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My Car Battery Died and the AAA Replacement was Cheaper Than AutoZone!

I posted this on Facebook last Friday and figured I should share here too!!!  🙂

If you have AAA and your car battery needs to be replaced, it may be cheaper to go through AAA than doing it yourself at AutoZone or parts places like that!

Not a Great Morning

My car battery decided to call it quits on me overnight.  I called AAA for a jump since I was stuck in our garage and can’t easily jump my Fit with our Prius.  Plus, I was just truly hoping it was the battery and not my alternator or something.
The truck that AAA routed over arrived in about 30 minutes.  My battery tested as needing to be replaced even though it started after the jump (I was so happy it was “just” the battery).

AAA Wins

So what was the AAA price for replacing a battery that has a 3 year full warranty and an additional 3 year discounted warranty?  $136.14 total with everything.
What was AutoZone’s price for a 2013 Honda Fit battery with a 3 year warranty and additional 2 year discounted warranty? $169.99 plus taxes and a disposal fee.
So I saved $40-$50 by staying at home and letting someone else do work for me!  Woot!
Does it make up for the $136 a year we pay for AAA Plus membership? Nah, but we were spending that anyway because we love the peace of mind and the fact that we are covered even in someone else’s car (that lock out service and out of gas service have come in handy).  🙂
What sort of experiences have you had with AAA?

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2 thoughts on “My Car Battery Died and the AAA Replacement was Cheaper Than AutoZone!

  1. Yep. We had two batteries go out within a month (on two different cars).

    The first one my wife called a battery place while AAA was on the way and AAA was something like $30 cheaper (and they did it right there)!

    The second we already knew they were cheaper so it was a no-brainer — they replaced the battery in our garage.

    Interstate batteries as well — very nice!!!

  2. I had gotten locked out at work so I had my boss at the time call AAA and come open up my car door for free! Since then ive paid to unlock my car $60.00 bucks so it’s well worth it

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