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November 2010 Blog Statistics and Income Update

As I’ve been saying at Crystal Clear, I want to blog full time by 2012. To reach that goal, I need a bunch of traffic on all of my blogs. Specifically, I want 25,000 unique visitors a month at BFS by August 2011 and need to be making $25,000 a year total by the end of 2011. I figured the best way to keep my eye on the prize is to hit monthly targets.

Between that and the fact there seems to be major interest in the subject, I’m starting a new update around the 1st of every month of my blogging stats and income generated. I’ll also do a huge 1 year update at the end of every year and an anniversary update as well.

Here were my goals for November 2010 followed by the results (not as well as hoped :():

  • Alexa Ranking: 49,000 / 49,571 (Close)
  • Visits: 4150 / 2511 (OUCH)
  • Unique Visitors: 2150 / 1060 (DOUBLE-OUCH)
  • Pageviews: 8000 / 3,234  (TRIPLE-OUCH)
  • RSS subscribers: 200 / 219 (woot)
  • Twitter followers: 155 / 182 (woot again)
  • Traffic breakdown: 55% Referring Sites, 20% Direct Traffic, 24% Search Engines, 1% Other / 58.86% Referring Sites, 33.85% Direct Traffic, 7.29% Search Engines  (Sheesh)
  • November Income from BFS Advertising: $1000 / $838.31 (I’m Good With That, lol)
  • My goals for December:

  • Alexa Ranking: 49,000
  • Visits: 3000
  • Unique Visitors: 1200
  • Pageviews: 3600
  • RSS subscribers: 300
  • Twitter followers: 200
  • Traffic breakdown: 50% Referring Sites, 30% Direct Traffic, 20% Search Engines
  • Income from BFS: $1000
  • I’m not sure why my visitor numbers are down so much, but I truly hope it’s just because of the holidays.  Any questions, comments, or advice?

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    44 comments to November 2010 Blog Statistics and Income Update

    • The holidays pay a big part in traffic. Should pick up come Jan, don’t sweat too much about it! :)

    • A lot of people take thanksgiving week off from work, so it’s likely people were just out of town. I bet that accounts for at least 1/4 of it. Don’t forget your site was down a few times last month too.

    • Your stats looks great! I had a huge dip during the long weekend as well.

    • @Moneycone, thanks. I was really hoping it wasn’t me, lol.

      @First Gen, stupid Host Monster…ha, they’ve been dumped now. :-)

      @retirebyforty, sorry you took a dip too, but thanks for letting me know I’m not alone. :-)

    • You should not worry too much about it but if you want to know why (despite Thanksgiving) here are some clues: when are your traffic numbers down the most? Also, did you change anything during last month, either shorter/longer posts, a change in your frequency of writing, different subjects, different types of promotions, ads?? If none of that lead you to an answer, then it might just be a weaker month… Wish you good luck with your December’s goals. Keep up the good work!

    • @DoNotWait, thanks! My traffic was down across the board day-to-day. I don’t think my posts were very different from my norm, but I hope my readers will tell me if they noticed something they didn’t like. I added a few ads on my sidebr and footer, but that hasn’t ever changed anything before. I had 3 or 4 sponsored posts, but that is also the norm here. I don’t know.

      Hey readers, what’s annoying you about BFS? Or were you just on vacation? :-)

    • We’re just swamped at work. Our blog buffer is also way down. In about a week our posts are probably going to suck unless we get some time this weekend.

    • Wow- that income is great! :)

      I like how you set blogging goals for yourself. Best wishes for December!

    • @Nicole, ahh, yes, the end of a semester…no worries here! Good luck!

      @youngandthrifty, I’ve always set goals in my head, but these posted statistic updates are exciting because they get so many comments! I love the communication! Thanks for your good wishes!

    • My traffic was also down over the Holiday week. I think a lot of people were out of town or just not online.

      However, on Monday, my traffic spiked to a month high, so I think people will be catching back up!

    • @Robert, I’m going to try to ignore the huge decrease in my numbers until January. We’ll see how much they were skewed after the holidays, lol. :-)

    • Traffic, etc is going to vary throughout the year, I wouldn’t stress over it unless it becomes a trend! I think you’re doing great with your blogging, and always enjoy your posts.

    • You are absolutely KILLING it crystal! congrats on reaching some of your goals and getting closer and closer to full time blogging status! Have you thought about offering more services on your blog?

    • @Jackie, thanks! I always enjoy yours too. I know I don’t comment as much as I used to, sorry. I just run out of time nowadays, lol. But, I’ll always lurk, haha!

      @Jeff, thanks! Services like what?

    • I have found you can never predict what readers will like, and what they will hate. I did ok over the holidays, but probably because I was sick on the couch. So, I had time to comment everywhere, add people to twitter and facebook, and generally just had a blog fest.

      I don’t set blogging goals for myself yet because I don’t know what is realistic to expect. My traffic seems to have plateaued for right now, so I need to really think about the ‘next step’.

    • @Everyday Tips, you know me. I have no idea what is realistic either. I just set the goals to have targets to aim for…I don’t know if they are realistic or not, lol. :-)

    • You can do it! You’re doing a great job anyways. Just stay focused and motivated and you’ll get the numbers you’re looking for

    • That’s awesome that you made so much just online! And just via ads. I’m totally impressed. And jealous.

    • Considering writing for Adaptu? *sheepish grin*

    • @Crystal, nothing annoying to me! I like reading you. Focus on next month and I’m sure you’ll get your sweet numbers back! Cheers!

    • Can you look at visit day by day? I’m thinking there will be a huge Thanksgiving week drop.

    • Way to go! I have a feeling you’re gonna hit that target…

      How do you go about getting sponsored posts? and installing ads on your blog? I’d love a “how to” !

    • My numbers were down the last two weeks in Nov. It sounds from the comments so were other blogs. I’m curious how Dec. is going to shake out!

    • @FB, well, if it helps, it did take me 7 months to start making more than $500 a month, lol. Thanks for the envy though! It’s nice to know I’m accomplishing something. ;-)

      @Jenna, LOL. I will consider it in 2011 when I’m not this crazy busy, lol. :-)

      @DoNotWait, thanks!

      @Valerie, yep. Thanksgiving week was the lowest, but I lost visitors all month before that too. I’m still blaming the holidays though. ;-)

      @Newlyweds, the sponsored posts are usually from advertisers that contact me directly. I also get some ads directly via email contacts or through Yakezie referrals. I add them to my sidebars using html coding in a tect widget box. Email me any specific questions and I’ll help as much as I can!

      @Molly, I’m looking forward to seeing the Dec numbers too!

    • I wouldn’t worry too much, Crystal. Just keep doing what you are doing and the traffic will take care of itself. :-)

      Keep up the great work!


      Len Penzo dot Com

    • Fox


      Love your monthly goals and stats. Don’t be discouraged by the stats. It is the holiday season, lots of people go aways, are busy shopping and planning their holidays. Come 2011, I am sure it will pickup as people slowly get back to regular routines. Your goals are pretty reasonable and seem realistic. I am glad to see you are working towards becoming a fulltime blogger. That is a goal of mine as well, but I am much too new. Slowly tho, one day I hope it happens. Stories likes yours are truly inspiring.


    • @Fox, thanks so much! I hope my goals are realistic. I seem to be able to make huge steps in the right direction in “normal” months but the holidays are indeed going to be slower. That’s okay. I celebrate too, so a little break in my huge push will be nice. :-)

      Good luck on your full time blogging goal too! If you ever want to guest post on BFS, just send a post my way. :-)

    • Crystal –

      Thanks again for sharing stats. I shared mine with you last time, this month I’ll summarize by saying again my monetezation pales in comparsion to yours! Great work! That’s really impressive stuff, actually. As for Squirrelers, I got 3,000+ visitors, but not the $$ (not even close!) or the alexa (115k) you’re getting. MoZ rank being prominent might help with the former. I wish I had more time during the day….

      What helped me with the visitors is the Giveaway contest. There was a stretch of high traffic, which may have helped in an otherwise down time near Thanksgiving. Now that the giveaway is over, traffic is back to normal levels, only just a touch higher. For your blog, I’ll bet it was the holidays that impacted traffic. We’re all too busy eating and/or being with family to do much else:)

    • Actually, correction – I just checked again, I had 2800 visitors, not 3000+. The visits were 3600+. Had them mixed up above:)

      Looking further, I had some pretty low volume days as well, pre-contest and post-contest. There were days with around 40 uniques, and that’s it. During the contest, it was higher, with one day at 300+. Weekdays seem better, weekends have much less traffic.

      It’s all good no matter what:)

    • Wow! You really rock! Don’t worry about the traffic drop – holidays, you know… people are busy shopping, decorating, cooking, attending parties… it will all come back soon.

    • Thanks for sharing! Typically, traffic is huge in the 1st quarter (for financial sites). It dips in summer. But it’s also lower during the holidays. Best of luck on your goals!

    • @Squirrelers, you know, I still haven’t done a giveaway yet. I think I’ll do one on my blogoversary in February. :-) I’m glad yours went so well!

      @Aloysa, thanks. I do hope January brings everyone back to the blogosphere. :-)

      @The Digerati Life, I’m glad people are enjoying the breakdowns. Thanks for the insight.

    • All the comments seem to reflect that web traffic can be uneven, and it’s best to focus on the bigger picture. I know it’s that way on my site. You’re way ahead of many bloggers by earning something rather than nothing! While it’s great to have goals and projections, they are just estimates. Don’t beat yourself up over not meeting estimates. :)

    • @The Silver Purse, I agree. I make these goals to spur myself on, so don’t worry, I will not let them hold me back. :-) Thanks for your support! Good luck with your blog goals too!

    • I am perfectly happy to see ads on your site, especially if you keep divulging how much they earn you each month! (That way we can all get a better idea for what’s possible!)

    • @Kellen, I hadn’t thought about it that way! My fellow bloggers should salivate every time they see a new link pop up, lol. :-) I like the way you think! And yes, I will divulge my monthly stats as long as it stays popular. :-)

    • Keep up the great job Crystal! You have a wonderful blog and you’re definitely going in the right direction with setting reasonable goals.

    • Hi – very good web site you have made. I enjoyed reading this posting. I did want to issue a comment to tell you that the design of this site is very aesthetically sweet.

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