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So Your Kid Earned a Free Ride…

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The following is a long-awaited guest post from Mr. BFS.  🙂  He was thinking about his own college education expenses and how his parents handled it.  That got him thinking about windfalls in general.  And wonders never cease, he actually wrote it all out for BFS.  Thanks sweety!  I will say in advance that I only made minor edits like spelling and bolding the titles…this is all hubby.  My comments are in italics like this. You did it!  They said it would be nearly impossible, but you did it!  You have saved enough money to put your child through college!  The acceptance letters are coming in and you breathe a sigh of relief because you’ve got it covered.  There is enough to cover tuition, room, and board.  Today you are on top of the savings world.  But then you hear the news, she got a scholarship – a big one.  Awesome! (I always knew if we have a kid that he wants a girl…) Now What? This can be both a wonderful and nerve racking experience – having saved and saved for ten, fifteen, or even eighteen years, you now realize that you don’t need (or only need a part … Read more