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Our Rent Home’s Air Conditioner is Back to Life

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The air conditioner in our rental property died Sunday afternoon.  Our friend and Mr. BFS figured out it was the capacitor.  I thought of a couple of options – finding the part ourselves online or hiring our normal a/c guy.  I didn’t want our tenant to suffer any longer than necessary, but I also didn’t want to pay an a/c guy for something that we can actually do.  Oh well.  🙂

Broken AC

A/C Success

Our normal a/c guy wasn’t working Sunday evening, but I tried again Monday morning.  He made it to the rental house by 12:30pm and the air conditioner was working yet again by 1pm.  It ended up costing $40 for the capacitor and $75 for the trip and labor fees.  We’re okay with $115 total but now know that we can replace it ourselves quickly if it happens again.

Third and Future Option

I thought of a third option for the future.  If we ever need to replace the capacitor again, I’ve decided that I’ll call around and find someone who sells the part here in Houston, TX.  That won’t take 2 days to get thanks to shipping, and Mr. BFS says he can have it installed in less than 20 minutes.  So we’d save $70-$80 overall.  Not too shabby.

Overall, this is a happy ending.  Our tenant isn’t melting anymore and one thing is off of my errands list.  Yep, that’s a win even at $115.

Any happy financial endings for you lately?  Let’s share good news!

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2 thoughts on “Our Rent Home’s Air Conditioner is Back to Life

  1. A 4th option for both summer heat and winter could – buy one of those portable air and heat units. IF the air or heat goes out you could plug this in for one room and get them at least manageable until help arrived. We have just recently completed hubby’s mancave and the spare bedroom downstairs and have made sure that if heat or air goes out we can survive in comfort with one of these units until the problem is fixed. AND if the electric goes out we have a generator that will keep it running as well.

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