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How Much Do You Spend on Your Hair?

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Before this year, I spent about $40 or less per year on hair stuff. That included maybe 1-2 trims from a hair place and my shampoo and conditioner. Now it’s much more, but I still seem to be behind compared to some. What do you think?

This was my hair in 2012.

Then I had all of my hair cut off in 2013…

Now it’s still short and I’ve spent 2014 playing with different colors…

My 2014 Hair Costs 5 Hair Cuts – $150 Paul Mitchell . . . → Read More: How Much Do You Spend on Your Hair?

The Budget Cuts Finally Happened…


I posted that we were making $500 in budget cuts in early June 2014, yet by September 2014, we had only cut cable. I had been procrastinating on switching to Ting wireless from Sprint. Well, here is how our monthly budget is looking now:

Our Current Monthly Budget Income Taxes – $2500 Home Mortgage – $990 Home Insurance/Property Taxes/HOA – $750 Rent House Home Insurance/Property Taxes – $300 Health Insurance – $275 $320 Car Insurance – $85 Gasoline – $200 Life Insurance – $30 Electricity – $150 Water – $50 Natural Gas – $40 Restaurants – $250 Groceries – $250 Cell Phones – $150 $75 Medicines – $20 Internet (DSL) – $55 Housekeeping – $175 $0 Lawn – $50 (average over the year) Netflix – $10 Hulu Plus – $10 Miscellaneous – $200 $150 Entertainment – $50 Cash – $100 Total Expenses = $6435 Monthly Income

Our total income . . . → Read More: The Budget Cuts Finally Happened…

Finally Switched to Ting!


There are referral links in this post, but I found out about that program after I already switched to Ting. Oh, and if you use one of these referral links to switch too, we both get $25 credits to our Ting accounts!

I’ve been mentioning it on and off, but we finally followed through on it. We switched to Ting wireless services from Sprint yesterday.

Why We Switched to Ting

It’s about the money, honey! We’ve been with Sprint for more than 10 years now. Until last year, I didn’t know of options like Ting and Republic Wireless, and I wasn’t interested in trying out the pay-as-you-go plans I do know about since we do use more than 500 minutes a month, 1500-2000 text messages, and lots of data. I knew the existence of options in a vague way, but I liked ours the best. We paid $150 a . . . → Read More: Finally Switched to Ting!

Still Want to Retire…


Four years ago, I posted a response to another blogger who wrote about wanting to go to work whether he had the money to retire or not. Thousandaire had asked the question below. He answered that he would want to keep going to work every day.

If you had millions in the bank, would you retire at 46? I don’t mean retire where you go work another job. I’m talking where you spend the rest of your life pursuing hobbies and spending time with family.

My Retirement Plans in 2010

Back in 2010, I responded with my retirement plans checklist (scroll down further) and these paragraphs:

I know a few people who define themselves through their jobs. I also know a couple of people who have found their dream job and enjoy waking up to it every morning. I do understand that those people may not want to retire . . . → Read More: Still Want to Retire…

Hoping for a New Furry Friend in the House


Yep, our home may be getting a new dog in it semi-permanently! Best of all for us right now, she wouldn’t actually be our responsibility.

Watching Missy

My hubby, myself, and my roommates have taken care of Missy for SMART Rescue before for about a week. She was the one who came with fleas but fit in really quickly. She was also the white dog on top of the humping pile I posted for laughs. Anyway, the rescue needed us to watch her again for a month since there was a small kitchen fire in the home she was staying in that needed to be repaired.

Yep, that’s her falling asleep with a raw hide in her mouth…

Missy and Her History

Missy is pure energy that conks out ONLY after an hour of heavy play at least once a day. That’s great since she actually plays . . . → Read More: Hoping for a New Furry Friend in the House

My Cheap but Awesome Tree Topper and Skirt


I started decorating for Christmas yesterday. My roommate, Mandy, was helping me and we kept talking about things as they came out of the box. That’s when she met my tree topper and skirt…

My Tree Topper and Skirt

Mandy saw me take Santa’s hat and a fitted sheet with a snowflake pattern out of the ornament box and looked a little quizzical.

I replied, “Oh yeah, that’s the Santa hat for the top of the tree and a fitted sheet for the tree skirt. I didn’t have a star or angel or skirt the first time I decorated this in my first apartment in 2004, so I stuck the hat up there and the fitted sheet down there. It’s been a tradition ever since.”

This is the same tree that I decorated growing up with my sisters. I love the Santa hat topper and the fitted sheet . . . → Read More: My Cheap but Awesome Tree Topper and Skirt

Whew! That Was Quite a Week!!!


I have a lot to catch you all up on! It’s not extremely finance-related, but it’s a bunch none-the-less.

Board Game Geek Convention 2014

The Board Game Geek Convention is an annual board gaming extravaganza in Dallas, TX. I usually spend the time socializing and playing social games like Reverse Charades. This year, I volunteered to be on Team Geek for the first time. From November 18-23, I was supposed to be volunteering a grand total of around 16-20 hours. I ended up volunteering about 35 hours. Oops. But it was fun and I’d do it again. I got to know some amazing people, was Cat Woman yet again for a day or two, and generally had an amazing time. Since we shared our hotel room, it ended up costing us about $600 total:

My husband’s ticket – $85 Hotel – $350 Gas – $25 Food – $150 Total . . . → Read More: Whew! That Was Quite a Week!!!