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Started as Little Wants, Became Obsessions

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While I was Christmas shopping last year for our friend, house keeper, and rent house tenant (Jacqui), I started craving the same little yard gnomes that I was finding for her.  It was really weird for two big reasons.  One, I don’t generally like gnomes.  I think they’re creepy and could move around at night.  Two, I don’t usually want to spend money on something I won’t actually get to use.  But the little guys below started as little mind worms and just worked me down until I broke…they’re mine now.  🙂

My Fun Obsessions

Okay, so maybe you shouldn’t become obsessed with stupid stuff that won’t do anything for you, but I honestly could not get the little guys below out of my head…

Meet my zombie gnome.  I saw this little guy on Amazon last October before Halloween, but I just couldn’t justify spending $25 on him at the time.  So I added him to my wish list and was going to wait until next year to get him.  But then I saw this next guy…

Zombie Gnome
So creepy that he’s adorable. Probably will move him around the house to annoy people during the year and leave him outside during October…

Meet my greeter gnome.  I saw him while shopping for Jacqui in December 2012.  I just had to have him because he comes with 9 different hats for the major holidays and seasons.  BUT, I saw him in late November and just couldn’t pull the trigger at $50.  It seemed too much so I just requested him for my birthday, lol.  The problem was that he sold out before my birthday, so I stalked Amazon and Terry’s Village until I saw him pop back up.  In fact, he popped back up on Terry’s Village for just $35.  Shipping would have been $9, or they offered free shipping on orders of $50.  Guess what?!  Terry’s Village also had my zombie gnome for $15!  So I got them both for $50.  🙂

Greeter Gnome with Hat
This guy’s awesome. I love changing out his hats!
Greeter Gnome without Hat
And even when he isn’t wearing a hat, he has a cute little mouse on his head!

Right now, he’s wearing his normal hat because, despite it being winter and him having a winter hat, it looks stupid on him when it’s 75 degrees outside.  All of the hats are made of resin and are staying put in our regular winds so far.

And lastly, here is my little warrior gnome.  He’s just too cute.  The only downside is that he is really small, but I think I made the best of that with a sense of humor…he’s tracking our garden worm, Nessie, which is hilarious since she is like 10 times his size.  I think it’s perfect.  😉

Warrior Gnome
Come on…you have to love him!

Warrior Gnome
Yep, he’s stalking Nessie…

Holding Off on Splurges

I think I like my gnomes even more because I did wait until I found an excellent deal.  At least for two of them…the warrior gnome was a Christmas gift and probably cost the full $18.  But thanks to waiting, I was able to get my zombie gnome and greeter gnome for $50 instead of $75.  That just makes me smile.  And I smile a lot since I see these guys whenever I am heading in or out our front door.  That is actually what reminds me to change greeter gnome’s hat, lol.  Sometimes it is totally worth the wait.

As for gnomes in general and me, I think I will stop here.  The only other ones that I’ve seen and thought “cool” have been the other little warrior gnomes of the same group as the hunter, lol.  I generally seemed to only have an all out obsession with the ones I actually bought so far, but we’ll see…

Did you ever have a little want that turned into an all out have-to-have?  What’s your weakness?

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16 thoughts on “Started as Little Wants, Became Obsessions

  1. Haha, so funny. I think you might still be “nesting” a little, putting your stamp on the new house inside and out.

    I think my want that has turned into necessity are races. I used to only do maybe one small local one every year, but it’s turned into I “need” to do a several big ones every year, even if they’re out of town =)

  2. Hahahaha! I like the regular gnomes, but don’t like the zombie one too much. I don’t like anything zombie, though… I don’t like anything scary or disgusting! LOL! The one with the changeable hats is adorable. I have too little gnomes that stand guard by the side door into my garage on the steps… so far they haven’t moved around on their own (haha) but they have faded badly from the sun and I was debating about trying to paint them myself, or just buy some new ones.

  3. Well I can’t say I understand the pleasure you get from the gnomes…they are just creepy and the zombie one is just too much! However if you are going to collect something, buying on sale is definitely the smart thing to do. I have never collected anything…I am not a fan of ‘dust collectors’. I splurge on my pets and my husband is golf obsessive.

  4. @Mrs. Pop, at least your obsession is healthy. 🙂

    @Michelle, thanks!

    @Denise, I love Halloween, so my zombie gnome is just going to be another one of those decorations. 🙂 I think painting the ones you mentioned yourself could be fun if you have the time. 🙂

    @Leslie, I don’t understand it either since I don’t like all gnomes…just wanted these for some reason. We also have two dogs and spend money on a weekly bowling league.

    @TB, HAHAHA!!! I really love Nessie too…she was a gift from my parents a few years ago. I think she’s definitely my personal favorite…although I like her even more now that there is a warrior gnome stalking her, hahaha.

  5. Love these!!! I am like that about lots of things, it goes in stages. I have recently started running, so running gear is the obsession. I am in need of shoes next,can’t tell u how excited I am! When I get something I want in my head, I go crazy talking about it til I own it. It’s a bad thing! lol

  6. Hilarious! I have a neighbor who plants Gnomes in people’s yards. Then the next day, exchanges it with the same gnome only it is SITTING DOWN or in a different position…yeah, I have some weird neighbors. This post totally reminded me of them though!

  7. Love the warrior one stalking Nessie. I think he’s out-matched, as Nessie will probably lick him to death.
    Lately I have had too many obsessions. Right now I am collecting book series that I like and have already read through the library. Wanted to do so on the cheap, but they never go down in the Kindle format, sigh, so I just limit myself to one a month. I should just gotten hooked on the cheaper Kindle offerings instead, but I haven’t found too many I love to re-read. Figure since its a digital collection, at least I will not have to worry about additional clutter.
    Time to go for a walk with all this talk of running. I hobble more than I walk now days, but a good hobble works just as well as a good walk!
    This post made me grin, lol. Loved it! Hope everyone out there goes and enjoys a good obsessing/enjoyable moment. 🙂

  8. I haven’t had an obsession in a while, but I got hooked on the show 24 a few years back and went to every store in town when I finished my Netflix DVD and couldn’t wait for the next one. This was before streaming. I don’t think I’ve ever paid much attention to gnomes, but I like words with silent first letters. That seems very odd when I put it in writing.

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