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My Recent Bursts of Energy

So, I’m 13 weeks pregnant and am finally having a couple of days in a row where I’m nauseous occasionally but haven’t been throwing up.  Woot! 

Did I write several posts so I could finally not feel behind on the blogging?  Nope.  Did I try to grow the pet sitting business in some miraculous way?  Nope.  Did I find a path to world peace or do the million errands pregnant people need to do before a baby comes wailing out of me?  Nope.

I picked up my little downstairs domain of the house, assembled and decorated our Christmas tree, put up a few other decorations, sent out Christmas cards for the first time in years, cleaned the kitchen, and vacuumed the living room throw rug.  Oh, and I Amazon shopped for Christmas gifts (and am still not done) even though I am usually finished with Christmas shopping by Halloween.  Lastly I started binging on shows I DVR’d.

Did any of that really HAVE to happen?  Nope.  Well, maybe the Christmas shopping (and I’m still not done).

I’m not beating myself up about it though.  I’m scheduling in real time during the week to work on our businesses.  And when I get down to the deadlines of anything, I just tackle it whether I’m sick or not.  But when I get unexpected bursts of energy, I just go with the flow and do what sounds good at the time.  I feel like it helps the energy stay around longer…but it might just be another form of procrastination.  If so, at least my work area is clean for later.  😉

Do you always use extra energy for efficient purposes?  Or do you also putter around and just do what sounds good at the time?

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5 thoughts on “My Recent Bursts of Energy

  1. This is such great news :). It is happening and I also have the satisfaction of being right. I told this baby want to be around and to make mommy proud from the start. Don’t push the energy thing: you’ll need this later when baby grows more.

  2. You never do the most efficient things unless you are some Cyborg. That is why people hire other people to do things they just never seem to get to if they are not too cheap to do so, like me. You will get to most of it eventually. Keeping as busy as possible makes time go by faster and makes you feel accomplished. You do not need to notice every ache and strain. The baby stuff always gets done one way or another. And babies do not really care, they just want you to feed ’em, stare at them, clean the yucky stuff off, keep them dry, help them pass gas, and hold them. Everything is just too much and they get tired easily the first month or so. I would advise keeping as busy as possible and adding a month to the due date. When you really start gaining weight the last 8 weeks and the jelly bean is bouncing around you will just want it all over with, but hang in there. Patience generally pays off. As far as I can tell, you can not store up rest.

  3. I’m totally a cyborg. I do all the things I’m supposed to get done like paperwork and banking and all that first when I have a burst of energy because it’s the stuff I dwell on when I don’t have energy. But then I also squeeze in the recreational stuff too. I get A LOT done when I have some energy and it makes me happy, no matter what the stuff is.

  4. Heck No I try to fun stuff completely and wished I did something efficient instead later on. I will say when the weekends roll around I try to do laundry at least one of those days to get it out of the way. I’ve also been teaching my kids chores more about chores & responsibility since they are 9 & 10 to take the stress off of mom and have them help around our house a little more. Gives me less to do and stress about. Comes with a new stress of your not doing it right(my) way! LOL I say take advantage of any energy bursts while pregnant as much as you can without over extending yourself

  5. LOL! As I recall, in pregitude there is no genuine efficiency. There’s only going with the flow and grabbing opportunities as they come along…and as you feel like grabbing them. 🙂

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