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Sprint Sucks (aka Little Stress Triggers Can Add Up)

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Holy moly.  My new phone (the Samsung Galaxy S3 we bought in April) started fritzing out on me big time over the weekend, and Sprint sucks.  And I don’t know what to say about Samsung yet.  But this one crappy phone caused my Monday to stink.

The Run Around

We took my phone in to the main Sprint store/repair facility in the area (an hour drive roundtrip) on Saturday.  But we waited 10 minutes to be told that we would need to wait another hour to be seen.  So we made a Monday appointment at noon.  Well, we arrived at 11:50am, they FINALLY saw us at 12:20pm, and then they said that it would be $75 to repair even though the phone is less than a year old.  If we wanted a free repair, we would have needed to be paying for the insurance or send the phone to Samsung.  Great…what a waste of time (about 2 hours total with driving).  They could have told us that on Saturday…

At this point, my husband is pissed.  He then goes to a repair facility in a Best Buy that is listed on the Samsung website.  An hour later, he’s home again since that place doesn’t actually do repairs.  So the website is wrong and that ticks us both off even more.  So I lose him for most of Monday to whatever guys go to in their minds when they are too pissed to deal with the world.

It also didn’t help him to cheer up when we both decided (while we were in different rooms of the house) to call Samsung and get a repair ticket started that way.  Anyway, after having to call back because they dropped my first call after getting all of my info, I finally get a repair ticket started, the mailing label I need, and I sent off my dang phone to be fixed.

Other Broken Stuff

Hubby and I are feeling much better today (I’m writing this Tuesday around lunch).  We’re packing for a board gaming trip, wrapping up what we can of business deals before we have to work out of a hotel lobby, and we’re trying not to think about the things that can’t be fixed yet.

We’re having cable problems and are looking into ways to cancel cable and still watch some tv and sports (mainly trying to figure out how to watch NFL games without cable).  Our icemaker in the freezer isn’t working despite it being “fixed” last Friday.  The repair guy should pop up today again.  And I will be waiting more than a week to get my phone back – hopefully repaired.  Oh, and we have little stuff like a computer keyboard and mouse that have been acting up as well as my 8 year old laptop.

Grrr.  I know everything breaking at once is normal, but I don’t have to like it.

Deep Breaths

During more annoying periods of life like this, I try to take a few minutes to breathe and think of all of the stuff that is good and stable.  I went to the park yesterday afternoon after mailing off the phone and just sat there for 20 minutes.

I thought about the fact that I work for myself now, that my marriage is overall better than ever, that we finally have good friends, and that I was about to pick up my Little Bro and hang out.  Life is generally good and I need to learn how to handle little stressors better.  That may be a constant work in progress.

I told myself that stuff breaks – it’s the way of the world.  I tried to think of ways to tell Sprint how I felt about all of our time wasted, which led me to remember a post about Republic Wireless and Ting at Mr. Money Mustache.  We may be breaking our Sprint contract and switching to Ting (I have to do the math on how long it would take to make back our cancellation fee…we just started our new term in April).

Anyway, do you have a good way of dealing with crappy days like this?  Do you go to a park or quiet place too?  Or do you beat the crud out of a sparring dummy?  What’s your coping mechanism?

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14 thoughts on “Sprint Sucks (aka Little Stress Triggers Can Add Up)

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing how it turns out!

    We currently have T-Mobile and I’m only just now starting to consider our other cell phone options. So these types of articles are getting more interesting for me.

    Keep it up!

  2. We have an antenna. I can’t remember the brand, but if you Google bow tie antenna you can find it. It looks like a bow tie! With it we get local network channels from Albuquerque, Denver, Salt Lake City, and one in Dallas. We can watch NFL on Fox, CBS, or NBC, no ESPN though, and you have to watch the team that’s on, but it’s very plain and works great. Antenna cost about $65 and we hooked it into our existing cables that used to go to the satellite TV dish.

    This week our lawn mower and washer died and Jim backed into a car, so yes I understand the little stressors. I am thankful we are no longer in debt and have an emergency fund to deal with this stuff.

  3. We have the same phone from Sprint, and we have problems with the battery life. It also runs hot from time to time. Just last night, we were looking at our contract to see when we can trade them in for the S4; however, I’m going to have my hubby look into Republic Wireless because they’re a lot more budget friendly! I’ll let you know! ;o)

  4. Sprint made me mad years ago. Went to Virgin, which didn’t work better than Sprint, so went to Net10. Net10 changed all their rules and promises about 6 months ago without warning. They no longer roll over but 300 minutes when you change phones unless you call in person. Calling in person always ends in 3 hangups, one person saying it cant be done, then the next one helping you out. Its tiring. So I let my service drop, for free, since its a prepaid. Hubby uses Boost, he has a Galaxy S? I think. Battery does give him problems, so we bought an extra and deleted all unused apps. Put it on manual wi fi start up, manual everything we could find (Bluetooth, GPS tracker-off, like that). Now he loves his phone. To get it all done we had to go through like 2 days of updates for each change. Now he is going to put on hotspot so I can use wifi and skype with my tablet. He has other Skype account set up. He gets 4 G outside, uses our wifi inside with skype or just receives texts.
    We use ordinary rabbit ear antenna. Hubby watches football every weekend. Any game not broadcast he picks up off the web. Costs $39/month for web. His boost service is $40 with 4G, with the hotspot he will be back up to $50/month. With 3G service he was paying $35/month and he can switch at any time. Yes, you have to buy your phone or get it as a gift from a loved one. Still cheaper than a contract and we just switch phones whenever. He has the 3 G for backup and learned to transfer contacts with Google.
    My youngest has a Net10 phone with 3000 accumulated minutes. If I can get them to talk to me, I am going to try again to transfer her to a new phone. She pays $30 for 60 days and 300 minutes because she just doesn’t use her phone much. They have a $25 unlimited plan I used for a while, but I never did much with my phone either.
    I think our antenna cost $16, but one upstairs is 12 years old and cost $8 when we bought it, still works fine. Digital receivers are in every digital TV, so no need for special antenna. Some of the high power ones just pull in noise. One of our TV’s actually pulls in 4 channels with a wire antenna.
    Do not buy a tablet. Got one last year, Galaxy, and it isn’t my favorite device. I did see a laptop I liked for around $700, pretty fast, good graphics, USB3 and all that. Let me know if you need details. Despite what Motley Fools keep saying, the PC is not dead, but you do have to shop them carefully. For same price one can do amazing things, while the other isn’t much better than a tablet. It’s like they are trying to make bad ones? I know you need a laptop or tablet though. GL
    And, Yeah, life does get frustrating sometimes.

  5. I buy and sell things for a living. A few months back, I bought a bunch of stuff at an auction, and when I was packing everything up at the end of the day, realized somebody else had walked off with one of my purchases. Now, the rule at auctions is, once they say “sold,” you own it, so I had to pay for it anyway. As I drove home I was angry and upset. And then I thought to myself, “Self, a bad day working for yourself beats a good day working for somebody else, so get over it!” And I did, just like that. Actually, I do all my best thinking in the car. Which is why I often miss my exit. 🙂

  6. Totally check out Ting. We had Sprint for over a decade and were paying way too much for the amount we actually used. We now have exactly the same quality of service, same phones, but are paying $39 bucks a month for two phones versus $140 (which included a 23% discount!) Also, Ting will reimburse you an early contract termination fee up to $75 depending on how much you pay to break your contract with Sprint. We had to break our contract on one of our phones, but we made the money back the first month with Ting.

  7. Even if the day is bad, very bad… Nothing can’t be solved by a long jogging in the cold preferably with rain & wind. And then jumping in a hot bath.
    That help to put things in perspective and then be relaxed enough to handle the stress 🙂

  8. My coping mechanism is good music. Pop some headphones in and turn it way up! There’s no way you can resist grooving to the beat and thus a better mood 🙂
    On a side note, I switched to Ting from Verizon about… 10 months ago now, and I love it! I have never had a problem and love the drop from $90 a month to $20 for the amount I use. I have heard great reviews for their customer service but have never had to use it myself.

  9. Ting looks like a scheme. Looks to be ran by Sprint. There’s a lot of companies out there, don’t know why I would use one managed by same guys that caused me frustration before. Looks like they get to charge for EVERYTHING.

  10. I have to agree with “Retired” that it does look like a scam. Although, I had my hubby look into Republic Wireless, and I think we’ve made up our minds to switch to them when our contract is up. 🙂

  11. I have the Galaxy S4 through Ting (but it runs through the Sprint network and I haven’t had to use Ting’s customer service for any reason yet). I’ve been really happy with Ting, and it’s WAY cheaper than Verizon which is where I was before. As far as coping mechanisms, I’ve found chocolate to be quite effective! 🙂

  12. Yes, Sprint sucks. We didn’t have great service at our house so they gave us a little signal booster that we plugged into the cable modem. Then, they improved their service and we no longer needed the booster. So, we let our in-laws use it as they have always had bad signal. Then, after months of things working great at our house things suddenly suck again. They tell us everything is fine but that we’re on the ‘edge’ of the nearest tower and that wind could have adjusted it even slightly. Will they fix it? No. So now we have to go and take the signal booster from our in-laws place.

    How about actually improving the network and having overlap like, you know, is standard practice?

  13. My offer for that referral code to Ting still stands! 🙂

    I’ve been with them since February and couldn’t be happier! My bill has been fairly cheap, but even if you used 1400 minutes, 4000 texts, and 2 GB of data, you’d still spend ~$100/month, which is $50/month cheaper than Sprint. Not necessarily the cheapest as far as MVNOs go, but better than Sprint and you could probably bring your existing phones. My favorite part about Ting is that the bill varies from month to month depending on your usage and they also have a great app to check on how you’re doing and you and your husband could be on one bill and pool minutes/texts/data. Pretty cool!

    Ting will also give you 25% of your ETF back:

  14. I don’t think Ting is a scam, but it could be run by Sprint too. I don’t know. Just looking at ways to keep the service (where I can call from and the clearness of those calls) I like without the huge bill.

    And thanks to everyone for their different coping mechanisms! I ran off for 5 days of board gaming at a Dallas convention and feel much better. Everything is still broken but I’ll just tackle stuff one at a time.

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