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New Year’s Resolutions 2013 – 4 Months Down, 8 to Go…

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With about a third of the year gone, I thought I should probably check in on our New Year’s resolutions for 2013.  So let’s see how we’ve done so far…

New Year’s Resolutions 2013

Here were the goals I set out at the end of 2012 for the new year:

  1. Pay off the rent house by December 31, 2013. It had about $23,500 to go.
  2. Max out both Roth IRA’s for 2012 by April 2013 (needed $8000).
  3. Max out both Roth IRA’s for 2013 by December 31, 2013 (needed $11,000).
  4. Budget appropriately for at least 3 vacations – a one week summer vacation, the Financial Blogger Conference again, and the Board Game Geek Board Gaming Conference again.
  5. Continue staying active. My specific goal here is to get off my butt at least 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes all year long. Since I don’t want to be able to fail by just having a bad week, I have decided that this means that I need to exercise a minimum of 12 times per month to stay on track (144 times or more over all of 2013).

Update as of April 17, 2013

Here is where I stand so far:

  1. We just paid off the rent house!!!  Woot!!!
  2. Max out both Roth IRA’s for 2012. DONE, yay!
  3. Max out both Roth IRA’s for 2013.  Just started saving for this again and hope to have it done by October.
  4. Budget appropriately for at least 3 vacations – I have started fun money savings again, but we aren’t much closer to being able to pay for all 3 yet. I think we’ll need about $3000 total and we have about $600 so far…
  5. Continue staying active. My specific goal here is to get off my butt at least 144 times or more over all of 2013. I did 7 in January, 14 in February, 3 in March, and once so far in April.  That’s 25 times so far, so I am way behind.  But there are about 256 days left.  Let’s see if I dig in…
Our Rent House - Now All Ours
*Doing the happy dance, doing the happy dance!*


Mixed Results

Okay, so that means that I’ve completed 2 of 5 of our resolutions so far. Yay!  And paying off the rent house was definitely the big one, so double woot!  On the other hand, the main one that I am sucking at is exercise.  I still need to really crack down on myself there.

The other two goals left are all about saving enough money, so that should be helped now that we only have one mortgage.  Plus we are trying to stay on top of all of our business stuff even more than usual, so hopefully that’ll speed up our savings too.  We’ll see.  🙂

How are you doing so far with your New Year’s resolutions?

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11 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions 2013 – 4 Months Down, 8 to Go…

  1. Just out of curiosity…why did you pay off the rent house? When we get a rental, I don’t plan on paying more than the mortgage in order to leverage my investment money most effectively. I’d rather buy a second rental than pay off the first.

    Now, the house I LIVE in is another story!

  2. Congrats on having a mortgage free property. Excercise can be difficult if you have a business and also a blog. Just jot down when you have down time during the day, set up a cell phone reminder for that time slot 3 times a week and you will increase the activity.

  3. Yay! You are doing awesome. It must feel amazing that your are still on track with your new years resolutions.

    I am trying to be more active too. I have been walking three times a week with my dads girlfriend and it makes me feel so much better and more energized!

  4. I am committed more to my writing and my stats improved, but not as much as last year. I am going to start looking at what I need to do to take it to the next level.

  5. Congratulations! I am a bit behind on my weight loss plans, but otherwise have done well on my resolutions. I did want to find land for a small farm and business, but land prices have sky rocketed. Thinking I will just garden in my backyard. So I planted fruit trees, started some formal rose beds and flowerbeds, have put in two fair sized above ground gardens (with tomatoes, tomatillos, squash, cucumbers, and herbs). Even re-did a bed with nothing but mints (chocolate, lemon, peppermint, spearmint, and pineapple.)
    I think I am doing fine, but like you, am planning on stepping up on the exercise and business plans. Our rental unit needs some work and we need to finish up the RV conversion we started. I need to get rid of a lot of stuff around here; and start using other things that has been forgotten. I am not sure I do resolutions, but I always have loads of projects. I do hope I complete some of them this year. Congratulations for completing so much of yours.
    @Jenny, leveraging is fine once you have a stockpile of ASSETS. Leveraging before you have resources can be a lot like gambling. Life is too complicated for one budget answer or one way to make sencse to everyone, as we all have different perspectives, different resources, and just plain different ways of thinking. I shudder whenever I hear “leveraging” because most of the great downturns in our economy occurs after that generation decided to leverage everything they owned. Business professors really push the notion. It is not for everyone and can devastate a struggling family.
    I would not have paid off the rental either, because I would have taken the rental expenses/income off as supplemental income. Then under that, I would have deducted the cost of the mortgage, along with all the other expenses. But I think Crystal has different circumstances. For one thing she bought a new home while being self employed, so her credit was a bit stretched. To shop for cheaper mortgages before mortgage rates go up in the next year or two, she wanted to pay off the rental unit to improve her credit. Now if she wants to get the cheapest mortgage out there she has that ability, I think. I am not Crystal, this is just my assumptions. Also, with one property with a rising evaluation paid off, she can buy another on credit easier.
    I think she is being wise, as it gives her security. Usually, it takes decades to get that type of security. Once she feels she has her finances where she wants them, then she can go out and find another good investment. I think this is a great plan that gives her the ability to “leverage” at any time she wishes in the future, while also giving a self-employed, budget-conscious person some peace of mind.
    Oh, and I love the fact you have to check a box that you are not a spammer. Made me smile. I never noticed that before.

  6. I think it’s so great you have one house paid. Such an inspiration!!! 🙂
    I was doing really well the first quarter of the year in regards to health and fitness. I’m noticing a lack of motivation. I have started to eat junk food again. Still keeping up with the workouts, but eating healthy is definitely hard…

  7. You got a plan and you are doing great in completing your list. You’ve done 2 already! Yay! You’ll get there. You will surely finish the list if you really want to. You can do it.

  8. @Jenny, there were two main reasons we paid it off. First, it only had about $22,000 to go since we had already been paying it off fast while we lived there. Secondly, its loan was at 4.5% while our current home’s is 4% even, so we wanted to pay off the higher interest rate one first. And we wanted to pay off debt in general for the reasons “retired” mentioned – stability and a better chance at a nice, lower rate when we try to refinance our current mortgage next year.

    And this hasn’t really slowed down any plans for a second rental property – that is still something we may look at in 2014 or 2015 as planned.

    @Rich Uncle El, good tip. 🙂

    @My Multiple Incomes, thank you!

    @Alexa, yeah, I need to find a walking buddy…

    @krantcents, good luck!

    @Mrs. Pop, money has always been easier for me than food…

    @retired, hope you bring some of that fruit over on one of your visits! 😀 Yummy. 🙂 And you were pretty spot on about our mortgage payoff reasoning.

    @Savvy Financial Latina, motivation is my down fall too. Good luck to us both!

    @KC, I’m going to really, really try, thanks!

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