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Pole Dancing – Painful Fun!

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You read that correctly.  My friend, Dee, pointed out a Groupon for pole dancing fitness classes near my house, and I signed up along with her.  We attended our first class this week, and my arms and abs are still sore.  Overall, it is an EXCELLENT workout, but you may want to ease into it…

The Deal

The deal was honestly too good to pass up for me.  Dee and I had wanted to work out together this summer, and the Groupon was $49 for 10 pole dancing fitness classes about 15 minutes from my house.  I know my younger sister really enjoyed pole dancing classes as a student and teacher over the last few years, so I decided to give it a try too.  Dee and I also found out the first class is free, so really it ends up being $49 for 11 classes.  How cool is that?!

The Class

We showed up 10 minutes early for a noon class and learned that no one at this fitness studio does anything on time.  The doors weren’t even unlocked until 12:05.  The teacher showed up at 12:20.  But they let us stay for more than the designated hour, although we didn’t take them up on it since we were exhausted by then.

It started out with stretching and then we did the main, basic spin around the pole about 100 times.  I got that one down okay.  I ran into problems with “the fireman” – the second, basic turn that requires wrapping your legs around the pole.  It hurts to rub your sensitive skin on the metal pole quickly, so my body naturally tried to block my progress.  My poor foot took the majority of the hesitation damage.  I did eventually get that turn down okay too.

My Foot Post-Pole Dancing

The final main move that we practiced was a spin around the pole where you hold your legs out and push out from the pole with one hand while holding on with the other.  I liked this one, but my arms and abs hate me now.

Prepping for Next Week

I’m stretching every day to get my arms working well again.  I’m also walking a lot more to keep my legs in shape.  My foot is still bruised, but it’s mainly on the surface.  Found some more bruises on my shins and inner thighs, but that’s the nature of pole dancing apparently.

Girls and guys, do me a favor.  If you ever see a real pole dancer doing amazing tricks, tip in $5’s, not $1’s.  It’s WAY harder than it looks!

Have you ever tried pole dancing or anything unusual like that for fitness?  How did you like it?

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6 thoughts on “Pole Dancing – Painful Fun!

  1. I LOVE pole dancing. Unfortunately, I hurt my wrist and have struggled but it is how I lost a chunk of my weight. Best exercise ever. Just wait until you have to climb that pole and sit, the bruises between your thighs are horrifying. But your body gets used to it and the bruises go away. Best fun is going upside down.

    Have fun with it.

  2. @Marie, 5 times a week to the gym would definitely work too. 😉

    @Rebecca, I will. 🙂

    @Kylie, she asked us to try “just sitting” on the pole at the end of the last class. I gritted my teeth and did it. My friend, Dee, tried and then stopped trying. Later on, she explained that it felt like all of her inner thigh skin was being ripped off…

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