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Starting the New Year by Handling Issues

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Towards the end of last year, I was being overwhelmed with broken stuff (Broken Stuff is Just Broken Stuff).  It actually wore me down a bit for about 6 weeks.  The holidays and a solid vacation have brought me back to normal.  So I’ve started the new year by wrapping up the issues left from 2013.

Issues Left

Here is what I had left on my to-do list:

– Pick up our Prius.  The display issue was indeed covered by a recall notice, but the holidays meant that the parts weren’t available.  They gave us a rent car (an SUV) for free, but I was still super unhappy since it smelled like smoke and made half the miles per gallon that our Prius makes.  We drive a lot during the holidays, and our car took 3 weeks to fix, so we ended up spending about $150 on gas that we normally wouldn’t have needed.  But we have our Prius back now, so that’s one big thing off my list.

– Buy a new phone.  My cell phone fritzed out in November, Sprint and Samsung were totally useless, and I need a smart phone for our business.  So I decided to buy a new-to-me phone for $160 from a company with 60,000 positive Ebay reviews.  I just received it at the beginning of the week, but it is in worse condition than stated and won’t accept a full charge.  They offered to send me a replacement in better condition, so I now have to send it back and wait for a replacement.  Cell phones and me are not on speaking terms right now…

– The new Bluray remote works, but you have to be less than 5 feet away.  It seems to be an ongoing issue for our specific Bluray player.  So, we’re going to just deal with it until we decide to buy a totally new player.   I’ll probably be keeping an eye on my favorite online sites for a great deal…

– Our cable started working perfectly again as the company promised.  We are still thinking about cancelling it anyway, but it will probably wait until after the NFL season wraps up.

Other Things Handled

– Caught up with business emails.  I fell behind during our vacation, but now I’m caught up.

– Joined Weight Watchers Online again in January 12.  So far, I was down 5 pounds the first week.  🙂  Just 13 pounds to go to hit my maintenance weight.

– Writing.  I took the holidays off from writing.  I’m back and working on getting a post up every weekday here for you, and I have some freelance writing to get back into as well.  These past two weeks have been mostly about catching up with the business and writing my butt off.

– Get a ticket dismissed.  Hubby got a ticket in Galveston early last year, but he took defensive driving and sent it the paperwork necessary to get it handled.  Well, they apparently lost our certified mail package before wrapping up the issue.  So now Mr. BFS has a court date for not turning in the paperwork (that he sent in last June).  We are truly hoping the judge will listen, see the driving course certificate, and wrap this up for good.  We have to wait until February 10 though.

Life is still going to throw me to stuff to fix or handle, but I am at least feeling well enough to take it right now.  🙂

What are you doing now to give yourself a good foundation for 2014?

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2 thoughts on “Starting the New Year by Handling Issues

  1. Here’s an out-of-the-box item for you: watch the economy. Your life runs at the speed of light, while the economy moves like a glacier. But, like a glacier, it crushes everything in its way.

    The economy moves in cycles of 7-10 years. It takes 2 years from the downturn to the bottom — so the downturn happens 5-8 years from the previous bottom.

    The last bottom was in 2009. When is 5 years from then? Yep, time to start paying attention to that glacier again. That’s what we do all the time at Drop Dead Money, and all of a sudden we’ve become popular again 🙂

  2. @William, I think we are set for another crash in the next few years. I’d actually like for property values in my immediate area to crash to get the taxes down. Our retirement accounts will take a hit but we aren’t touching them for at least 30 years. We have a little cash on hand to invest when things hit bottom again. So, we are pretty much as covered as we can be right now…

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