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Fugitive Stand Off in My Neighborhood!!!

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Last night was a bit tense. It’s not everyday that a fugitive chooses to hunker down in your neighborhood while surrounded by police and helicopters…

The Fugitive Situation

A man, now being identified but I won’t give him the benefit of having his name on my site, shot 7 people in a neighborhood near ours. One of his victims warned the police where he was heading next, and they stationed officers on that street since they didn’t have an exact address. Minutes later, he drove up, saw the cops, . . . → Read More: Fugitive Stand Off in My Neighborhood!!!

Just Started Using Checkout 51 – The Grocery App for Everybody! Really!


I’m not an avid coupon clipper. In fact, I sort of suck at maximizing store specials, buying seasonally, or any of the other methods that truly help keep grocery shopping cheap. My regular readers know that I’m not a classic “frugal blogger”. But I do like easy money.

My friend, Anne, told me about this phone app about a week ago, Checkout 51, and I’ve already earned $3.00 of free money. Really. The links in this post are my affiliate links, but I only signed up to be an affiliate after I’d been using this app and then noticed that I told 5 friends about it in 2 days, lol. This is a grocery store application that everybody can use. Let me explain…

How It Works

1. Download the app and sign up. 2. Shop like normal (all grocery stores or even places like Wal-Mart or Target) and keep . . . → Read More: Just Started Using Checkout 51 – The Grocery App for Everybody! Really!

I Do Gamble


I’ve always been money conscious, but I do realize that I don’t always treat my money the same. When Mr. BFS and I make just “enough” to pay our bills and save a little for our future, I seem to be able to cut out nearly all extra spending without it hurting much. But when we had barely anything or even when we had more than we needed, I was more of a risk taker and spender.

Online Poker

In college, my husband-to-be started playing poker online pretty regularly to make extra money. Then I started. Places like had specials like giving you $88 with no deposit needed, so we signed up with accounts at multiple places and played no limits nickel poker. After a few months, I had made about $100 and my future husband had actually lost money.


We live in Texas, but when . . . → Read More: I Do Gamble

Happy Fourth of July!!!


Happy Fourth of July to my American readers and Happy Random Friday to everybody!!!

My Life’s Organizational Tools


In one of the recent comments left in my newsletter giveaway post, Cynthia Richardson asked:

In a recent post you mentioned prioritizing, calendaring, lists, etc. to organize your busy life. Do you use any apps to help you with this or do you prefer paper-and-pen?

My Current Life Juggling Method

I use a little of everything, but no apps yet. Here’s the rundown of how I keep up with my life (my organizational tools):

1. Prioritize – Regular, scheduled events are my top priority – that includes a Monday dinner with a friend, a Monday evening online mastermind group, picking up my “Little Bro’” from the Big Brothers Big Sisters every Tuesday afternoon, and a once-a-month board gaming potluck. Pet sitting jobs come next. If a huge family or friend problem or event pops up, I work around it. But generally, it’s pet sitting gigs since they don’t take . . . → Read More: My Life’s Organizational Tools

Hey Regulars, What Have You Been Up To?!


The blogging community as a whole used to a hub of chatter, gossip, life updates, and online friendships. It’s still alive and kicking, but it seems a lot quieter now than it was in 2009-2011. How are all of you doing? I know life is amazingly busy for a lot of us, but specifically, what’s been going on? I miss chatting regularly with all of you!

My Summarized Life Update

Okay, so it’s mushy, but I love it.

To help catch anyone up on my end, I started Budgeting in the Fun Stuff (BFS) when I was 27 years old in February 2010. I’m now 31, still married to the same Mr. BFS, we now both work from home but still have our own side hustles too (reffing and pet sitting respectively), and we still live right outside of Houston, TX. Our income has fluctuated from $5000 a . . . → Read More: Hey Regulars, What Have You Been Up To?!

We Have a Winner! My Bridesmaid Dress Is On the Way!


I’m going to be a bridesmaid in August for my younger sister, yay! But that means that I need a dress. Earlier today, my roommate, Mandi, and I met my younger sister at David’s Bridal. We stalked our kill like the great huntresses that we are. ;-) And we found a winner!


If you remember, these were the ones I thought I liked the most:

The Winner

But we tried out 3 of the 4 of those (the ones they had). Specifically, I was able to try on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th ones if you look at them left to right. On me, they just weren’t very flattering. But all was not lost! I tried on 2 or 3 more and found it! Here’s the one we ended up ordering!

It looked elegant and awesome on my body type. Plus it is full length just . . . → Read More: We Have a Winner! My Bridesmaid Dress Is On the Way!