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Spanx and a Bargain Black Dress

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I don’t buy clothes very often.  In the last 2-3 years, I think I’ve spent less than $150 total on a few new blouses and jeans.  But a board gaming aquaintance passed away about 2 weeks ago and his memorial service was last Saturday.  I needed something to wear because I may not have known him well, but I knew the group as a whole was hurting and I should at least look appropriate.

Goodwill for the Win

I got very lucky.  Did you know that thrift stores like Goodwill have a ton of dresses along with everything else?  I actually had never paid attention to that, but thankfully a couple of my friends are avid thrift store shoppers and included me in an outing.  I picked out about 5 dresses to try on, but one black dress stood out above the others except it didn’t hide my tummy…so I looked a bit pregnant.  But for $9.99, I decided that I would be silly not to buy it and just find something to hold my tummy in (yay, Spanx!)…

Walmart for the Double Win

I may not be the most girly girl of them all, but I know that Spanx can cost a bundle.  Shapewear is expensive.  But my younger sister suggested I look for an off-brand at Walmart.  We ran over the Wednesday before the memorial service and tried on 4 different types of tummy-taming body shapers.  I learned two things about myself – I am way more vain than I thought and I actually love body hugging undergarments.  🙂

I ended up buying a piece that hid my pouch the best and it only cost $14!  That was an unexpected but nice surprise.

Throwing Together a $25 Outfit

I already owned the other stuff I would need for the outfit, including a black shaw.  I even had a great set of shoes that I had borrowed from my friend, Isabelle, at the end of last year (sorry lady for still having your shoes!).  So I threw all of that together, my younger sister did my makeup, and I looked pretty dang good!  The picture below was actually taken during the Wednesday night test run…so I looked a bit tired but you get the overall look, lol.

Black Dress February 2013

With the shaw, I was memorial service appropriate and without it, I could have gone out to a nice dinner date.  Overall, I am supremely happy with my $25 outfit, lol.  And I can use the tummy-hider for other outfits too.  Woot!

Used Clothing – It’s For Everybody

In general, when I do buy clothing, I buy new.  But I am 99% sure that Goodwill will be my first stop for any future clothing needs.  The hour or less I spend looking for something that works will end up being worth it even if I only find the perfect fit once in a while.  Plus, it was fun to do the shopping thing with friends.  🙂

My next target is to find a gown for the masquerade ball that we’re hosting this coming Halloween…come on prom ball gowns!  😉

Have you ever bought used clothing that worked out great?

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16 thoughts on “Spanx and a Bargain Black Dress

  1. My big annoyance with thrift stores is the limited hours! Around here, they are mostly only open 10-5 or 10-6 M-F, and maybe 10-2 on Saturday. For someone working a typical work week, that just doesn’t leave a whole lot of the day to get there and look around.

  2. Well, I don’t know how much clothes really cost, my wife gets me some shirts when mine get holes. And I don’t know what a spanx is. But I can say this, if you’re happy, then we’re all happy! 🙂 And Goodwill is awesome.

  3. I hate shopping at thrift stores. Maybe I’m just too impatient or something. But I tend to find an item that I just love…but then it’s the wrong size. At a typical store they have a bunch of different sizes so I can easily find the one I want but at a thift store? Nope! I just don’t have the attention span to be at a thift store for as long as it would likely need to find a decent item. So regular stores are the best for me.

    Two weeks ago I had to buy new jeans because I only had one that fit me anymore. So I went to Target and had to go up a size from the previous jeans I had. 🙁 The size I tried on was a bit tight but the size above that was way too big. So I bought some generic spanx(by the same company actually)for $16 while I was there. Went home to try them on with the pants…and decided I needed to join a gym because I hated how they felt under the jeans. Shapewear is just not for me, I guess. But I do know of a lot of people who love wearing it every day!

  4. I buy used clothes all the time. I find women buy so many clothes they often don’t wear them very often. I would guess about 50% of my clothes I bought used originally. I love getting classic pieces and colors that will last me years.

  5. Girl, I love thrift stores! There are some other good ones in Houston: Value Village (HUGE amounts of clothes, but a little chaotic), Salvation Army, Alamo Thrift Store, Sand Dollar.

    I have an easier time finding clothes I like at thrift stores for some reason. Plus, I know the chances of someone wearing the same thing is smaller.

  6. Congratulations on finding the perfect little black dress! You put your entire outfit together for a steal, and you look great!

    Take a look around your city and check out the affluent areas, then check and see if there are any thrift stores or re-sale shops in those areas or on the fringe. You can find things in these shops you would never find anywhere else – Coach purses, Dooney & Burke bags, Jimmy Choo shoes, and more.

    The American Cancer Society had a resale shop in an affluent area where a friend of mine lived. I’d stop there every once in awhile when I was visiting her, and I always – always – found high dollar, name brand, large/tall shirts for Mr. BPro – cheap, cheap. Everything just like brand new, or gently worn and in excellent shape. I found six Brooks Brothers shirts one visit, all brand new still with tags, and priced retail anywhere from $60 to $125. All 6 were tagged $10.00 each. Booyah!

    One day I asked the woman behind the counter why they had such a nice selection of large/tall men’s shirts. She told me that 2 blocks behind the store was a very large apartment complex, and 75% of the tenants were single males who worked white collar jobs. They would drop their clothes off at that store all the time.

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure 🙂 🙂

  7. In my area, a lot of thrift store shoppers are re-sellers on eBay. If you know that you like a certain brand and size ( Ralph Lauren, size 14 ) you can find great deals on eBay too. Plus, you are helping out some stay at home moms,retirees, and folks looking to boost their income.

  8. Unfortunately in a small town, the thrift stores are small and very hit or miss, but when I lived in Memphis, I bought lots of stuff, including all Halloween and costume party type stuff there. I did find my daughter’s toddler bed at a thrift store. It was coming in as I was dropping off stuff, so I snagged it. Nice stuff is gone immediately. It is kind of fun to look for the needle in a haystack.

    The Humane Society has two huge indoor yard sales a year. I get to pre-shop because I am on the board. I have found all kinds of stuff there. Lots of almost new Gymboree clothes for my daughter, some Quicksilver shirts for my nephew, and almost new bath rugs, which was my favorite find last fall. It’s coming up in April and I can’t wait.

  9. In my town there are two thrift shops and a nicer consignment shop. Helps to live in a depressed area, LOL. I found a couple awesome sweaters on the markdown rack at the consignment shop recently for $2 a piece! I have bought sneakers on eBay too. I got my husband a Columbia winter jacket at an auction for $5. There are all sorts of options for clothing yourself on the cheap.

  10. Love me some off brand spanx. I’ve recently discovered that Target has a spanx like brand (bare? or something like that) that I really like. Just sucks everything in and gives you a little lift. Plus it’s about half the price as the actual spanx brand.

  11. I thought I answered all of these awesome comments! Must have been in my head…sorry! I’m heading to bed right now but I’ll do this tomorrow hopefully, lol. Thank you all for the support and comments!

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