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New Vet for the Win!

I wrote this post in 2011 – My Pug’s Bi-Annual Vet Visit.  Every 6 months, the doggy dermatologist was charging me about $185 just to run blood work and a pee test on Mr. Pug to make sure the daily steroids he has to take aren’t killing him super fast.  Well, after we moved last October, I found a closer vet and have started taking him there instead.  His blood work visit was earlier this week, and was actually cheaper, yay!

Bill in June 2011

Here was what I was being charged just for the bi-annual tests:

  • Exam Fee – $65.00
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal (seriously, they threw away a needle or something) – $6.00
  • Pre-Op Chemistry Screen (actual lab work) – $68.75
  • Urinalysis (actual lab work) – $42.75
  • GRAND TOTAL:  $182.50

Plus, that vet always found something that needed to be treated (like a minor skin infection or ear issue) that would cost me an additional $80-$100.  Happened every time.

Current Checkup Bill

  • Exam Fee – $42.59
  • Blood Work 1 – $55.72
  • Blood Work 2 (in lieu of urinalysis) – $27.85
  • GRAND TOTAL:  $126.16

Mr. Pug’s Update


Mr. Pug 2013
Mr. Pug is making sure nobody is heading to the kitchen without him knowing about it…

This vet was actually surprised about how great Mr. Pug looks for a dog that is inherently broken.  He did bring up that Mr. Pug is pre-arthritic but that there really isn’t any simple way to help him since he is allergic to glucosamine.  So we’re just going to watch it.  He also said that he needs at least a thorough dental cleaning and may need one tooth removed.  I decided to get all of that done in February when the vet has a $25 discount.  He agreed that should be fine.  🙂  That will probably run us around $200.

This vet also decided to try reducing the steroids to every other day instead of daily.  He wants me to monitor it for 2-4 weeks and see if Mr. Pug still looks good on less meds.  The fewer steroid pills, the better for my pup’s kidneys and overall lifespan.  But he may need the daily dose to stay healthy, so we’re going to watch and see.  If it works just as well, it also means spending $10 every 6 months instead of $20.  That’s not huge, but every little bit is nice.

Oh, and he told me that I was going well with keeping Mr. Pug in a healthy weight and his coat looked great.  Our last vet always made me feel like a crappy dog mom.  I’m much happier with this vet, and for getting a little credit for all of the stuff I have to do with Mr. Pug to keep him healthy.  I know I shouldn’t need a pat on the back, but daily meds, weekly baths with a special shampoo, and biweekly ear and face cleanings do wear me down sometimes.  Not to mention I have to watch him like a hawk even when he’s outside or he’ll eat non-vegetarian poop or something.  Overall, he’s pretty high maintenance even now, and it was nice to be given a little “good job”.  😀

How are your pets doing?  What do your vet bills look like?

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5 thoughts on “New Vet for the Win!

  1. Glad to hear Mr. Pug doing well. Hopefully on the next 2-4wks the lower dosage works out so that you can save and he can keep doing well. Its a great feeling to feel like you are being a great mom/dad to your pet. They are one of the family after all but some vets are mean and think that only they know how to care for an animal. My bills have been check and my Princess turns 6 this year. Only complaints would be the 70 in food we spend each month.

  2. Kitty PoP just went in for his annual exam and it was a bit more since he was due for his distemper vaccine (an extra $30 but it’s good for 3 years). Most years it’s about $100 once per year for exam, fecal analysis, rabies, and licensing. And he’s worth every penny.

    I like our vet, too. They always coo about how good and adorable Kitty PoP is. Even if they say it to everyone to make them feel better, I like how gentle they handle my little guy. =)

  3. Our vet bill in June killed our budget BUT we had the money set aside so our net worth took a bit of a hit, no biggie. We had his bits taken off, 3 teeth pulled, full teeth cleaning, blood tests, medications.. etc.. over $1200 but for the vet that was pretty good we thought. He hasn’t cost me anything and he’s 14 now so I thought I’d go all out for him to make sure he had a comfortable rest of his life. Pets are like family and cost money. I wrote a few posts in the past month all about it. Glad to hear all is well with your pet!

  4. @Thomas, yeah, the $55 16 pound bags of food for Mr. Pug sort of wear me down after a while, lol. Good luck with your Princess!

    @Mrs. Pop, awww, Kitty Pop is a lucky cat. 🙂

    @Mr. CBB, $1200, ouch. But glad we both have the money put aside for this kind of stuff! Lucky pets. 🙂

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