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Layaway Isn’t an Excuse to Spend More!

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I just had a conversation yesterday with a single mom I know with 4 kids. She isn’t struggling to survive anymore, but she hasn’t made it to middle class yet either. She was talking about buying an Xbox One and a Play Station 4 (PS4) for her kids for Christmas. I asked if she found them used on Craigslist or something. She replied:

No! I put them on layaway! It will be $1401. But I already put $400 or so towards it, so I’m almost there!


NOOOOOO!!! Why . . . → Read More: Layaway Isn’t an Excuse to Spend More!

My Coolest Business Cards Ever AND GIVEAWAY!!!


When Sarah from offered me plastic business cards to review and then mentioned a giveaway for my readers, I was hooked. I have been wanting new business cards to hand out at the Financial Blogger Conference for the last 2 years, but I still have 1000+ of the first ones I had made in 2011. I’ve been cheap and haven’t tossed away the old ones and splurged yet.

Sarah connected me with a designer, Nate, and I absolutely adore the design they came up with when I explained the info it needed and that I was a colorful person. Here’s what they made me:

The front is just so colorful! Who would have thought that I would just want my face on it?!

The back only has the very essential info. I realized that less is way more. I hopefully already made a great impression on . . . → Read More: My Coolest Business Cards Ever AND GIVEAWAY!!!

Do You Attend Your HOA Meetings?


I haven’t mentioned my home owner’s association (HOA) for a while. Nothing much has happened on that front for about a year, but it’s time for our annual meeting again.

My HOA Experiences

For anybody just joining BFS, my husband and I built our home in a neighborhood with an HOA. Let’s just say that the relationship didn’t get off on the right foot…or ever even find the right foot.

We started receiving violation letters about 4 months after moving in. Some letters were about parking in the street, which we stopped doing. A few were about maintenance stuff like our yard or small oil stains, which we also handled. One set was about having our friends living with us, which we all agreed to ignore. A couple weren’t actually for us at all.

One was for the wrong home (we weren’t building the patio in question). Another was . . . → Read More: Do You Attend Your HOA Meetings?

Our Stray Dog Has Been Adopted!


Two weeks and three days. That is how long it took to re-home that adorable, stray Shih Tzu that we took in on October 2, 2014.

Toby’s New Life

That cute puppy is now going to be spoiled rotten by a very sweet couple about an hour away from my house. I showed up to the adoption location 10 minutes early and they were already there. They greeted us with a “There he is!!!” They were also very welcoming to me, but the pup is definitely someone’s baby now. Yay!!!

Within thirty minutes, he was adopted and heading out with new balls, raw hides, a bright purple harness, a matching collar, and the many tags that declare him happily owned. I’m exuberant for him and hope he fits into their household smoothly for all of their sakes. I am so thankful that they have more time for him . . . → Read More: Our Stray Dog Has Been Adopted!

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life…


Okay, so I impressed myself yesterday. I was mature, responsible, and stayed positive. And that accomplished almost everything!

Water Damage Issue Semi-Resolved

I wrote earlier this week about our ceiling water issue and exploding oven. Well, yesterday we got a quote to have the ceiling repaired and the exhaust vent on the roof fixed once and for all to avoid “wind driven rain” damage in the future. I still think our home builder was negligent in installing a vent hood on a roof that is obviously intended for the side of a house, BUT it will all be fixed on Monday and that will feel great. Oh, and look what I’ve done in the meantime to take advantage of the situation a little…

Yep, I totally took down our art and put up giant fake spiders instead. It looks like they are returning home through the damage in . . . → Read More: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life…

How to Make a Yard Spider – Our Newest Halloween Addition


Despite our house issues, I did start decorating for Halloween last week. Yesterday and today became the big push though. I even went to Lowe’s to create a new addition to our Halloween decoration family…

The Giant Yard Spider

Meet Elspira – she makes me smile. Just finished her yesterday afternoon.

This is Elspira (pronounced like Elvira). She’s exactly as awesome as she looks. I got the idea from several places online like and made adjustments.

Here is how you can make a giant yard spider of your own.

Things to Gather Foam pipe covers (enough to make sixteen 2 foot parts) – $10 Eight 1/2 inch elbow socket pipe parts – $1.75 Black electrical tape – $3 Two Black plastic bags – $1 Filler (we used newspaper and a spare brick for the body) – $N/A Foam plate (or something to make the eyes and . . . → Read More: How to Make a Yard Spider – Our Newest Halloween Addition

Friends Are Priceless in More Than One Way


Friendship is emotionally priceless. It makes a bad day tolerable and turns fun events into stellar, life-long memories. It can also save you money.

The 2014 Texas Renaissance Festival

It’s that time of year again, and I accompanied my best buds to the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) on the opening weekend this past Sunday. It ended up being a rainy day for the first couple of hours, but the last 3-4 hours were clear and much drier. I also noticed one other, giant difference. I was comfortable the entire day!

My friend and house mate, Mandy, had replaced the super tight arm bands off of my usual Renaissance Festival dress with gold fabric she had left from a past project. Not only did my dress still look as awesome as ever, but it was comfortable for the whole day! No cut off blood supply, no red marks on . . . → Read More: Friends Are Priceless in More Than One Way