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Seriously, Grow a Sense of Humor

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Today’s post is venting.  Feel free to come back tomorrow for Happy Crystal again.  🙂

Stop Being a Baby!

I am freaking sick of some people right now!  Specifically, people that go out of their way to be offended.

Now I understand that some things are offensive – like calling a redhead a tampon if you are not Tim Minchin (seriously, click that for a really awesome song about prejudice).  But I could barely hold back a laugh while I wrote that, so obviously even that is not too offensive to me.  But I do concede that some things are just offensive, the way they are said are offensive, and that the people saying them are flat-out douches.  I will not argue that being offended is impossible.

But stop TRYING to be offended!  It’s stupid.  Here is what set me off…

Manatee Gray

Apparently, a gray dress at Target was being offered in “Dark Heather Gray” at some sizes, but “Manatee Gray” in the plus sizes.  Okay, so I laughed right off the bat, but a bunch of people were not amused.  But it wasn’t an intended offense.  Manatee Gray was a standard color in lots of other stuff too, not just plus sizes, but one group of marketers for the regular sizes picked one color name and the other marketing group picked the other.

BUT, even after Target apologized profusely, explained the mistake, and even all of the activists decided they didn’t really suck, there were hundreds of offended people threatening to boycott Target.  STOP LETTING PEOPLE OFFEND YOU THAT EASILY!!!

I am a 5’2″ woman who is chubby at my current 165 pounds.  At 180 pounds in 2010, I was fat.  I do not see “fat” as a derogatory term.  It was just a description of my roundness.  Whatever.  Thin, chubby, or fat, that whole situation should be HILARIOUS to you!  If it’s not, ouch.  If the term “Manatee Gray” makes you want to strike against Target , then you must spend a lot of time being very mad at the world.  I mean, if that little thing can really tick you off, what’s traffic like for you?  Or family reunions?  Or most comedy shows?  Or anything anybody says to customer service reps?  The world is filled with way more cutdowns than “Manatee Gray” and those are intended.

You're Too Easily Offended

Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean

I accidentally offend people a lot.  I usually say pretty much whatever pops into my head.  I would think that is a good thing since you always know where I stand.  No mysteries here.  BUT, I still seem to get misunderstood regularly.  It happens pretty often – someone will read into something I said and get really sad or angry.  Then I have to explain that I actually only meant what I said and sort of apologize.  Then I get mad or sad because I feel like I have to walk on eggshells not to piss people off.  That’s no way to live.  So here it is:

I MEAN WHAT I SAY and I SAY WHAT I MEAN.  Period.  Please don’t look for ways that I might be trying to make a dig.  I make my digs directly.  You’ll know.  I do not have the time to be passive-aggressive.  At least, not to anyone but family, lol.  I am sarcastic, but I try to make that really obvious.  That means that if you think I am fussing at you right now, nope.  This is a general vent meant for the world at large, nothing specific in mind except for the Target issue.  Promise.

What do you think?  Are people just looking for ways to be offended?  Do you ever wish everyone would just be way more transparent and then you could just use a sense of humor to handle most of the stupid stuff?

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18 thoughts on “Seriously, Grow a Sense of Humor

  1. My sister-in-law is famous for getting offended by just about anybody and anyone. As such, she’s pushed a lot of friends right out of her life over the years, and people have to walk on eggshells around her. I personally think that’s no way to live, and I’ll try to give people the benefit of the doubt if it comes up on whether someone was trying to be offensive. If it’s obvious, then yeah, but if it’s one of those ‘did they mean to offend me’, I’ll usually say no and move on, because it’s just not worth the time to sit and nitpick everybody to death.

  2. Nice timely rant 🙂

    Being slightly mifffed is one thing (and kind of understandable for some, I think), but the level of outrage some people had over this Manatee thing is simply beyond my way of thinking. Best to not get so worked up over perceived slights, especially when not intentional.

    I know someone who gets offended very easily, and makes a production out of it. I actually feel sorry for her, as she probably turns people away because of it!

  3. Yeah, I agree. People need to chill the he*l out. Just laugh. It’s okay. Manatee gray for plus sizes? Haha, that’s funny. Just like Skeletor White would be funny for skinny sizes. Haha! I always thought that “For Eyes” was a funny name for a glasses company, haha, because people with glasses are called four eyes!

    If we don’t all laugh, we’d all cry. So laugh. Just laugh.

  4. Crystal, I just started reading this blog and don’t know you that well but I freaking love you! This was exactly what I needed this morning after my mother couldn’t take her bullying thrown back at her. I am a redhead (who would prefer not to have the name tampon anything but hey), who does not have much of a filter and I certainly don’t play the passive aggressive games. Who has time for all that nonsense? People are such crybabies!

    I will admit however that I no longer wear much dark green after someone said I looked like a carrot. B*@ch 😉

  5. With all the media outlets, I think it is a question of filling space. How many people does it take to end up on the news? Perhaps just 3 people!

  6. I saw that news report over the weekend and couldn’t believe it! Especially because it said “1 person complained”. How is it possible that 1 person can complain about something so trivial but millions can complain about crappy customer service with airlines and shrinking seat sizes and no one does a darn thing!?

  7. Yes, I agree with all of this! Reminds me of all the hoopla last year over pink Lego’s aimed for girls. WTF? I have my pink Lego sets from the 80’s, it’s nothing new, or sexist, or forcing gender stereotypes. People are ridiculous these days.

  8. People who get so easily offended need to either get over it or fix what offends them. I’m sure no company in their right mind would intentionally try to offend plus sized people, so let it go. If you can’t laugh at yourself, life is really tough.

  9. I know someone who is similar to the sister-in-law that Money Beagle described in an earlier comment. This person gets easily offended, and the people in her life feel as though they need to walk on eggshells when they’re around her. That actually alienates her from others and damages her relationships. If you can’t be open and honest around your friends and family … well … that’s tough.

  10. @Money Beagle, yeah, people like your sister in law end up being really lonely…

    @Squirrelers, I could see how someone might say “ouch” and then laugh at the absurdity of it, but yeah, I didn’t understand the outrage.

    @TB, HAHAHA! I love Skeletor White…that should totally be a thing…

    @Anne, hehehe! Love a couple with a sense of humor!

    @Meghan, I emailed you yesterday, lol. Glad you found this post and enjoyed it! Buy more dark green outfits just as a scr*w you. 🙂

    @jesort4125, awwww, thanks!

    @Michelle, get over it – perfectly said. 🙂

    @krantcents, yeah, the web does make it easy to throw a fit…

    @Newlyweds, LOL and totally am with you. 🙂

    @Michelel, good point!

    @Mrs. Pop, I missed that but bet they made it as hilarious as usual!

    @Angella, ridiculous is the perfect term for it.

    @KK, you can here. This is a safe haven for those with a sense of humor. 😉

    @Kim, exactly!

    @Mary Anne, I actually think that walking on egg shells long-term is a good reason to distance yourself from an individual like that. You can be close and worried about what you say every second of every day at the same time.

  11. “Damn you Target… and Will Wheaton!!!” HA! 😉
    I think the Manatee (aka: Sea Cow?) isn’t exactly the best name for a color, but it obviously must sell.

    Are people just looking for ways to be offended?
    Sometimes you just got to wonder. I guess life is tough all over (for some).

    Truthfully, eggshells are meant to be cracked. And new life is supposed to emerge. If that doesn’t happen, I quite agree (and enjoy) distancing ones self from people like that. Not the kind of happy friendship that people like to cultivate. Most people.

    You know … there’s a saying:
    “True friends stab each other in the front!”

    I wonder if that Manatee color comes in boxers? (LOL)

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