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An Actual $2000 Per Month Budget

How do people live on a small amount? This is an example budget showing exactly how TWO people get by while only spending $2000 each month. There are great lessons here on how to manage your money. I currently spend way more than this and there are a lot of opportunities for me to save. Check it out -

I wrote about this McDonald’s budget versus our post-college budget in mid-2013.  Based on the specific feedback, I’ve updated this post to include a general $2000 budget for those with a higher rent too.  I broke the budgeted amounts down to show how it is possible as well. McDonald’s Budget – Seems to Have Some Holes Have you seen that McDonald’s and Visa came up with a budget for “their average worker” that brings in $2000 a month?  It’s freaking hilarious.  Here’s a quick summary: Two Actual $2000 Budgets! Okay, so that is obviously not a realistic budget for most people.  It just seems to assume you don’t pay for stuff like health insurance and can roll things like food into a daily amount of leftover money and be just fine. And, yes, $2000 a month is obviously very little to live on.  BUT, Mr. BFS and I actually lived on that during college and the year after (2004-2006).  So, here it goes, a realistic $2000 budget for two people that has actually worked for two real people… A Real $2000 Per Month Budget for Two People (and Scroll Down for a Higher Rent Option that is Also $2000 Per Month) That $2000 after taxes is about … Read more

Budgeting for our First Home and KILLING IT!!!

Hi everybody!  I’m Lindsey from This is How I Roll, which is a lifestyle blog that has a little bit of everything on it. I write anything from reviews to personal stories about my unique lifestyle of being an active and spunky girl in a pink wheelchair. Crystal has graciously allowed me to guest post today to help expand my readers because I’m a fairly new blogger. I hope you visit me soon! Okay, on with today’s post… Crystal’s Long Sidenote:  I haven’t “known” Lindsey long, but I can tell you that she is persistent, stubborn, and is looking to blog long-term despite that crappy period in the beginning when you don’t have many readers and even fewer commenters.  This woman has been coping with Cerebral Palsy her whole life, but the rigors of blogging is what she gets super worked up about.  That is woman you should visit and read.  Her blog isn’t all about CP- it’s a little of everything with a healthy dose of personal finance (like mine, lol).  But you can tell that her regular ways to deal with hardship make her a lady worth getting to know better. Our First Home I have some exciting news to share with you – … Read more

Why Budget if We Aren’t Broke?

Mr. BFS and I have good business months and bad business months.  But overall, we are well off.  We’re not financially independent, but we’re far from living paycheck-to-paycheck.  So if we aren’t struggling, why spend time worrying about budgeting? Why We Budget In short, the budget keeps us on the track we decide to be on.  We have clear priorities, even if they change as life goes on, and we agree that the way we spend and save should reflect those priorities.  Plus, when those priorities change, having a clear history of where our money is going is priceless.  We know exactly what expenses are set in stone and which ones can go up to the chopping block in the name of our new goal. Budgeting and Side Money for the Win For example, we wanted to build back up the emergency fund super quickly since we zeroed it out for the dental stuff.  So we looked at the budget, and as usual, we were overspending on food and entertainment.  So for the last 2 months, we stuck to the $500 a month or less plan on all food.  We also avoided most entertainment expenses other than his Halloween costume for … Read more

Dee’s $2000 a Month Budget Update – First Month’s Results

The following is another update post from Some Art Teacher (aka Dee) from Losing Stuff Gaining Freedom.  You can check out the original post about creating the $2000/month budget.  It’s $2000 in expenses along with $1000 for savings and $200 savings for her car fund.  She’s aiming to save $1000 per month as a public school teacher so she can afford to buy her own trailer in cash and have an emergency fund by August 2014. Quick Backstory Good morning, everyone! This is Dee again reporting for your one month check in, budget paper in hand. If you remember, Crystal helped me create a budget.  If I stick to it, I should be able to live off about $2000 a month and save the rest. I have been tracking, and I even sent in an update about half way through the last 30 days in hope of letting her know how great it was going, and as a thank you for helping me set all the numbers in place to reach my goals. Well, here’s how the month turned out: Budget Breakdown for the Month I spent over what I budgeted in two areas – my miscellaneous account and my car insurance account.  … Read more

Budgeting in the Scary Stuff – Part 2

The following is yet another awesome guest post from Mike Mitchell.  When he’s not scaring the neighbor kids, Mike likes to sit back reading comics and drinking beer. You can read about both his passions at his blogs: and Greetings, fright fans! Time for your annual missive from your friendly purveyor of chills. If you’ve got a long memory, or just hit the Wayback Machine (i.e. those of you under 40 can replace that phrase with “TARDIS”) to read my previous posts, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of this season and all things spooky.  You know, I was actually in my late 20’s before I found out that John Carpenter’s original “Halloween” movie was fiction and not a “how-to” documentary. Building Up My Halloween Costume… For me, this is where we start of the fall season: The Texas Renaissance Festival (Ren Fest) and Halloween. This year I was lucky enough to have my youngest brother and his new bride join us for Ren Fest We had a great day, and true to form, I added one new item to my ever-expanding costume. As I wrote last year, I spent about $100 on new pants and a … Read more

Dee’s $2000 a Month Budget Update – 2 Weeks In…

Good day, folks!  Someartteacher here (aka Dee) from Losing Stuff Gaining Freedom, checking in with my wonderful budget that Crystal helped me make created for me two weeks ago. I have pretty good news on all accounts. Pun intended! (Crystal’s note:  You can check out the original post about creating the $2000/month budget that you see below by clicking here.  It’s $2000 in expenses, $1000 for savings for her goal, and $200 savings for her car fund.  She’s aiming to save $1000 per month as a public school teacher so she can afford to buy her own trailer in cash and have an emergency fund to boot by August 2014.)   Results 2 Weeks In I went over on car insurance due to the fact that I could save more by paying 6 months at once.  And my electric is over a bit, but I am making up for that with my below-expected restaurant spending.  Turns out, when I have to put the numbers in the computer screen, I eat out less.  It’s hard to justify all of the restaurant food when I have nummy stuff just sitting in the fridge. I only felt tight on my budget when I wanted to … Read more

Living on $2000 a Month – My Friend’s New Budget

This lady Dee lives off of $2000 per month from her salary and she has a budget to show what it's like to manage your money effectively this way. Checking out personal budgets always gives me tips for my own money.

I’ve mentioned my friend, Dee, before.  She is the kind of person that will pelt you with perkiness when you are having a bad day.  She just ignores most grumpy moments and waits for you to be normal again.  She also pouts in the cutest way I’ve ever seen, and her soul animal would be a kitten (she already pounces on people when she thinks you are being too lazy or when she is bored).  Overall, she is a hoot to be around and even though we’ve only become friends this year, I hope I still know her when I am old and gray.  I think any nursing home would be lucky to have us two in it at the same time… Dee’s Goal Anyway, Dee has a new financial goal.  She would like to buy a good-sized travel trailer and rent some land so that she can own her own place as soon as possible.  And yes, a travel trailer is way more compact and cheaper than an actual house, and that is exactly what she wants.  She is more of a minimalist than me, but it has taken her a while to break some semi-hoarding tendencies that annoyed her.  In … Read more