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Busy By My Own Design…and Whining Anyway

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Ever feel whiny even though life is good? I’m thisclose to throwing a 3 year old’s hissy fit, yet my online business is doing well, pet sitting is thriving, I spend time with friends, and I have the Financial Blogger Conference next week! Yet I feel stressed. Not just a little stressed, but like a whole body, I-just-want-to-crawl-back-into-bed stress…

Time Management Fail – First World Problems

I spent 2010-2012 making a habit of accomplishing what needs to be done by sacrificing free time and sleep time. But then late . . . → Read More: Busy By My Own Design…and Whining Anyway

Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting Update


I mention my pet sitting side hustle frequently, but haven’t written a thorough update post lately about Crystal’s Cozy Care. I saw this question left in my newsletter post this month from Leilani (thank you for subscribing and commenting!) and thought it would make a good lead in, LOL:

I also have a pet care hobby business and so far have to limit the jobs I accept because of my day job. I’m hoping to grow this hustle. Right now, I only accept cash and checks, but would eventually like to accept credit cards. So, my question: What type of payments do you accept for your pet sitting gigs?

Payment Methods

I started at the very end of February 2013 by accepting just cash and checks. But then I was asked about other methods in April 2014 so I started accepting Paypal. Finally, about 3 months after I started, . . . → Read More: Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting Update

Postpone Our Want List Again to Buy Another House?


Everybody wants something. I get that. Mr. BFS and I are no different. We’ve had an ongoing want list that we add to and subtract from for years. The problem is that we keep prioritizing other stuff, investments, and trips before some of the things that have been on the want list for as many years as we’ve had it.

Our Want List

Here are the things that we were specifically, consciously spending on this year…or so we planned:

Lasik – Mr. BFS has had glasses since elementary school and would like to move along now. He’s been putting it off for years only because of the small risk to his eyes, but he wants to pull it off this time. Media room furniture – We have a specific plan for 6-7 media room seats/recliners. But we keep putting off this purchase in favor of everything else. College . . . → Read More: Postpone Our Want List Again to Buy Another House?

I Might Be an Uber Driver Soon…


Have you heard about Uber yet? I read an article about a drunk guy using them exclusively in a classy part of Houston and keep seeing mentions about them around the web (like this guest post about being a driver at Budgets Are Sexy). It’s a virtual taxi service that connects drivers with passengers, handles the bills with the passengers, and then pays the drivers 80%. It’s super easy although a little pricey for the passengers. For the drivers, there is a bit more to handle…

Why I’m Interested

My ears perked up a little because:

It’s a pricey service and 80% seems like a great commission. My nearly new car is in great shape (see below). You only “go online” (log in to the app) when you want to work. I can’t find minimum requirements. They only keep drivers that stay well-rated overall. I already drive more than . . . → Read More: I Might Be an Uber Driver Soon…

Hair Dye Update – Goodbye Manic Panic and Hello N’rage!


Two weeks ago, I dyed my hair Manic Panic Ultra Violet. You may remember this picture:

Love at first sight. :-)

Manic Panic Ultra Violet Review

I loved my purple hair, but Manic Panic is truly a temporary dye. My friends slathered my hair up, used a hot blow dryer on it, covered my head with a plastic bag for 30 minutes, and then I rinsed it out until the water ran nearly clear. Then they did it again because they noticed some missed spots. In the end, it took 2.5 hours to get me purple-headed.

I loved the color but Manic Panic fades fast like it was designed to do. I have a blessed scalp and usually only need to wash my hair every 3 days. But I wanted to hold on to the color longer, so I waited nearly 6 full days before putting the shower . . . → Read More: Hair Dye Update – Goodbye Manic Panic and Hello N’rage!

Our Monthly Budget Update – Some Cuts Made


I posted that we were making $500 in budget cuts in early June 2014, yet they just started. It took us longer to cut cable than I had expected and now we are reviewing everything to make sure that we are content with our budget as it is now. Let’s see where we stand…

Our Current Monthly Budget Income Taxes – $2500 Home Mortgage – $990 Home Insurance/Property Taxes/HOA – $750 Rent House Home Insurance/Property Taxes – $300 Health Insurance – $275 Car Insurance – $85 Gasoline – $200 Life Insurance – $30 Electricity – $150 Water – $50 Natural Gas – $40 Restaurants – $250 Groceries – $250 Cell Phones – $150 Medicines – $20 Internet (DSL) – $55 Housekeeping – $175 (average over the year) Lawn – $50 (average over the year) Miscellaneous – $200 Entertainment – $50 Cash – $100 Total Expenses = $6670 Monthly Income . . . → Read More: Our Monthly Budget Update – Some Cuts Made

5 Tips on Making Your Master’s Degree Achievable


Earning a master’s degree is a huge accomplishment, both for your professional and personal life. You will be offered better opportunities and higher pay, and you’ll live with the satisfaction of knowing you accomplished something above and beyond what was required. For many, the opportunity to earn this degree feels like it’s just out of reach, but with some careful planning and hard work, it might be much more attainable than you think.

1. Find Scholarships

If you have a passion, hobby, or talent, there’s a good chance that someone is offering a scholarship for it. If you are already working, some scholarships reward those who stand out in their profession. Nurses are offered a variety of scholarships by some of the leading healthcare companies in the nation.

2. Look for the Best Schools

Image via Flickr by Beraldo Leal

There are many universities that offer the best . . . → Read More: 5 Tips on Making Your Master’s Degree Achievable