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Start Freelancing Now eBook Review

I know you have heard about my eBook a bunch in the last month, so let me introduce you to a different one.  :-)  Where my eBook concentrates on building a money-making blog over time, Start Freelancing Now covers the many other ways you can start making money right off the bat.

Quick Intro

The author, Martin, runs a few different sites including Studenomics, which was one of the first ones I started commenting on in late 2009.  He’s actually younger than me but figured out the benefits of self employment and making money online way before I did.  So when he said he had written a new eBook just about freelancing, I jumped at the chance to read it.

Okay, so you know me…my posts are usually short and to the point.  So here’s the meat of it all:

Start Freelancing Now covers these topics and more:

  • Why you need to start freelancing right now.
  • How to get started.
  • Tips to make more after you start.
  • Common freelancing questions.
  • Time management tips.
  • Building your following and a team.
  • Ways to grow your business.

My Overall View

It truly is more than 50 pages of info to get your butt in gear right now.  Plus, you can email Martin with questions anytime.  AND he offers a 100% money-back guarantee.  In short, if you were ever interested in freelancing as a side hustle or even turning it into a full-time job someday, then this guide could be a huge help for you right now.

NOT Get Rich Quick

Now, if you are looking for ways of getting rich quick, this eBook and my own are not for you.  Martin explains how you can start making money right now, but it will take time to grow your reputation, find your niche, and turn any business into a big money-maker.  Sorry to have to remind you, but if there was a way to get rich overnight, everyone would know about it and we’d all be retired right now.  BUT, Start Freelancing Now does show you how you can make back the price of the book itself within the week if you buckle down, use its tips to find a freelancing gig, and get it completed ASAP.  Personally, I am a big fan of a resource that tries to help you make your money back right away.

What if you bought HIMMB?

My book and Martin’s compliment each other very well.  I concentrate on the blogging side of making money online through advertising and then mention other ideas.  This eBook concentrates on those other ideas and how to get you started.  No blog necessary.  And no, we did not plan it that way, lol.


Right now, Martin is calling everyone out to read his book and send him freelancing proposals.  The best proposal will win $100 to get them started and will be published on the SFN main site!!!  So if just making some money for freelancing wasn’t floating your boat, now you have the shot for $100 just for great ideas!

So please check it out and let me know what you think.  If you have read it already, what was your favorite part?  If you haven’t, have you ever thought about freelancing before?

Start Freelancing Now

*The links in this post are affiliate links.  But I read the book before signing up to be an affiliate, which I only did because I do think it is a helpful resource for freelancers and people who would like to get started.
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