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Here are the companies and services I use and enjoy myself!



  • Bluehost – Cheap hosting and 24/7 customer support.  If you use my referral link, you’ll get an even lower price for all 12+ month plans than usual.  All of my secondary sites are with Bluehost and they’ve been great.  My primary site, this one, would have started with Bluehost if I had known about them in 2010.  I’ve used 3 inexpensive hosts since I started in 2010 and Bluehost has been the best.  Check out my free step-by-step guide to creating a blog if you’d like help as well.  Or contact me any time!

Services that Save Me BIG Money


  • Ting Wireless – Ting cut my monthly cell phone bill from $150 to an average of $75 without any noticeable differences at all to calling, texting, or data useage!  Plus, they have way better customer service than Sprint!  I created a free step-by-step guide to Ting for you too.  If you use my referral link, you’ll get a $25 credit for signing up.

    Amazon logo

  • Amazon Prime – Prime will get you their free 2 day shipping and access to their streaming shows and movies!  I’ve been a Prime member since their Beta version and look at Amazon first when pricing out any purchase.  If you click that referral link, you can try out Amazon Prime for free for 30 days.  Then it’s $99 for each year but free for students.

Netflix logo

  • Netflix – When we cut cable (before we got it back for our roommates), we used Netflix as our main source of tv shows and older movies.


  • Redbox – We use Redbox as our main source of movies since we love movies but hate theater pricing (we give in for our absolute favorites though).

Social Groups that Help Me in Every Way


  • Craigslist – An entrepreneur’s dream.  I get most of my pet sitting jobs from Craigslist.  I also use it to resell stuff I buy from


  • – A social media site like Facebook that is actually relevant to where you live.

My Favorite Companies


  • Aldi’s – Inexpensive but tasty groceries…and they are now accepting credit cards!  I like my rewards points.  🙂


  • Discover card – I’m a personal finance blogger that uses credit cards.  If you don’t carry a balance or spend more than you would have any way on them, I value the cash back.  I have had a Discover card since I was 19 years old and will have one as long as they are around.  Excellent customer service and great rewards programs.  Win-win!

Some of my recommendations have referral links and some don’t, but they are all companies I sincerely love and use myself.  I had them on this list before I had links. If you appreciate my site, please do me a favor and use my referral links if you are interested in any of these tools!

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