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Settling in at Home – Pictures as Promised

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Okay, so sometimes you just have to listen to the people.  At least half a dozen of you that subscribe to my newsletter (see the right sidebar for that, lol), either commented in the latest giveaway or emailed me to remind me that you want to see more pictures of my house.  I assured everybody that it doesn’t look nearly as awesome as it did before we moved in, but I was overruled.

Here are some more pictures of our place now that we’ve settled in.  No judging on the organization, lol.  As I said before, life is too short to spend time ironing sheets (or making the bed apparently, hahaha).  I picked up a little for you though…there’s usually a couple of piles of coupons and stuff lying around.  😀

Oh, and for anybody that remembered that I was going to be a Chick-Fil-A mascot cow, here are two pictures of my latest gig with them too.  😉

Home Pictures

This is where we are most of the time, lol. We’ve done pretty well keeping the kitchen nice and clean. 🙂
Breakfast Area
Here’s the breakfast niche now that it’s all done. We use the table to board game mostly and eat along the island – that’s just how we geeks roll. 😉


Living Room
Here’s my main office and entertainment area…I have a desk upstairs but this is just around the corner from my room. Yep, I am that lazy…


Speaking of my room, we really need to hang all of the art we have around the house. We did about a third of it and just stopped. And yes, you do see two blankets on the bed. Hubby is a blanket hog, so we now each have our own. I still end up without one every once in a while…crazy man…


Master Bath
We went with blue…lots of dark blue…


Once our books were in (well, a lot of them), we filled in a lot of room with the random pictures and knick knacks we didn’t have a place for before…


Dining Room
Thanks to family (and their swapping of furniture), we have this room pretty much finished off, yay! The white cabinet in the back corner is actually our roommate’s pantry, lol. So it’s a temporary piece. 😉


Game Room
Here’s hubby’s favorite room, lol. He’s trying to convince me to go on a board game buying spree to help fill the shelves…


Cow Mascot Pictures (I’m the Elf Cow)

Chickfila Macot Cow
Yep, I’m the cute one on the right. 😉
Chickfila Cow Mascot
Hanging out at the mall…

So there you go, we haven’t completely messed up our home yet and I am indeed a cow.  😉  Thanks for asking – it’s sweet.  😀

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27 thoughts on “Settling in at Home – Pictures as Promised

  1. Oddly enough I had a dream a few nights ago that Dave and I rented a room in your new house! It didn’t look anything like your pictures but I remember being so confused in my dream because we live in Michigan and I didn’t know why we had moved. On a less awkward note, the house looks great! Love love LOVE the kitchen.

  2. Your house looks so big and roomy 😀 My apartment is only maybe half the size, feeling a bit jealous 😉 And nice cow costumes, you look udderly adorable :0)

  3. @Mrs. Pop, I applied for the position about 3 months ago and get called in everying 3-4 weeks. 🙂

    @Money Beagle, I’m sure you can change a room into a library as the house empties out.

    @charlotte, yeah, dusting sucks.

    @Shane, yep, that is hubby’s Hardy Boys and Goosebumps. I was the Nancy Drew, Babysitter’s Club, Boxcar Children, and Fear Street. We both loved Encyclopedia Brown. 😀

    @Call Me, thanks! This past Saturday was my fourth time as a cow. I started in late October. 🙂

    @Jessica, if my younger sister doesn’t want it long-term, you are more than welcome to rent out the spare bedroom upstairs, lol. I can’t explain why you moved to Texas either unless it was specifically because it’s too dang cold up north right now, hahaha.

    @Budget & the Beach, thank you!

    @Robert, awww, thanks. 🙂

    @Liquid, HAHA! You win best pun!

    @krantcents, yeah, at least you have better weather though. 😀 We just hope we aren’t blown away every time a new, huge hurricane comes along. So far, so good. 🙂

  4. I’m drooling over your bookshelves! I have this habit of getting a new one and then treating it almost like a challenge to fill it up! Too bad I’m almost out of spots to put them in my house.
    Also – we both have separate comforters, too! I think it’s excellent relationship advice to suggest two blankets.

  5. Your home looks amazing. I especially love your husbands room! I think you should give in and buy him more board games. I just bought my wife a custom monopoly set for our first anniversary – I got to name all the streets and customise the board! It is amazing 🙂

  6. @Anne, LOL, I am picturing marriage counselors all over the world seeing this and thinking “Ah, I just need to suggest two blankets!”. 😀

    @Lance, thank you!

    @Savvy Scot, hahaha…I’m glad he doesn’t read my blog. 😉 That sounds like an awesome Monopoly set!

    @Mel, really? Thanks! Our couches are actually 20 year old hand-me-downs from my parents. They were built solid and the leather holds up well with our pups, so we’re really happy with them. 🙂

    @Amanda, Happy Holidays! You’re huge home is dang sweet too!

    @Squirrelers, I do like it. 🙂 The cow gig was mainly my idea for paid exercise, hahaha.

  7. Wow! Looks great especially compared to your old house (I remember pictures from around Xmas a few years back)…

    Enjoy, you guys deserve it with how hard you work! 🙂

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