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Reviewing Life Priorities for 2014

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I just turned 31 a few days ago.  🙂  My birthday always makes me want to review my life and make sure I’m generally moving in the direction intended.  I know nothing ever goes perfectly to plan, but I think it’s important to have a track in mind.  My first step has been to truly think about my overall life’s priorities.  Here is what I’ve come up with…it sounds simpler than it is, lol.


  • Connecting with Others
  • Growing as a Person
  • Early Financial Independence

So, those three little phrases seem to summarize all of my wants in life at this point.  When I wrote them down, I was pretty happy that it is a short list.  Then I realized that the main two points are ongoing.  That was only depressing for a few seconds…then I realized that I wouldn’t want to actually ever complete those steps.  I never want to be “done” connecting with people or growing as a person.  So it’s okay that they are forever.  🙂

As for making sure that I am on track, I started thinking about each goal individually.


For connecting with others, I’ve been trying to meet more people regularly and keep in touch with the people I already know.  I remind myself every few days to reach out to a friend or family member just to check in.  That sounds easy, but being in the house for days on end with work has a tendency to make me disappear from the real world until the weekends.  So making sure to say hi during the week is important.

It’s also important to get out of my own head and try to really tune into someone else.  All of my friends and family members have stuff that they are trying to handle right now too, so it’s important to remember to ask about it and see if I can help.  Selfishness is the death of relationships.


As far as personal growth is concerned, I am attempting to change a couple of aspects about myself that I don’t like.  First, I am trying to be more forgiving.  I am a lady that can hold a grudge, so I am trying to give the stupid ones up.  I’ve reconnected with a couple of people so far.  We’ll see just how much I can let go over the next year.  Of course, I still have a line, lol.  I do know there are at least a handful of people that I hope not to ever have to deal with again simply because they sucked the life out of life if you know what I mean.  Luckily, they were not family or anything, so it’ll be okay.

My second attempt is to take the stresses in life way less seriously.  People who can roll with the punches are always the ones you want to surround yourself with…I want to be one of those people.  Freaking out about every little broken thing or wanting to pout when life doesn’t go my way is wasting way too much of my precious time.  I’ve gotten much better at just handling stuff as it comes and hope I’ll be able to get even better at it in 2014.


To reach financial independence, my husband and I need to save significantly while also lowering our regular expenses.  Our rental property and our Roth IRA’s are solid starting points.  We also need to invest or save a little more.  We are currently putting away an additional 10% a month while we figure out the best way to use it.  We’ll either be opening a SEP IRA or buying another rental property within the next couple of years.  As for expenses, we will keep an eye on the ones that can be cut and hopefully pay off our current mortgage in way less than the 29 years it has left.

What are your overall life priorities?  Are you on track?

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7 thoughts on “Reviewing Life Priorities for 2014

  1. Wow, those are great goals! I’ve also been guilty of spending too much time in my own world and not connecting enough with others- I now have a recurring item on my to-do list- call a friend! I am hoping that this will help remind me and after while I will get better at it and not need to have it on the to-do list!

  2. I’ve been doing some reflecting on the relationships I have in my life as well…..and found that while I have my share of “friends,” I don’t have a really group of male friends. I really want to be a part of a wolfpack. LOL. I just had a b-day as well (12/28)….but I have a few years on you. 🙂

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