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Super Bowl 2014 – Back to the In-Laws

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We hosted a Super Bowl party last year, but it ended up being a fractured group.  Many of our friends don’t actually watch football, so it ended up being a board gaming party with a little football thrown in.  That’s not exactly what we had in mind.  So this year, we are changing things up again.

Super Bowl 2013

At this time last year, we’d been in our new house for less than 4 months.  We had a brand new media room setup with a projector, 100 inch screen, a couch, two-three chairs, and floor space.  We thought we’d be able to host the best Super Bowl part ever!

But if you don’t have many friends that actually watch football, then you don’t get a group in front of the tv.  Most of our group of 20-30 people played board games and only 5 of us ended up in the media room.  Everybody had a pretty good time.

But as the hosts, we mingled instead of getting to enjoy the Super Bowl experience…you know, laughing at the good commercials, mocking the bad ones, and watching the game while hoping that the end-of-the-quarter score matches one of the squares you claimed on the game board.

Lonely Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2014

Before last year, we had been going to my in-laws for the big game.  They host a classic Super Bowl party – finger foods, dips, desserts, and football!  So we decided to join in their fray of 15-20 people with our closest football-loving friends.  My husband, me, and our 3 friends are carpooling to my in-laws house and the costs will be minimal:

  • $5 per person for the squares game
  • $5-$10 on food.  We’re bringing chicken nuggets like always.

Having a classic Super Bowl party experience for $15 total is a great deal to me.  We could do it for nearly nothing at our house, but we’d only have 5 people instead of a crowd…not sure if that is the ambiance we’re looking for.  🙂

Your Opinion

What do you think?  If you had a media room with a projector but only 3 friends that wanted to watch the game, would you host it at your house or go back to the bigger party that you already knew about?  Do you think the crowd improves the experience?

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3 thoughts on “Super Bowl 2014 – Back to the In-Laws

  1. I’d go intimate unless my wife had a preference because I really don’t. We have kids, too, so getting them to bed at a normal time would be a plus.

    But a big party at someone else’s house wouldn’t be too bad. It would give me a change to catch up with people I likely don’t see as often as I would like.

  2. We’re hosting a party again this year. It’s our 14th year hosting. We enjoy it and it gives us a chance to catch up with some friends we don’t see as often. Not everyone stays for the whole thing, those with kids are usually gone by halftime. Everyone seems to have a good time, at least they keep coming back. 🙂 I think you go wherever you will have the most fun. If it’s the small intimate gathering at your house, then so be it. Just so long as you’re having fun.

  3. I’d go to your in-laws then just schedule a different day for everybody to come over and watch games. My impression was that it was somewhat frustrating having that many people not watch, when that should have been the primary event for 50% or more of the people. By going to your in-laws you’d put the focus back on football, then have everybody focused on games for the game night, best of both worlds for you.

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