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Positivity and a “Can Do” Attitude Could Make You Rich!

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How do you motivate yourself to keep working when something has gone wrong or when others see more success? Here's my motivation. Pinning this for inspiration!

Do you read Budgets Are Sexy or Making Sense of Cents?  How about Smart Passive Income?  ESI Money or Money Boss?  I read them all, though less often than I should.  They are all at the top of their game. 

Shared Qualities of the Successful

Do you know what they have in common?  They are sincerely wonderful people.  I’ve met them.  They are awesome.  But more importantly for our class today, they’re positive people and are all more motivated than squirrels are for nuts. 

Yep, positivity and a “can do” attitude is what it takes…makes you gag, right? 

Well, suck it up.  I know for a fact that those two ingredients make the recipe for success.  How?  Because that’s how I grew BFS so quickly when I started in 2010 and how I’m growing Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting now.  Why am I not filthy rich and/or retired yet? 

Because I stopped being positive and motivated.  Well, at least not at all times.

My Little Detour

My main online business was centered on the world of link sales.  When a business wanted to rank higher in search results, they would pay bloggers to mention their business and link to it in their posts.  Then they’d rank higher thanks to the link juice.  I negotiated the deals between the businesses and the bloggers for a commission.  It was super profitable in 2011-2012.

Then Google changed its ranking algorithms, and link sales were decimated.  Not annihilated, but actually decimated…I started bringing in around 10% to 20% of what had become my norm.

Obviously, that was a pretty big glitch to my plans.  Not as obviously, it apparently kicked my ego’s ass too.  My optimism took a beating and my motivation belches out like bad engine backfires.

I’m Choosing Optimism, Dammit

Well, screw that.  It’s been a few years, I’ve created a successful pet sitting business with my occasional bursts of motivation, and I’m back to blogging out of the love for it.  No more pouting about future plans that were pooped on by Google.  My future is waiting for me to create it right now. 

How to Be Optimistic 

Okay, so this is fine and dandy if you are naturally a positive person, but how do you create a better mindset if you usually expect the worst?  

  • Surround yourself with optimists.  Good moods are contagious. 
  • Get busy.  If you are truly involved in something, you won’t have time to dwell. 
  • Fake it until you make it.  Just acting peppy and perky actually leads to you being peppier and perkier.  Wild, right?

Don’t believe optimism and persistence are all it takes to succeed?  That sounds pessimistic to me…  😉

FYI:  I worked at a dead end cubicle job from 2005-2011 for about $30,000 per year.  I went self-employed in July 2011 and make between $70,000-$90,000 through blogging, professional pet sitting, hubby's reffing, and our rental home.  If you’d like to start your own site (link to my free step-by-step guide), I highly suggest checking out Bluehost (my referral link with a nice discount for you, PLUS a free custom header banner from me!).  Please contact me any time at budgetingfunstuff*at*gmail*dot*com with questions or just to brainstorm! I’d love to help!
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8 thoughts on “Positivity and a “Can Do” Attitude Could Make You Rich!

  1. Go get ’em!!!

    You are doing great!!! You’ve kept the blog going and the pet sitting business is thriving! Ever consider writing an ebook on how to start/run a pet sitting business? 🙂

  2. I can’t count the number of times during performance reviews where my manager has mentioned my positive attitude. I am sure that has gone a long way in helping me during my career. People want to be around happy people. If you’re a sour puss, do you think you’re getting the best raise or bonus you can get?

  3. Can I just say that YOU are one of the people I totally admired for starting up and really making a job out of it? You may not be raking in the millions but you’ve done a hell of a lot more than many of us writing for free! 🙂

    I may not think that being optimistic IS the way to do it but it’s definitely a component we pessimists ignore. *cough*

  4. @ESI Money, yes, I’ve considered writing an eBook about starting and growing a pet sitting business, but I just didn’t enjoy writing my last eBooks…I’ve decided to concentrate on growing affiliate income here on BFS and growing Crystal’s Cozy Care in general and with new team members. I can only successfully concentrate on one or two big things at a time and those seem to be the best routes in each niche for me right now. 🙂 But if I ever write that eBook, I’ll send you a copy!

    @MikeS, good point. And yay for all your raises! 😉

    @Revanche, you are the most uplifting pessimist I know and love. Also, you should know that I’m totally jealous of your career success. 🙂

  5. There’s definitely something contagious about positivity. On those days when I feel down it seems like everything goes wrong but those days when I’m in a good mood it seems things just get better and better. I definitely naturally default to the more pessimistic side of things thanks to my upbringing but have been consciously trying to change my mindset.

  6. Very interesting your making more income than you did at your “traditional” job and that’s a win to me. also if you do have kids you will have so much more time with them and that’s very valuable. I just want to know what to write about so I can become a blogger myself lol! or get some online money for myself!

  7. @Nicole, yeah, my husband and I are going to make efforts to be more positive from here on out too. It just makes a huge difference. 🙂

    @Teinegurl, do you want to blog? Or just work from home in general? A pretty straight-forward way from working from home is to become a reseller on Ebay or Amazon. A lady in my neighborhood makes a really nice living…has a vanity plate that says “Amznqun”. I dog walked for her during busy seasons. She just had her first baby. 🙂

  8. I’m trying to be more optimistic now-a-days and it has started helping me a lot. I do agree with you on the point of surrounding yourself with positive people. There can be inspirational and you will never be down. in my opinion, learning new things can also spark a positive attitude. Along with being entertaining, it can help you gain some new ideas.

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