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Need Reader Profiles

Hi again!  As of right this second, I don’t have a Reader Profile for Friday.  :-(  If any of you would be interested, please check out the guidelines at and send one over to budgetingfunstuff *at* gmail *dot* com.  Just remember that it needs to be in a blog post kind of format, not just bullet points of info.

If you have already participated, you are still more than welcome to submit an updated profile – we all love updates.  :-)  Thanks!!!

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3 comments to Need Reader Profiles

  • I’m afraid I already went. I suppose I could create a fake profile for Vlad Dussendorf, a professional bowler (cricket, not that gauche american drinking game) from Romania. He’s got a large collection of Soviet exchange ruble certificates he wants to swap for dollars, and has been cruising the financial blogsphere looking for someone who can help him.

    It might not make for a factual Friday, but it would be entertaining :)

  • @W, LOL! You can totally do that and I will give you credit for creativity in the bio. :-) For anyone who did a Reader Profile 3 or more months ago, they can also submit an updated one. We all love hearing back again. :-)

  • I’m in! I’ll write something and send it over (just as long as I don’t have to reveal too much!)