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Welcome to Our New Foster Dog, Dale!

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Daisy has settled in super well with her new family, so Mr. BFS and I have been matched with a foster again. Everyone, meet Dale! He’s 12-18 months old, 50-ish pounds, sweet to everyone, and hasn’t eaten Mr. Pug despite Mr. Pug’s best efforts.

He’s all smiles when he isn’t sleeping, LOL.


This is Dale in his normal state…

Dale’s Backstory

SMART Animal Rescue has many friends. One of them is a fellow rescuer named Leo. Leo and his wife added a/c and heat to their . . . → Read More: Welcome to Our New Foster Dog, Dale!

Our Sony Blu-Ray Player Crapped Out, Welcome Samsung!


In December 2012, we bought a “Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi”. It sucks. We want to bash it into a million pieces. We’ve had problems with it for about 6 months but now it is just useless.

Quick Death

It started with issues with its remote. So we replaced the batteries, and nope. We then thought it was the remote, so we bought a new one (exact same remote, brand, etc) and yet, still issues. Replaced the batteries, and again, no love. You have to be 3-4 feet away for it to work at all.

Then it refused to load Netflix unless it was rebooted. Now it can’t connect to anything like Netflix, YouTube, etc. That makes it nearly useless to us.

New Blu-Ray On the Way

We finally have called the death of the $100 piece of poop. I started looking for other options yesterday . . . → Read More: Our Sony Blu-Ray Player Crapped Out, Welcome Samsung!

Getting a Jump Start on Our 2014 Taxes


You know how I complained about looking up all of our deductions for 2013 since it was our first year to itemize deductions? Well, I won’t need to go through all of that again. I’ve started a few things to make next year WAY simpler.

Managing Taxes Year Round Spreadsheet for pet sitting income, costs, and mileage Spreadsheet for rental income, costs, and mileage Spreadsheet for medical costs including premiums, visits, prescriptions, etc. Spreadsheet for rescue fostering for costs and mileage Spreadsheet for Big Brothers Big Sisters costs and mileage. Also tracking what we do and how long we hang out for BBBS records. A separate envelope for each thing above to keep the receipts as we spend. Will continue tracking all of our expenses. Will continue keeping all tax documents, property tax receipts, and home insurance renewals in a folder of their own.

Pretty much, if a . . . → Read More: Getting a Jump Start on Our 2014 Taxes

I Whine But Want to Help!


My biggest complaints in the last couple of weeks have been that I am not sleeping enough and my back aches. Pet sitting has a little break right now and I’m catching up on sleep, which is helping my back. Hear that? I didn’t get enough sleep and my back aches.

My Friends

Now, at the same time:

- A friend is dealing with a lifetime illness and a current issue that made her bedridden for weeks. – Another is dealing with a stalky ex who was abusive. – Another is dealing with an immature and vindictive ex and an aggressive child. – Another is dealing with a cheating spouse. – Another is getting official with receiving back child support. – Another is in the middle of law problems thanks to a confused father-in-law and his evil family. – Another has been having debilitating headaches for years. – Another . . . → Read More: I Whine But Want to Help!

Daisy Adopted – New Foster in the Works!


After talking it over with Mr. BFS and weighing the pros and cons, we decided to let go of Daisy. A super nice family adopted her last Saturday. :-D We’re happy for the family and Daisy, and we will remember the nice month that we had with her. Now we’re looking forward to the next foster that we’ll probably get this week.

Daisy’s Forever Family

The couple is sweet, seems to be in the 45-50 year old range, and has a 17 year old kid and a 10 year old Beagle mix. I feel great about the match since it is obvious that they’ll take great care of her and were ready for her little puppy issues. While the husband finished the adoption paperwork, the wife took care of buying Daisy a good kennel, the same food that she was eating with us, a travel dog . . . → Read More: Daisy Adopted – New Foster in the Works!

How to Spot Gambling Problems


Many of us love to have a flutter on the horses from time to time or play the lottery once a week, but when does gambling become too much? If you gamble every day or almost every day and for more than 10 minutes at a time then it’s likely that you have an addiction. If you think that you have a problem, educate yourself with the signs now so that you can put measures into place to stop before it is too late.

Signs that you have a gambling problem

You think about gambling all the time: when you aren’t gambling, it’s in your head and you’re thinking about when you can do it next. You can’t walk away: most people would go home with a smile on their face if their winnings were way up on the roulette. Problem gamblers literally feel incapable of leaving until every . . . → Read More: How to Spot Gambling Problems

$5100 Tax Refund – Oops and Yay!


We just did our taxes and found out that we overpaid by $5100! Oops and yay!

Itemizing was Finally Worth It

Self-employment has positives and negatives. The largest negative is that we pay the employer’s part of social security and Medicare taxes, which means that we hand over an additional 7.65% to the IRS along with our normal taxes, but blah, blah, blah. That’s definitely a first world problem. This post isn’t to whine.

Since our current home does rack up the mortgage interest, itemizing our deductions for 2013 was financially beneficial to us for the first time ever. Before this, the standard deduction was always higher for us. I know that having $17,000 in deductions isn’t actually a good thing since it means we spent more than before, but I’ll take the silver linings that I can get.

Why It Couldn’t Be Easily Avoided

Four . . . → Read More: $5100 Tax Refund – Oops and Yay!