Conclusion

“The Purge” made me think a bit more than I had expected based on the trailers I saw a while ago.  It also made me very grateful about who and where I am right now.  I think my family, friends, and I could make it through most awful circumstances one way or another.  Our combined resources and personalities can handle quite a bit, plus there is safety in numbers.  Even though we don’t live in this exact movie society, life does throw curve balls.

Have you seen “The Purge”?  How would you handle a world like that?

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2 thoughts on “Money Lessons from “The Purge”

  1. Crystal, was this movie scary? Or gory? I thought it looked interesting based on previews but I am not a fan of movies that are too scary or gross.
    As for protecting yourself in this kind of situation, I had similar thoughts after reading a couple books recently – Light’s Out ( being one of them. Light’s out is about what happens after an EMP (One Second After is another good book along the same theme). There is much i think I could prep for in a world with no electricity, but the rapid decline of society is one thing I don’t think I could handle. In such a scenario society would get violent and barbaric very fast. I pray I never have to experience it. And I pray we never have to experience a ‘purge’ either (though i like the idea of the private jet that stays in the air for 12 hours!).

  2. @Denise, it had some spooky moments and a little gore (there was one stabbing scene that I just looked away from for a few seconds). But overall, it was a thriller, not a hack and slash. Yeah, I liked the jet idea too, especially if we each get our pilot’s license and don’t have to rely on anybody. 🙂

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