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Revisiting Old Fun

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I was sitting around zoning out on home shows yesterday and started daydreaming of all of the fun stuff that I’ve written about before that I have not done in a while.  I think I need to look into doing them again for sure.  🙂


This one was semi-recent since it happened in May of last year, and I will definitely be going again!  Geek fests like Comicpalooza are a ton of fun for people watching.  Plus, at last year’s Comicpalooza, I got to meet Kevin Sorbo and my friends and I had the most awesome picture ever drawn of us as we would be as Care Bears.  Seriously, it is my favorite piece of art because it’s  personal.

Friends as Care Bears
See the teal bear with the laptop on her tummy? That’s me, Blogger Bear, lol. My friend Ivy, aka Hippie MacGyver Bear, and I are being sneak attacked by our other friend Isabelle, Ninja Bonsai Bear. And yeah, she would totally do that just to freak us out, lol. 😀


This year’s is being held the last weekend of May and I had my ticket in March.  Sir Patrick Stewart will be fun to meet and I’m looking forward to dressing up somehow I think.  Maybe I’ll be a midget Darth Vader or a cute Ewok.  Or a character from the card game we have all been playing, Sentinels of the Multiverse.  I don’t know.  Anybody have a fantastic, but cheap geek costume idea?

Renaissance Festival

I also go to the Texas Renaissance Festival every year and I hope I can keep going until I can’t walk anymore…then I’ll probably get someone to wheel me there  🙂  Honestly, the atmosphere is amazing.  People are happy, everything looks amazing and old-fashioned, and the comedy shows are superb!  It’s just an addictive event for anybody with a sense of humor who likes to play pretend once in a while.  I’m looking forward to going again starting after Halloween.


I used to play bingo with a lady in my old neighborhood but then she moved away.  I picked it up again with friends a few years ago, but the smoke is just too hard to handle in the bingo halls in our area.  Driving to a smoke-free hall just sounds like work, so we have switched over to movie nights instead.  But I do miss the bingo thrill and eating the crappy concession stand food.  It was almost always a waste of about $20, but it was fun and affordable since I only went once a month or less.

Do you have an old fun that you have stopped?  Anything you can pick up again? 

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8 thoughts on “Revisiting Old Fun

  1. We use to go for long drives all the time to visit different cities. We haven’t done that in a while. That’s something I definitely want to get back into. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.

    I just booked a trip to Houston, TX to visit a friend who moved there a few years ago. I can’t wait! Although it’s too far to drive from Toronto, it’s still a new city I’ve never been too.

  2. Gotta ask Mr. B where we used to go play. He knows a fun bingo hall with no smoke and it’s a good cheap fun evening.

  3. Used to bicycle 14 miles three times a week. When I missed,I would double up the miles, for a neat 2-3 hour ride, stopping at my favorite Buc-ee’s for a drink and snack on the way home. Then I compound fractured my ankle when I took a sharp turn way to fast. Maybe I should get back on the bike again.
    We are into gardening. It isn’t too expensive. Lot cheaper than going to the movies every Friday (like we were doing).
    Used to keep up a web site, thinking about doing that instead of TV or Hulu at night. Its cheap and sort of brings out the creative side. It was not a blog, just a random web site.
    We used to go feed ducks, no we just watch the critters trying to eat everything in sight.
    Bingo is not that fun for me. I just get upset when I pay to lose money; and generally I lose. Maybe if I went with a friend, but I do no think so. I like to be actively involved in things. The Comicpalooza sounds fun; we go to most of the Repticons, just to see what is out there. Found a Groupon this last time and four of us went for the price of two. It was fun. Visited the San Jacinto Monument while we were in the area and had a blast.
    We used to travel cross country for Spring Break, mayb ewe will get to that once the van is finished. I guess anything you do to keep yourself active and puts a smile on your face is GOOD.

  4. I used to skydive, and I absolutely miss it. It is an expensive sport, but I used to pack parachutes for the dropzone to cover my jumps. It is a pretty terrible job, but I knew that I would be able to jump soon, so that made it much better.

  5. Fun. My husband is a comic book geek. Oh, if you could see the dozens of boxes in our spare room.

    We have the king richard’s fair here in the fall and I keep saying I will bring my kids and it always comes and goes and we don’t end up partaking. I will have to put it on our fun list this summer. I made a list at the beginning of last summer and it really helped me, plus it felt good crossing stuff off. I have this rule that you should use all your stuff at least once a year and we have a lot of sports stuff. WE got back into camping and rock climbing last year now that the kids can join us. It’s been great.

  6. The pic looks awesome! wasting money on bingo is okay as long as you don’t make a career out of it. Yeah, I know some people who do. Renaissance festivals on the other hand, now that’s exciting.

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