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We Cut Cable…Now What?

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We finally pulled the plug on cable and our DVR’s. I don’t think we are experiencing the euphoria that everyone else seems to have when they do this…

Why We Cut Cable

There are 4 of us adults living here, so having cable with DVR’s was nice. We could all watch what we wanted in 3 different rooms. But we were with AT&T U-verse and they kept raising our rates. I would call and get the rates lowered, then they would sneak back up a few months later. . . . → Read More: We Cut Cable…Now What?

Does Private Health Insurance Cover me as soon as I buy the Policy?


Since the Affordable Care Act came into being not having private health insurance can lead to a fine if you don’t qualify for public healthcare. But when you purchase a health insurance policy how soon does coverage commence?

It’s understandable that you’ll want to be covered by your health insurance as soon as possible in case you should suffer any health problems. Health care can be extremely costly so you want to get the benefit of your premiums straight away. Find out more about specific coverage times on HBF’s health insurance policies by following this link, you can learn more about peace of mind for you & your family.

So if I buy a policy when does it start?

The health insurance market place was set up to give people a way of purchasing health insurance. It is open for a period each year to allow for purchase of . . . → Read More: Does Private Health Insurance Cover me as soon as I buy the Policy?

Yep, My Hair is Purple – Specifically, Manic Panic Ultra Violet


I finally did it. Well, technically my friends, Dee and Mandy, did it. My hair is now OMG purple. I LOVE IT!!!

The Dye Job

For anybody that hadn’t ever dyed their hair before, it’s an icky process best done with hard apple cider and your best friends. Dee had some extra Manic Panic in Ultra Violet temporary dye left, and I had some light-colored hair available for experimentation, so we decided to have a dye-job party last night!

Before Purple…

The Manic Panic Ultra Violet is a gooey substance and feels absolutely WEIRD when it’s being put into your hair. It then feels super slimy as you wash out the remainder after the 30 minute baking period, lol. Overall, EWWW, but I was having the time of my life bonding with my girls. Mandy and Dee tackled it with gusto and I did my job by turning . . . → Read More: Yep, My Hair is Purple – Specifically, Manic Panic Ultra Violet

August 2014 Cruise Cost Breakdown


I never turned on my phone last week on the cruise, so I don’t have any pictures for you yet. Oops. I’ll ask our friends to forward me the ones that they were able to take of all of us. Here’s my favorite cruise comic again though.

Our Cruise

Overall, it was another relaxing 7 day cruise to paradise. We sailed out of Galveston and hit Cozumel, Belize, and Isla Roatan. We ate like we’d never see food again, played games with our friends, slept in an interior room with a bunk bed and no natural light (our favorite way to see the sun is by choice), and laughed our butts off during the onboard comedy shows. Jaime Lissow and Cowboy Bill Martin were freaking HILARIOUS. Kudos to you two for being some amazing comics!!!

The Cost

This was our most expensive cruise of the last 12 . . . → Read More: August 2014 Cruise Cost Breakdown

Favor Regret and Hope for a Better Week


In my world, I’ve been dog walking a set of awesome pups in the 95 degree weather. I’m also currently doing my first pet sitting job only for guinea pigs. And we are pet sitting a few dogs for friends this week…not doing well there…

Pure Frustration

The two Dachshunds that we are watching for a friend right this second until Sunday night are driving me crazy though. I’m so sad and a little angry. I don’t want to be angry at a good friend, but these dogs are…well, crappy. The little lady keeps trying to chew up anything she can find. The little dude had back surgery a little while ago that was basically successful, but now he apparently can’t feel it when he is pooping. So he just walks around my house pooping and then trying to EAT it before I can get to it! EWWWW!!! They . . . → Read More: Favor Regret and Hope for a Better Week

How Do You Concentrate with Kids or Loud Pets?


I’m dog sitting two Dachshunds right now for a friend of ours. These dogs are LOUD! Tiny bodies but huge barks and they bark or howl frequently when they are in their kennel and think they are missing something. I secluded them into an upstairs guest bedroom right now.

But it did get me to thinking – how do you concentrate in a situation like this? I can’t concentrate at all when I am being stressed out. How do you accomplish anything with kids gabbing or dogs barking? I froze up completely before I moved the pups upstairs. Now I am wondering how parents can finish anything…



No Amazing Deals Lately in Cruise Ports


Thanks to amazing timing, a now empty vacation account, and friends and family who were available to journey along side us, Mr. BFS and I have been on 3 cruises in the last 12 months. This will probably never happen again, but we just found great deals late last August, this past January, and again last week. Altogether we spent about $4600 total for the both of us and have had 3 fantastic vacations. I’ll never regret the expense, which is a blessing for any of you who know how I am, LOL.

Deals No More

All of that said, what has happened to the haggling overseas? When we cruised a few years ago, I was able to haggle out lovely deals for souvenirs and art when we were in the ports. But these past cruises have all taken us to the same places, but haggling has died. The . . . → Read More: No Amazing Deals Lately in Cruise Ports