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Slowly Strolling Down the Weight Loss Trail

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Mr. BFS and I joined Weight Watchers Online again on January 12, 2014 as soon as we returned from our most recent cruise. We had a huge first week with both of us losing 5-6 pounds, but then it really slowed down. BUT, I’ve only taken one week off out of the last nine, and I am still losing slowly but surely.

Following the Plan

I’ve continued to stick to the plan (except for the week I was pet sitting at someone else’s home…took that one off).  I’ve continued to make following the plan a weekly goal for my mastermind group.  You can check my buddies out at Fincon to Fincon.  It’s amazing what peer pressure can accomplish.  It helps even more than we now have to make weekly goals, and if we don’t stick to them, we have to pay $5 into a pot for a Fincon dinner.


My weekly goals nearly always includes having 10 WW points left at the end of each week.  My main goal overall is to never need to put any money into the joint account.  😀

Exercising Boost

My recent pet sitting gigs have meant walking.  I walked Buster 2-3 times a day all of last week, and now I am walking to a daily gig in my neighborhood.  I also start a 12 day contract today that includes 3 walks a day for a little terrier mix.  This increase in actual exercise has given me a little more energy, but I still need to get more sleep.

Getting Closer!

Overall, I am super happy with my current progress. I’m down to 157.2 pounds from the 167.8 I started at in January.  Woot!  It’s been slow, but consistent, which works great for me.

My new target is to reach 156 specifically by the end of March 2014 since that is 20 pounds lighter than my heaviest weight ever in late 2010.  I am aiming for 149 overall as my maintenance weight, but I don’t mind slowly getting there by the end of August 2014 if it means that I’ll be able to keep it off.

How are you doing on your health goals?


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5 thoughts on “Slowly Strolling Down the Weight Loss Trail

  1. I am doing a food diary and daily walks. Not really ,aking any progress, time to up the exercise and get serious on the diet. Congrats on your progress.

  2. Into week 7 of the marathon training, only 29 weeks to go. I’m actually running in a 5-mile race on Saturday. I’ve run the race before, so I’m hoping to beat my previous times. Congrats on sticking with it. Slow and steady wins the out. Maybe not for me on Saturday, but certainly in weight-loss.

  3. I stopped WW a while ago and am focusing more on eating to fuel my body (I wasn’t getting even 1200 calories on WW based on my points), so I’m basically eating where I should be for my weight, and as my body adjusts to that new calorie intake, I’ve gained about 3 lbs. Not much, but the goal is to find the number of calories that I need to maintain, and then reduce from there. It’s slow going, but my focus has been more on exercising and eating well rather that just eating the number of calories I can have. Congratulations on your loss!

  4. Hi Crystal,

    I like to hear stories like yours. One step at a time:)! I have also lost 10 pounds since the first of the year. I have about 15 more to go to get that body. I like how WW does customized fat loss so we lose smartly and reteach our bodies. I just read last night that when we lose weight we lose fat and muscle but when we gain weight we gain only fat. It really hit me so I am also adding daily exercises to make sure I gain lean muscle. I just do push-ups and sit-ups in front of my favorite TV shows and ride my bike every other day. Anyway good luck to you:)!!!

  5. @retired, thanks and good luck!

    @MikeS, hope you did great!

    @Mom @ 3, I eat a lot of “free” foods on WW like bananas and “power” foods that have low points but are hearty (like beans), so I definitely am getting enough calories, lol. I’ll track the last couple of weeks to make sure though. Good luck with your new plan!

    @Kevin, congrats on your 10 pounds! You can gain weight with muscle too, but yeah, “bad” weight is generally fat around your middle. Good luck to you too!

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