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New Jord Watch Just in Time for Spring – Contest and E Gift Code for You!

You all know I have a weird relationship with materialism.  I prefer cruises, travel, and experiences over buying new clothes, shoes, and stuff, BUT I do have my materialistic favorites.

I have had the same day-to-day leather jacket since I was 13 years old (yes, the cuffs are unraveling)…that’s more than 20 years in the same jacket.    Anybody who has met me in cool weather has probably seen my extremely-loved panda hat.  I also spend way too much on Dream Fit sheets every few years.  And I think Jord watches are an awesome wrist accessory.  I mean, they’re all wood and totally cool!

That said, I jumped at the chance to review the new men’s watch, specifically the Conway Series: Kosso and Midnight Blue, for my husband.

Jord did not let me down with their
Wooden Wristwatch

The Jord Conway Series

We were excited to open the box as soon as we returned from our cruise.  The shipping box was well packaged and labeled “Fragile”.

Jord Watch Packaging

The Jord watch box itself was classy and solid.  It protected the watch perfectly and even has a little drawer for extra links, the wood revitalizer they included, and a jewelry cloth.

Jord Watch First Opened

Jord Watch Accessories

The unique watch itself looks classy too!  The Conway with Kosso wood has detailed engravings and the watch face looks extremely sharp in midnight blue.  We thought it was cool that this series provides a thin, red hand so you can have a stop watch feature along with the basic clock face and date.  It’s also heavier than we expected (not uncomfortably heavy, but it is solid).

Jord Watch Face - Conway Kosso in Midnight Blue

Jord Watch Band - Conway Kosso in Midnight Blue

Jord Pros and Cons

My husband, Len, has worn his new Jord for the last two weeks and appreciates it.  We’re actually surprised that it’s selling for $229 right now…we had guessed about a hundred bucks higher.

Here was his honest list…


  • Very nice look
  • Has stopwatch feature
  • Has a second dial (rather than hand), but is often covered up
  • Clasp is easy to use and secure
  • Easily adjustable


  • Can pinch skin in band
  • Hard to see in dark
  • Have to update the date at the end of month if the current one doesn’t contain 31 days

Current E-Gift Code Contest for You!

Jord also has set up a contest just for you, my readers, for the next week!  The contest link is live now.  CLICK HERE TO ENTER.

When you enter through their custom entry form, you will be eligible to win a $100 e gift code once the contest is over…AND ALL THOSE WHO ENTER WILL RECEIVE A $25 E GIFT CODE!!!

You have until 11:59pm on March 5, 2017 to enter the contest.  Their system will automatically select a winner and everyone will be emailed their coupon code. The code will expire on April 30, 2017.

Check them out and let me know what you think!!!

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3 thoughts on “New Jord Watch Just in Time for Spring – Contest and E Gift Code for You!

  1. I am trying to lose weight so have been looking at fitness tracking watches. As we age we think about buy the GPS enabled watches so if we ever get lost we could call for help and someone could figure out where we are once they look up our location or we give them the coordinates. For that much money I could buy a pretty good tracking, GPS, sleep monitoring watch that would bully me into doing my exercise routine and be able to figure out where I snorkeled to when I lose sight of land, which I have done. Of course, I always pick out some landmark or boat and swim towards it, not sure why I forget to look at where I am going when I chase an eel or weird fish, but as I age I seem to do it more, sigh. I would like to be able to find alternative routes when I bike also. So I am going to pass on this neat wood watch offer and see if I can find a waterproof watch that keeps me anchored, lol. Cool box and watch though! Wonder if you have hairy arms if it would catch at the hairs?

  2. @Revanche, I totally hear you. Prioritization matters in everything, especially budgeting. 🙂

    @Carol, yeah, if you are interested in a Fit Bit, an old-fashioned watch with a modern look probably doesn’t fit the bill, lol.

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