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Other Sites By Crystal

If you like what you see here, please check out my other sites! 

How I Make Money Blogging – My own personal finance blog about the ways I make money online and how you can too.

Crystal Clear Thoughts – My blog to cover the non-personal finance aspects of life like goal updates, challenges, and mind babble, lol.

Dog’s Life For Me – My pet blog to cover all the cuties like Miss Doxie and Mr. Pug that make our days happier…usually.  ;-)

Co-Owned Sites with Jesse Michelsen

Money in the 20s – A personal finance blog geared to 20-somethings.  It is about college finance and developing good money skills while still young..

Richly Reasonable – A personal finance site about living a modest and balanced financial life..

Go Be Rich – A personal finance site about taking charge of your financial and business life..

Dining Out Challenge – A personal finance and food site started about a family of 5’s goal to eat out for under $25 a week..

Smart Money Focus – A personal finance site about general personal finance and investing.

Modern Tightwad – A personal finance site that puts the stereotypical notion of a tightwad on its tush.

Co-Owned with John Miro

Married with Debt - A personal finance site about marriage and money.  Specifically, it covered John’s journey out of debt and now has posts about personal finance from John, me, and our staff writer, MikeS.

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