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The Old, Crazy Woman Next Door – Yep, Sounds Like Me…

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I was watching “Love It or List It, Too” on HGTV (it’s less mel0dramatic than the original), and the older couple was considering downsizing.  I just thought about our recent upsizing and how much I like the extra room right now, but then I put myself in older shoes.

Older Crystal

I first imagined myself in my 40’s and 50’s with the arthritis that runs in the family starting to act up.  Our home’s stairs would hopefully still be very doable for us, but over-the-counter pain relievers may start being part of my morning routine somewhere in there.  I would hope Mr. BFS and I would retire within that period too (and both still be very much alive), so we will probably be traveling even more than now or finding day-time hobbies to help fill our extra hours.  I hope my wrists or voice software would allow me to continue to blog or do whatever that sort of thing is by then.

Our home’s size would probably not be an issue yet at this point.  If we have kids, they would hopefully be out of the house by our mid-50’s.  We may update stuff by then since our tastes now will not be our tastes forever.  Knowing us, we’ll probably still have a dog or two as well.

In short, unless something huge happens within the next 20-30 years, we could still be in our house.

Oldest Crystal

Then I started thinking about my 70’s and above (assuming I make it that far like my older family members).  My energy might be severely drained by then, walking will be a bit harder, and I better have stayed in shape somewhat the 40-50 years between now and then or our stairs will completely suck.  Statistically, Mr. BFS may check out of this world before I do, so I may have some years to handle alone.  Or he might.

In regards to our house, we could either downsize or start making renovations to make our two-story home more geriatric-friendly.  Downsizing could mean having some extra money in the bank if we need it as long as our new place costs less than what we sell this one for, BUT we’d probably sell our rental property before we sell our current home.  Renovations may include one of those motorized stair-chairs.  If either one of us ends up in a wheelchair, then we’d need to move.  The doorways to the bathrooms are just too narrow here.  I guess that’ll motivate us to stay out of a wheelchair as long as physically possible.

How Age Makes Me Feel

Thinking of getting older makes me smile and cringe at the same time.  I want to see what happens between now and then, but I don’t look forward to my body deteriorating.  I really hope my mind doesn’t wear down as quickly too, but I know I won’t be as fast as I would hope.  I see it with pretty much everyone I talk to that is over 75 years old…they’re mind is churning out the thoughts most of the time, but their mouths take longer forming the words.  Or they lose the thought before they complete it.  I don’t look forward to that part.

But I plan on embracing the old stereotype as I fall into it.  I would love to be that old, crazy woman next door that makes others laugh and appreciate their youth while they have it.  I will totally use my advanced age to say whatever I want…it could be fun.  Believe it or not, I actually filter myself a bit right now.  It’s overrated.  🙂

Do you ever think of yourself down the road?  What does that picture look like for you?

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4 thoughts on “The Old, Crazy Woman Next Door – Yep, Sounds Like Me…

  1. I had a chat with my future old self in a dream. And he told me to stay fit & to take care of his health or he would kick my ass. So I’m trying to do more sports & eat better.
    I would better be poor in perfect health than the opposite (but staying in good shape is anyway avoiding a lot of healthcare cost so that’s a win-win :))

  2. I am boring and practical (and did I mention boring) so I actually had this conversation with myself when I was making the decision to build my house. I wanted a house big enough to accommodate a husband and 1-2 kids should my life lead in that direction, but small enough I could manage on my own now and years from now and not feel like it is too big and lonely. I also wanted one that I knew I could afford to pay off ASAP (accomplished in less than 5 years – yay!). What I ended up with was a 2100 square foot house with another 1000 or so square feet in the basement that can also be finished. But what makes the space nice is that in addition to finishing the basement, I have three bedrooms plus a loft and the lost would make a great ‘extra family room’ if my family grows. If I become immobile I will have to move but, frankly, if it comes to that I will likely want a condo with no yard work, anyway. All in all, I plan to live where I do for a long time.

  3. I had a great aunt who was the crazy lady next door. She dressed up for Halloween and made her house a haunted playground for trick or treaters. She also used to carry a mason jar filled with water. We lived in KY, so moonshine was popular. She would hold it like she was drinking it so the cops would pull her over and she could show them it was just water. She did crazy stuff like that all the time. I do miss her!

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