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Please Vote over at Free Money Finance’s March Money Madness 2013

Hi to all the readers visiting from FMF! Glad to see you!
Feel free to take a look around!

A quick summary of me as a personal finance blogger would be that I put a huge emphasis on prioritization and automatic savings plans. My husband and I are shooting to retire by our mid-forties and both work from home now on Crystal-For-Hire, so we live on a budget and save or invest any monthly extra. But we do budget in fun stuff too. :-)

For a quick view of my past posts, you can visit my archives. You can also look to the left-hand column to see my most popular posts from the last two months, or check out the right hand column for specific categories. If I had to pick a few posts just to give you some BFS flavor, they would be:

For anybody who didn’t come here from FMF, he hosts a March Money Madness contest for bloggers. Right now my post, My Husband is Now Working from Home with Me!!!, has made it into Round 1 on his site.

Please do me a huge favor by clicking over and typing in your vote (in case you are voting for me, please type in the word “Husband” in the comment section at FMF). Thanks so much!

For my regular readers – you can see my daily posts below still, thanks!!!


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