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Six Good Things

Jana Says and Surviving and Thriving have started a trend with posts about the half dozen good things happening in their lives.  Since complaining is easy, and I do a lot of it, I loved the idea of just being thankful.  Here are my six specific good things right now…

1. Our daughter is kicking me now!

I don’t have to use the fetal heart monitor every night to assure myself that our baby is chugging along.  Now I just have to lean over while sitting down.  That move squishes her apartment space and pisses her off, so I get a few solid kicks telling me to sit the hell up.  So not only is she kicking, but she is spunky like her momma.  I love it.

2. Upcoming Trips

Before I hit the waddling stage of pregnancy, I’m fitting in a few last trips without my own kid in tow.  That means getting to work out the details for a quick weekend adventure with my bestie, Dee, and my adopted niece via Airbnb.

Dee and I have used Airbnb twice already and it has been fantastic.  Once in 2016 to stay in a big RV at Canyon Lake so we could go river tubing.  The second time was in 2017 before she had her own daughter.  We had a relaxing getaway to a cabin overlooking a river.  It was magical at dusk while swimming surrounded by wildflower gardens and fireflies.  This time, I seem to be targeting relaxing spots with farm animals less than 3 hours away.

My trick so far to finding great Airbnb spots is to truly pay attention to the listings.  Great descriptions are a must with lots of pictures.  Great reviews are also a must with lots of info from past guests.  I read ever review of the places I’m most interested in.  Every review.  I don’t want any bad surprises.  If you are ever interested in trying them out out and use my Airbnb referral code, you’ll get $40 off your first booking of $75 or more.

That will be followed with a week-long trip to California to visit my blogging buddy, Revanche, and her family for half a week.  Then I’m hanging out with my uncle, and maybe will finally meet my cousin’s wife and little one.

My last plans are to work in a couple of shorter road-trips to see family.  All of this by the end of March.  I’m excited for all the hanging out and visiting, but wish me luck!  I’m guessing this travel bug of mine will be followed by nesting instincts but we’ll see!

3. I Have Help

I joined some mom-to-be groups on Facebook and hear heart-bruising stories of moms who get pretty much zero help from their significant others or friends and family.  I have ALL the support and then some.

I mean, I still feel alone occasionally when some nasty pregnancy symptom pops me in the face or I just need a nap (which ends up being way more often than I thought I would ever want a nap).  BUT that doesn’t keep me from knowing that I can ask for help at any moment and actually receive it.

My hubby has been helping every step of the way in whatever way I need – errand boy, snack and water provider, house maintainer, cat litter scooper, cuddler, listener, etc.  This sounds weird, but for anyone living with a pregnant lady, the absolute sweetest thing you can do is either use a different restroom to or keep the restroom you both use SUPER clean.  I love my husband more every time I need to run to puke because our toilet is immaculate and he does all his business upstairs in the guest bathroom.  Most thoughtful thing ever and I never suggested it…he just started doing it when I first started getting sick…

All of my friends and family have been there every step of the way too.  Heck, I mentioned I needed pants that fit now, and my mom and sisters took me on a maternity shopping trip and look pretty damn good in all of my new outfits.  I felt like the nursery clutter was going to smother me, and Dee and William are heading over this evening to help me organize it all.

When I feel overwhelmed, I usually can tamp down the panic by just sitting there and thinking about how lucky I really, truly am…then I reach out to one of those people who pop to mind.  I could not feel luckier.

4. We’re Good Financially

It hasn’t been the most profitable couple of years, but we have built a solid financial foundation and several streams of income up over the last decade.  We have 6+ months of cash saved up, our retirement accounts are chugging along, the rental home is solid and bringing in steady income, our online business is small but consistent, hubby is reffing 3 varsity sports a year (football, basketball, and softball), and the pet sitting business is growing slowly but steadily (exactly as I wanted – quick growth usually means something falls through the cracks).

Thanks to that padding and the multiple income streams, it looks like we’re going to stay financially fine this year despite having so much time focused on the baby.  I still regret not tackling things even harder these last 10 years to be financially free by now, but in the big scheme of things, I truly shouldn’t complain.  My husband and I will have several months or more of pure bonding-with-baby time and we won’t be broke at the end of the year because of it.  We done good.

5. Egg McMuffins

Yeah, I know.  That seems really specific and out of nowhere.  But seriously, since getting pregnant, Egg McMuffins have been the single food that I can eat whenever and be full and happy.  I’ve liked them forever, but now it has grown into something more, hehehe.

Crackers and Ginger Ale were big things in Weeks 7-13.  Fruits have been great but different ones will make me puke on different days…for example, bananas are great today but were no-go’s a month ago.  Breakfast tacos and donuts are craved at different times on different days.

BUT, Egg McMuffins have never done me wrong.  Except those few times there are tiny bits of eggshell that sneak through to the cooked egg…that is very sad indeed…but you get the point.

6. Laughter

I love humor.  I continue to love humor through loss, grief, and all of the emotional roller-coaster life stuff…laughter is indeed the best medicine for absolutely anything.  I think having a sense of humor makes everything better – the bad times don’t suck me down for as long and the good times get even better.

Now this does mean some people think I am weird as hell, because I will break out the dark humor at the oddest times.  But honestly, what better time do we need a little giggle?  Or at least that feeling that we are not alone, others have been here before us, and we’ll not only survive but thrive by the end.

It’s funny that I really am sometimes barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen making a sandwich.  See?  I bet you just smiled a little at least.

It’s also funny to yell “Stranger Danger!” and walk away like nothing just happened any time a random person tries to touch my belly.

And if anyone ever gives me grief about breast feeding in public, it’ll make me laugh to reply “You should see this shit when my husband gets hungry…”

See?  Laughter is awesome.  😀

FYI:  I worked at a dead end cubicle job from 2005-2011 for about $30,000 per year.  I went self-employed in July 2011 and make between $70,000-$90,000 through blogging, professional pet sitting, hubby's reffing, and our rental home.  If you’d like to start your own site (link to my free step-by-step guide), I highly suggest checking out Bluehost (my referral link with a nice discount for you, PLUS a free custom header banner from me!).  Please contact me any time at budgetingfunstuff*at*gmail*dot*com with questions or just to brainstorm! I’d love to help!
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11 thoughts on “Six Good Things

  1. Six good things? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday (I used to have to go in on Sunday mornings to get a report ready for Monday’s meeting with the CEO). Did I mention I was early retired and do not have to go in to work anymore?

  2. I side gig at five different consultant type things. It makes 100% of our expenses so my withdrawal rate has been zero for the first three years. I try to keep that at two days a week or less so it never feels like work. Mainly it is fun stuff I enjoy and very mentally challenging so I think it keeps my engineer brain tuned up. Plus every week I’m endurance running, playing tennis, volunteering at the local college, helping run a local charity foundation, and my wife(also a runner and tennis player) and I also hike, ski, fish and do off road vehicle riding. I am also involved with the state and local chambers of commerce and with my university on some advisory committees in my old engineering dept. Plus we have three grown out of town kids we try to keep up with. I haven’t had any boredom yet. I left Saturday’s off because everyone likes those!

  3. I don’t understand why some people get mad when we mothers feed our babies in public. What if they are really hungry? Screaming for milk and the breastfeeding room is located in third floor! Come on! I have seen an article before but I am not sure what was that all about but I saw a photo of a mom feeding her baby in a bathroom!!! That is so mean! The caption said that the other customers complain to the management about her showing her breasts in public. Note! They eat in a restaurant! Sorry for the long comment. Peace out!

  4. Great list. Glad things seem to be going well.

    I miss Jana. She used to write one of my all time favorite PF blogs ever, so I’ll have to give her non-PF blog a look.

    Hope all continues to go well. Best wishes.

  5. HAHA that breastfeeding one is funny as hell!! I breastfeed both of my kids and no one ever gave me hell about it. I even tried to pump at work but then milk would get everywhere and whenever I would hear a screaming baby any baby my boobs would start to leak!! haha even through the breast pads and two wet spots on my shirt!! haha I would just crack up laughing !!

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